Servant Verification

Safeguarding against fraud and theft within the house is the primary concern of landlords. Home servants are an indispensable part of our daily routine that equally demands utmost caution. The need for their invaluable assistance and support for your household chores can never be ignored. Hence, we need a firm servant verification service that can give complete vigilance. We ensure that the details they provide are authentic and dependable, fetching the correct data about their skills, qualifications, and past criminal records. 



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    Get Benefited

    through background verification of your workers

    Filters Bad Elements

    It removes the factor of dishonesty from the hiring process and eradicates harmful elements to avoid future risks.

    Deters Crime

    It can detect the criminal intention of a servant before the hiring of any domestic helper and make your safety and security at the top priority.

    Safety Of Children

    It reduces the risk of abuse, negligence, or harm to children, further offers peace of mind to parents, and creates a secure environment for children.

    Prevent Sexual Abuse

    It ensures a safer environment for vulnerable family members, helps in reducing the risk of exploitation, and promotes overall well-being.