Bank AccountVerification

Online bank account verification is an online procedure to verify the ownership and eligibility of a particular bank account. It is required for online transactions when you transfer funds electronically or through ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments and other financial transactions. The digital process of bank account verification entails cross-referencing the provided account information, viz account number and routing number, to ensure the accuracy of the DD and financial funds transactions while minimizing errors and fraud.

Importance of Bank Account

The 3 types of bank account verification that are important are bank statements or certificates, connecting your bank account with your system, and making a micro-transaction. You can choose any methods to cross-check the bank account to authenticate the account holder’s recognition along with his address. It is quintessential to provide a shield against bank fraud before opening a new bank account, whether related to giving your servant a new cell phone or other.   

How it works?

Why Housmaid Verify

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