6 Checkpoints Before You Hire Full-Time Maid In Gurgaon

Hiring maids in metropolitan cities are one of the most complicated jobs to do. Especially, if you are looking to hire full-time maid in Gurgaon, one needs to be extra cautious about it. Since the person will be a permanent resident of your house, discretion is obligatory.

Gurgaon has changed the lives of its residents to a greater extent. Formerly, the city has a popular name for enjoying a stress-free living with ideal hours to spend on productive chores. But eventually, with the advent of new industries and MNC’s, the status changed. People are so packed with heavy schedules and busy hours, they barely get enough sleep.

With so much of a rush and chaotic environment, the level of cleanliness is deteriorating rapidly. Not just the streets but in the homes of the residents too. People don’t have enough free time to exercise cleansing, scrubbing work on their own, leaving the dirt and dust to pile up to hazardous levels. Adding to this, finding a reliable helping hand is not an easy task to pull.

hire full-time maid in Gurgaon Hire Full-Time Maid In Gurgaon

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After one is through with the details of the full-time maid in Gurgaon, here are a few things that one mustn’t overlook. These are small yet most prior details to pay attention to.

  • Proficiency

The very first thing that one should check while they hire a full-time maid in Gurgaon is whether the maid is capable of performing all the tasks she is expected to do or not? Efficiency is the key here.

If you are looking for a maid who manages cooking, washing clothes and cleaning chore then you must ensure she is open to these services. Most of the maids are very particular about their job profile and are not in favor of altering that after being hired.

  • Experience

Maids can either be a boon or a bane. Experience matters a lot in every field of work. An experienced maid can cost you a bit higher but they are worth it in the end. They are efficient, skilled, informed and will end up making your house a paradise. If you are planning to hire a full-time maid in Gurgaon, prefer the one with the experience unless you want to see your house like a hellfire by some amateurs.

  • Budget-Friendly

The budget may not seem a big issue initially while you hire a full-time maid in Gurgaon but later it can create quandaries. As the maid is going to be a permanent resident, her needs such as proper food, clothing becomes the responsibility of the innkeeper. Thus, it is very crucial to address the budget in the beginning.

  • Hygiene and Sanitation

hire full-time maid in GurgaonThe next thing to focus while you hire a full-time maid is whether she keeps herself sanitated and clean or not, especially if you have kids at home. Being a live-in maid, chewing tobacco or consuming ‘paan’ is purely non-negotiable. So it’s better to meet the maid and observe her on the spot.

  • Chronic Illness

It is very crucial to be aware of your maid’s illness before you hire them full time. Not just for your safety but their too. Do a thorough checking of their previous medical appointments before making them work for you.

  • Age

It is a well-known fact that hiring a minor is a punishable offense as per the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 in India. One should condemn it on a personal level too. Preferably, a maid should not be too young or too old.

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