We at Housmaid are India’s first and leading online platform for hiring maids, cook, driver, babysitter and eldercare. we are a govt. recognised startup providing verified and trusted domestic help to our customers.

The worker monthly salary amount should be paid directly to the worker every month before 10th.

Customers can make the payments directly via bank transfer (IMPS/NEFT) UPI, Cheque to be drawn in favour of skivvy serve LLP or using the link: instamojo.com/@housmaid

Yes customers can also pay the monthly salary of the worker to Housmaid using online payment methods. that will lead to 12% management charges+GST apart from the monthly salary of the workers.

Housmaid is one of the leading startup recognized by Govt of India. And we are a fully compliant legal entity which is abide by Govt rules and regulations. Therefore, as part of the tax compliances there is no way to avoid GST and customers’ need to pay 5% GST on the fee charged by Housmaid. As per the GST notification and rules, tax input credit cannot be availed by the customers.

No, apart from the one-time fee there is no other fee or charges.

GST rate that is charged in the monthly fee is 5% Housmaid charge this GST from customer and it is deposited to the govt.

We don’t accept cash payments.

No, one time fee charged by Housmaid is non-refundable fee. as Housmaid incur may expenses on verification, background check, logistics and deployment of worker therefore it cannot be refunded. however in case Housmaid is unable to provide satisfied worker to customer, refund can be initiated after deducting all the expenses and fee on pro-rata basis.

Housmaid is committed to provide the free replacement to each and every customer as and when it required. But in some cases, we are unable to find the best suitable and verified worker for particular area within the timeline, in that case Housmaid always take the case on priority and try to find the worker as early as possible. In case, we fail to find replacement as per the requirement of customer we convey the same to the customer and provide refund after deducting all expenses and fee on pro-rata basis.

As part of the process, and to maintain the quality Housmaid is having very strict eligibility criteria to onboard the workers. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to get the right worker for any particular location.

Housmaid provide sustainable and friendly working environment to all their workers. Additionally, we certify all our eligible workers with govt approved certificate for their quality work. Medical and health facilities are being offered to all our workers. In case workers need any advance or help in between their work Housmaid worker welfare team is always there to support the workers for any kind of help they need. There are many other benefits that Housmaid provide to the workers which are also mentioned in the website.

Housmaid follow very strict criteria for onboarding the worker, in case any worker left the work without informing to housmaid we black list that particular worker from our internal database. Also at the same time we provide the replacement to our customer considering it as a top priority.

Housmaid team make sure that all the workers verified by the team are all genuine and properly verified. Also it is advisable to the customers to get the police verification of worker on their own, Housmaid team can provide all the required documents of the worker. Also to prevent theft or any kind of mis-happening we recommend customers to take care of their belongings properly. As Housmaid can only do proper reference check along with verification, as it is very difficult to assure the theft or damage issues. However, till now any of the housmaid customer haven’t faced any such case during our entire journey.

Certificate is only allotted to the workers who are properly skilled, verified and experienced that too after 3 months of joining Housmaid. This certificate is issued to the domestic workers by DWSSC, NSDC, Govt of India & Housmaid.

Housmaid doesn’t allow any customer to pay direct amount to any worker as an advance or gift. That amount paid cannot be adjusted from the monthly fee. And Housmaid shall not be responsible for any loss or damages caused.

Housmaid does Aadhar verification of the worker, to ensure that the identity provided by the worker should be legitimate. As per the Haryana govt rules/law Housmaid apply the police verification of all the domestic workers within one week from the date of deployment. Also all the cost of verification is to be born by Housmaid only. Post applying for police verification, Housmaid share the verification report to the client within 15 days from the date of deployment.

Yes, Housmaid always provide full time workers to the customers who have servant rooms available. Also the food is to be arranged by customers itself. Charges for the food and accommodation of the worker cannot be adjusted in the monthly fee.

Housmaid have dedicated team for sourcing as well as for the verification of the worker. Housmaid source all the verified, skilled and experienced workers through Referral, local areas visit, Govt training centers, and events organized exclusively for the domestic workers. Housmaid only select and finalize workers who are professional and experienced in their work, so that we can assure the best quality of work to our customers.

Housmaid allows 2 paid leaves each month to all our workers. So our all workers can avail 2 leaves in a month without any salary deduction. Also we inform the same to all our customers. In case any worker has not availed any leave in any particular month those leaves can be accommodated and carry forwarded to next month. This policy reduce the absenteeism also help workers to take a leave only once after few months of time.

Housmaid provides best customer experience in hiring maids and other domestic help. Also we keep all our workers happy by providing maximum benefits to them, it makes them work professionally at the customer’s place. Also housmaid is India’s first and leading full stack company which doesn’t charge any brokerage fee and take care of the worker’s attendance, payments as well as replacement without any extra cost. Housmaid workers are also certified by the govt of India. There are many other USPs which makes us stand apart from other mom and pop unprofessional agencies.

Worker is only allowed to do the work which is defined by Housmaid. Initially, work scope is defined by customers and accordingly Housmaid convey the work to the worker and finalize the monthly payment. Any extra work beyond the discussed work scope should be agreed by the worker. In case worker request for extra money for extra work, Housmaid convey the same to customer and get that monthly amount increased.

As a policy we can only share the details of the worker via worker profile only. As a process we are unable to share the contact details for the reference check. However, we do proper reference check along with their present and permanent address verification.

Housmaid don’t take religion as a parameter while onboarding the worker. Therefore, we don’t differentiate workers on the basis of religion. 

It is initial 2 days’ time for all the customers in which they can try the worker services and give the feedback to Housmaid about the services.

Housmaid always provide worker as per customer’s requirement. In case customer raises valid request and give non satisfactory feedback to us. We can send as many as available workers to the customer for trial.

Housmaid will provide maximum up to 3 replacements in a year.

One-time fee  paid by the customer to housmaid is valid up for the period of 1 year.