Why It Is Important To Find A Professional Driver for Hire After Motor Vehicle Bill 2019?

With more than a billion population in India, Road traffic has been one of the most serious issues, one can encounter in the country. Snarling traffic jams and the worse condition of the roads are the influential culprits of making the ride less fun and more like a dragging activity. With the number of casualties and deaths are increasing every year due to road accidents, the wiser part is to find a driver for hire, who can take care of you and your vehicle on the road. 

The Indian government has introduced new traffic and road safety bills from time to time. But with added amendments come new strictness. The changes have often resulted in more stringent rules and with the recent Motor Vehicle Bill 2019, it is quite visible that the people will have to spend a good amount of their pay packages if they violate any of these traffic laws. People are seeking drivers for hire to stay free from heavy penalties.

In India, the introduction of New Motor Vehicle Bill, 2019, has changed the scenario for the motorists plying. The Act came into force from September 1, 2019, and since then it has been a challenge for the commuters to handle. For simple offenses, the fine has been increased five times, making it very clear that no mercy will be provided to anyone who performs violation of the traffic rules. In such a scenario, even a small mistake can cause major harm to your finance and reputation, This is the primary reason why it is a good idea to consider a driver for hire.

Some Of The Other Reasons Why Having A Driver For Hire Can Be The Right Choice:

  • They Know All The Traffic Rules:

Driver for Hire

After the increased penalties for traffic rule violations, one needs to be very careful with their driving skills or their wallets will be left with a colossal burning hole. One must take all the necessary precautions to avoid any such kind of incidents and hiring a driver is one of the best options here.

 An experienced Driver is aware of even the smallest edict and is trained to follow them under any circumstances. Starting from basic rules like wearing seat belts while driving in the desired speed limit, they dedicatedly carry out their work so that, you can just sit in the backseat, stress-free from contemplating of getting a “challan” tickets.

  • Professional Drivers Are Well Aware Of The Road Conditions. 

India comprises of roads that are too steep, narrow, crowded and dangerous. Driver for HireDriving in such kind of roads is a challenging task and with high imposed fines one just cannot afford to lose their concentration while driving. 

No matter how carefully you drive, having a professional by your side is the best thing to do. Drivers are well aware of the condition of roads and know the best route to reach your destination. Having a driver for hire eliminates the risk.

  • They are better than GPS:

When one drives on their own, they are likely to use a GPS for road assistance. driver for hireWhile in case of narrow roads, The GPS facility is not able to distinguish quite frequently. Thus, it leads to unintentional misleading of the routes to the commuter. A professional driver knows the best route, stops and infract every corner.

 A professional driver is a better option. Also, GPS facilities take time to update themselves. Newly appointed signs such as “no U-turn” or “no left turn” may not be visible on the app creating a big credibility issue for you. 

  • They Reduce The Risk Of Accidents:

Road accidents are the most common reasons for the death of many people in the nation. Over speeding, Drunken drive, Red light bypassing plays one of the key roles for this cause. Contribution of Potholes and unfavorable weather conditions also has an impact on the same. A driver for hire is highly trained to tackle each one of these situations and is highly equipped to avoid accidents.

A trained driver provides the liberty to stop worrying about all these things. So, you can just relax in the back seat and carry on with the other work while you are traveling. 

If you are looking for a professionally trained driver, Housmaid has a huge list of the professionally trained drivers for hire. They are reliable and trustworthy and can be molded as per one’s requirement. Our services are budget-friendly and available at no-brokerage fees.

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