The House Servant hierarchy- Best maid service in Gurgaon

In today‘s era, when everyone is running rat races and are busy with their schedules and lifestyle. There is no time left for household chores. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of the house, watering the plants to washing our own clothes, even handling the kid becomes a challenging task. During such a hard time, hiring a maid service is all one can ask for. A housemaid converts the house to a home to live in. In day to day life, they are very important. Let’s go through some various types of house servants prevalent in society from ages.

  • Housekeeper

 The senior servant in the house is generally referred to as the housekeeper. The person is responsible for oversight of all other house servant works. Responsibilities include all the work is in good order, rooms are cleaned, the kitchen is well organized, all other chores are well in order. Housekeepers should be well organized and methodical in his/her work.


 Cook is the head of the kitchen. Their responsibilities  includes a wide variety of tasks from getting the ingredients for the food, washing, and cutting them to preparing the food. They plan the menu in consultation with the owner. Also, they manage any food wastage and storage of the remaining food at home. The cook should be well versed with the member’s food taste and food preferences. They should know about different food cuisines and recipes. That’s the identity of a good cook around!


 Due to the increasing workload nowadays, most of the working parents hire a nanny to take care of their young toddler. The nanny is responsible for the children’s first, very basic care – in manners, and in simple reading and numbers. They are also responsible for tasks like changing nappies, to being the one up at all hours of the night, to providing entertainment for teething children. They take care of a child’s overall development, nutrition and safety.

Maid Service


Housemaid is responsible for all the cleaning tasks of the house. They keep the house neat and tidy, away from any dirt. Put simply, the housemaid is the cleaner of the house, and her duties are endless. From keeping the rooms clean, mopping the floor, and bathrooms to dusting away any dirt on curtains, sofas, etc. They make use of modern equipment and vacuum all the dirt away from the house.

 Laundry maid

A laundry maid is a female house servant who is responsible for washing clothes and taking care of the laundry. Their work includes cleaning the clothes to ironing and keeping them in good condition. They are also responsible for managing the operations and cleanliness of the laundry area of the house.

  • Driver

 The driver is the person responsible for taking the owner to places. They arrange for regular cleaning and maintaining the vehicles. A driver mobilizes their owner and their family members from one place to another, etc. They should be well-trained with a driver’s license and safe driving skills. You can find a reliable, trustworthy driver in Gurgaon region at economical prices here.


 An experienced gardener for both home and office spaces are a must to keep nowadays. They keep extreme care of the garden under the guidance of landscape designers. The gardener is well-informed about all the services from aerating, feeding, mowing, cutting, and removing waste grass. They make sure that grounds are well-maintained ensuring all the gardens, trees; shrubs are healthy and well grown.

Maid Service in gurgaon

 Pantry boy

 They are responsible for handling day to day tasks and operations of the pantry. A pantry boy is required to lay emphasis on the quality and hygiene level of the pantry of the offices. They should be well-versed with kitchen equipment and maintain the entire food pantry inventory in order. Their work includes placing orders, maintaining inventory, daily supervision, and recording the items in the client database.

Choosing a maid service depends on your choice and the work scope required at home. There are certain factors such as daily basis, weekly basis, work involved, etc before hiring a maid service. Depending upon the work scope and responsibilities, you can choose a maid service wisely to hire a good maid.

Some of the USPs is:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Background check
  • Hassle-free booking
  • Quality assurance
  • Trained and well-verified workers.
  • Zero-Brokerage fee

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