Steps on How to look for a full-time maid agency in Gurgaon Online

It isn’t easy to find a reliable maid in Delhi. It becomes even tougher when you need one urgently. Do you remember how much difficulty you went through when you were trying to find the full day maid last time? Firstly, you have to inquire about the maid from your neighbour, then ask other maids regarding the same or if not, leave the requirement to the nearest security guard for the same. However, finding a reliable full-time maid agency in Gurgaon serves the purpose for you and saves you from all the drama and headache that comes with it. No more worry about the background check, lousy work, or the fees. Finding a maid online has never been so easy.

From today, you will find no difficulty in hiring a full-time maid, here are some easy ways to look for a full-time maid in Delhi NCR online through some basic steps-.

Just follow these five straightforward steps, and you should be able to find a Maid in Delhi NCR, that too near you, within a few minutes.

Step 1: Visit a reliable full-time maid agency site (E.g.,

Step 2: Enter the profile of worker you are looking for with the service request.

Step 3: Confirm your location & submit your search request.

Step 4: Preview the options available on the website and choose according to your requirement

Step 5: Pay a nominal fee for the service & connect with all the best-shortlisted Maids in Delhi near you (Some website like also provides with the faculty for 2-day Free trial, in case you don’t like the work of the maid)

Full time maid online


Here’s how the whole process works in brief: –

Step 1: Visit the website

Once you visit the full-time maid agency website, you are surely going to find an answer to your current challenge of finding a maid in Delhi. The platform details all the reasons why you should hire form the full-time maid agency when in need of a reliable maid in Delhi. Nowadays, The platform serves for both iOS & Android users which makes it easy for you to go through the process.

The platform helps you find many other profiles of blue-collar workers listed on the platform. You can find Babysitters, Cooks, Drivers, Mali for the Domestic needs. Furthermore, they have Office Boys, Store Keepers, Delivery Boys, and many others for a business or an office need.


Step 2: Enter the profile of the worker and the service you are looking for

Over here, at this section, you enter your search keywords like House Cleaning Maid, Full-time Maid, Part-time Maid, Babysitter, Cook, or whoever else you might be looking for.

The App would automatically fetch your relevant keywords based on what you type.

Step 3: Confirm your location & submit your search request.

You have to enter the place either manually, or automatically using the app “location” options. After this, one need to confirm the location and submit the request; the platform would automatically search for relevant best-suitable Maids around your neighbourhood and show you the available result for the service requested.

If you are looking to hire reliable maids, this platform ensures you would find the most professional maid from around – one who is the best among the entire lot, has the best rating, and are also the most experienced ones.

Full time maid online

Step 4: Preview the options available shown

Over here, you would have to select from the different profiles of maid shown in your dashboard. And you get to see the details before you make the final payment.

You will be able to see all the details about the Maids service that the platform has searched for you – like Age, Experience, Address, ID, background check details, and also their rating.

Once you tap the “Connect” button, the platform would reflect a nominal fee for connecting with the shortlisted Maids near you.

Step 5: Pay a nominal fee & connect with best-shortlisted Maids near you

Here you would have the option of making the online payment through your Credit or Debit Card, Net Banking, or your Paytm account.

Once you have paid the amount, the platform automatically shares with you the details of all the shortlisted 6-8 Maids.

The particulars capture their Names, Phone numbers, Age, Address, ID details, etc. Isn’t booking an online service through a full-time maid agency an easy way out? Away from any conundrum?

If you are looking for a full-time maid agency in Delhi NCR, that too online, chances are that your need is urgent. Numerous websites are offering you the same services. However, Housmaid is the best full-time maid agency in Gurgaon. Try it and save the troubles of running around for finding a maid.


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