How To Be Prepared When You Hire A Maid For The First Time

When you hire a maid or an ayah for part-time or full time, it is obvious that she’ll be spending eample time and will be living in your house or an attached servant section, but she will still be an employee. In the first few weeks, you may need to train her and evaluate her work.

Look At All Aspects Of Safety And Security First
Get the police verification before you hire a maid or let any Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon to stay in your home. Make sure you know about her family and who her guests are. Keep her identity proofs such as a voter’s ID, local contact phone number, Adhaar card, agency’s number and permanent address handy.

Be Very Specific With The Job Description
When you hire a maid, make sure to have a clear job description. Are you looking for a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon? Is she hired particularly to look after your baby? Or will she have to manage additional household c chores such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and laundry? Some parents prefer to hire a maid who takes care of their baby as well as supervises other baby- related tasks such as bathing, dressing, washing nappies, ironing baby’s clothes, cleaning bottles and taking the baby to the park.

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Set Flexible Work Timings That Provide Them Some Time Off For Leisure
Some people further expect their live-in maids to prepare food, look after the house pet and run errands. It is very important to be realistic with your expectations if you are looking for efficiency. Understand that if she has too much on her plate, she may not be able to provide the quality care you desire for your baby. So, if you want everything to work smoothly, you may want to consider hiring part-time help to take care of the cooling, cleaning, and washing tasks.

Supervise Closely In The Initial Few Weeks
Spend some of your time working together when you hire a maid. This will help your maid in learning routines and preferences from you, and you can see how she associates with your kid. Ask her to replicate your directions to you just to make sure she follows them. This is especially important if there are any kind of language or communication barriers.

Train Her On Good Hygiene And Safety
Your maid may have grown up in a very diverse household or may have come from a distant village that has no tap or piped water. You need to make sure she performs the things in the way you wish them to be done.
The time you put into training / teaching her in the initial days will be time well spent. Also, get a comprehensive health check done to evaluate her physical and emotional health.

Consider Her Feelings
If she is sharing family food give her the option of eating rice or chapatis. Also, let her cook her preferred foods once in a while if she desires.
You may want to give her a separate section in the kitchen where she may want to store all the snacks, chutneys, or any foods she may have brought for herself from her own house. However, make sure to point it out when you hire a maid that your baby must only eat home-cooked food. Assure that your ayah doesn’t serve your baby anything without your permission. Do not allow her to feed your child any food bought from outside.

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Set A Timetable
Once everything has settled into a system, you may want to consider drafting up a schedule for regular household activities. This way, everyone in the family knows what to anticipate every day, and your maid understands precisely what she needs to do. Plan when you would like her to commence work in the mornings, take small breaks and when she must wrap up for the day.

Offer A Convenient Place To Stay

You may have an exclusive servant quarter for her or you may want her to rest in a spare room. In houses where there are space limitations, maids are often asked to sleep in the hall, kitchen or the children’s room.
Nevertheless, try to provide her a place where she feels comfortable. If possible, assign a bathroom exclusively for her to use.

Respect Your Maid
Lastly, remember it is essential to respect your ayah. Don’t use rude language or abuse her in front of other household helps or family members. If she has made a blunder, speak to her confidentially and help her realize your expectations.
If you are looking for a maid for babycare in Gurgaon or simply want to hire a maid, Let us know. We will be happy to help.

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