Domestic full-time maids in times of Coronavirus lockdown

For working women, the coronavirus lockdown in India has brought up the burden ironically instead of lowering it. Handling both the work from the office and home without the help of full time maids has doubled their load. House societies have closed the doors for any domestic workers from outside due to fear of infection. And this is almost the plight of every woman at home. Is it going to get any better? Or the difficulty of domestic help will increase?

Work from home is designated as a holiday nowadays, but it is not the scenario. Without the help of maids at home. Housmaid understands your situation and provides full time maids .Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the child at the same time has exclusively fallen into the lap of a woman. In the absence of any domestic help, most of these chores—cleaning, mopping, washing dishes, babysitting though their regular shifts have now fallen into the core responsibilities lists. It has not only increased the additional physical and mental burden now but also made them helpless.  Women all around the country have to manage both work and home at the same time.

Even though a couple,  working from home, but most of the work burden has been shifted to the shoulders of the female. The women have disproportionately borne the apparent gender bias. Homemakers are not well off too; they have to cater to the demand of both their husbands, brother in law and fathers-in-law who are working from home now.

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Amidst this lockdown, the importance of a home servant is visible. And not only that cleaning and sanitation importance has increased multifold too. To keep your house away from any infection, regular cleaning is a must. Coronavirus is transferred from person to person via small droplets of bodily liquids and salvia floating in the atmosphere. In an urban middle-class Indian family, generally, a maid helps the housemaker to get through all these tasks. But without their help now it has become challenging to manage the house.

The plight is twin-sided. The effect is also borne by the home servants who are unnecessarily kept away from their job during the lockdown. Owners have disallowed them to work and have cut their wages instead of adhering to government regulations. A few employers offered them space to stay while a few offered them extra money. But in some conditions, they are left with no job and no money. Some domestic workers were even asked to quit employment in other houses but to continue working in theirs. A few tried to persuade women, domestic workers, to continue working by terming COVID-19 as a myth in such conditions.

However, there are some platforms where you can book a maid service amidst the lockdown. Are you searching for a full time maids amidst the lockdown crisis? Visit, and it is one of the most trusted online platforms to find a home servant in Gurgaon. Established for almost several years now, it is a convenient mode to book a full day maid in some hassle-free steps. These placement agencies provide servants for 24 hours as well. For any social gathering or event, we can book the service online and get trained, and professionals home servants without any trouble. Booking a home servant through these sites helps you to have an ensured house sanitized with reduced risk of the deadly pandemic- coronavirus.

Full time maid

Work of a full day maid at coronavirus will ensure that all the floors, kitchen slabs, handles, doorknobs are well sanitized and away from any infection. Even if a surface is infected, sanitizing it at regular times will ensure to eliminate the virus. Housmaid platform provides that the home servant is experienced. Its database is filled with expert and professional maids, trained to combat in a situation like these. Hiring from the right place, eliminate any risk of infection. Housmaid is one such platform, where all the services are rendered by specialists, who know their work inside out and can indeed perform a more important job at cleansing the house without any hurdle. In fact, at times like these, it is imperative to set up a home in-depth cleaning plan and hire experts at regular intervals to keep the house sanitized and adequately clean. It’s not possible to do the office work and handle the house at the same time during this crisis. Don’t let the housework grind you anymore. Save your time and energy and say no to any burden during this lockdown. Book your service now!without 

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