5 Best House Cleaning Tips You Need to Know in 2022

House cleaning tips

Do you want to make your home clean and tidy? Are you looking to impress your guests with the cleanliness of your home? You should learn all about some of the best house cleaning tips for thorough cleaning.

Either you can hire professional full-time maids from the best online maid agency like Housmaid or do self-cleaning of your house with the help of the best house cleaning tips written below.

This will help you to understand the details of maintaining a property that is above average. You’re about to discover the difference between professionals and the average Joe.

There are many secrets to maintaining a clean home, only cleaning professionals know them. You will be happy you did.

5 Best House Cleaning Tips

  1. Slow Pull-Push Technique

You may have heard the phrase “Slow and steady wins all races”? If so, you should also know that this saying applies to housecleaning. This refers to the way you push and pull your vacuums, steamers, etc.

Too many vacuum cleaners push and pull too fast. It will make a huge difference to slow down your vacuuming. This gives your vacuum enough time for its job, including cleaning up dirt, dust and allergens from deep within your carpet fibers.

It might be time to buy a new vacuum. You may need a new vacuum for the following reasons:

  1. The vacuum hose keeps getting clogged.
  2. You can only pick up very little debris if you sweep it across the floor.
  3. The vacuum does not sound very powerful.
  4. Soon after turning it on, it gets too hot.


  1. Sweep, Vacuum, Scrub

Ask trusted house cleaners about their preferred method of floor cleaning. They’ll all say the same thing: vacuum, sweep, and then clean! This is what we call “SVS” in the industry.

This is the priority sequence for our deep clean and one of the best house cleaning methods. If the floor is hard, we will sweep it up to remove any glass and other debris that could not be sucked into our vacuum. The vacuum is then turned on and we clean all open areas, corners, and difficult-to-reach crevices.

House cleaning with vacuum cleaner

After that, we will grab a soft-bristle or hard-bristle toothbrush and then get to work on the floors to ensure they are clean and disinfected.

Here’s the best housekeeping tip: We perform this process on all surfaces and not just floors. This includes counters, bathtubs, furniture, and many other surfaces.

However, you should only use a soft-bristle toothbrush when you scrub other surfaces. Scrubbing counters with a hard-bristle toothbrush can cause scratches.

Always, always, always vacuum first. It doesn’t matter if the surface appears clean. You will find dirt, hair, and dust that can impede your efforts to scrub.


  1. Tide Pods For Showers

Although this may seem difficult to believe, it is true. You’ll discover that cleaning products are not limited to a single purpose. They have far greater potential than what their manufacturer has sold them.

This is evident in laundry pods. You can also make a laundry soap paste at home, but we prefer the pods.

Take a shower, and then wash the area you want to clean. Then rub the laundry detergent pod on the most problematic areas (such as mould growth, Serratia marcescens etc.).

Let it sit for between 10 and 15 minutes after you have applied it. Use a soft-bristle brush to scrub it in, and then allow it to sit for five minutes. Then, rinse it off with the showerhead. Your tub/shower will be as clean as new!

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  1. Stainless Steel Surprise

Stainless steel can be a wonderful addition to any home. It can modernise the entire interior, particularly in the kitchen. Stainless steel has a few drawbacks.

It may seem like an insurmountable task. There will still be fingerprints left from the time you first touched it.

Olive oil is used by most housekeepers as a last-minute solution to remove fingerprints and give their home a shiny shine. You can rub some oil on the skin and let it dry.


  1. The Trash within the Trash

Are you tired of a persistent odour in the house? It’s possible that your house smells like last night’s leftovers hours after it was gone.

There is a possibility that the odours are lingering in the trash can and in the bag. To get rid of the smell, you will need to thoroughly clean it.

You can use a toilet bowl scrubber with a mixture of 1 percent dish soap and 3 parts water. It will take no time for the odour to disappear!

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Final Words

This guide will give you the inside scoop on house cleaning tips that you need to know. Make sure you use it wisely.

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Maid Service – Tips and Tricks To Make Your House Spotless

maid services

On average, a person spends 40 minutes of their precious time in scrubbing and cleaning chores. Thats almost an hour of hard work with a bonus of scrubbed knees and severe back pain. One would rather spend that time with their family or engaging in other recreational activities. But leaving the house dirty is not a good option. Thats where professional cleaning services help you through. Housmaid is one of the most trusted providers of Maid Service in Gurgaon with zero brokerage and 24/7 customer support on your fingertips.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It plays an important role in maintaining ones mental and physical health intact. Sanitized spaces keep you protected from germs and have a very low risk of infecting diseases such as dengue, typhoid, hepatitis, jaundice, ringworm, etc. But unless you are a person who loves to maintain hygiene, it can be very difficult to keep up with all the cleaning tasks with the monotonous busy schedule, especially when one is a working professional.

maid service

Here are a Few Mind-Blowing Cleaning Tips and Tricks used by Professional Maid Services

Cleaning Rugs
According to the research published in 2001, an average indoor carpet is 4000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Thus, it should be prioritized while cleaning. Vacuuming once a week is a good option or placing the rugs outside in the sun.

How to do: Place the rug on the ground and start beating it with a hard stick or broom. Continue doing it until all the dust is vanquished. Repeat the process at least thrice a year for better results.

The process may seem easy, but in no time will drain out all of your energy.

But why do it on your own when you can hire a professional?
Housmaid’s maid service is well aware of all the cleaning processes and is invariably equipped with the tools for the same to provide you with world-class service.

 Buy Machine Washable Items
Items such as pillow covers, curtains, drapes, etc act as a dust catcher. They absorb all the moist and dirt from outside and work as a storehouse for them until washed. If you are living in metropolitan cities, you know how difficult, it is to protect oneself from all the pollution and dust coming from outside. Thus, buying machine-friendly items is a good decision.

How to do – Bathroom mats should be washed at least every other week whereas carpets, pillows, and curtains should be twice a year, at least ONCE!
A professional maid knows what to wash, when and how? They understand the importance of every piece of cloth and deal with them with most care.

maid services

 Change Bedding Weekly
Humans shed an ounce of dead skin cells per week, most of which get stick to our bed sheet and pillow covers (even clothes). The sweat one releases while sleeping makes the bed moist helping the dust particles to use the area as a settling base for themselves. In short, after a few days, your bed is no longer cozy but a filthy space that needs to be changed.

How to do- Wash all the bedsheets and pillow covers in warm water, especially during flu season. This reduces allergens keeping your bed more sanitized and safe place to sleep in.

Use Lemon and Ice for Disposals
Definitely, the garbage bin is not going to smell like lavenders. But leaving it as it is will only going to deteriorate the situation. Bad odor is a serious turn-off so unless you want the house atmosphere to go all pungent, it’s better to keep some measures.

How to do- In order to remove the foul smell, add a half-cut lemon and some ice cubes into the disposal and turn on the power. In no time the aroma will turn from stinky to refreshing. Baking soda is also a good alternative to it. Just add ¼ cup to the trash box and the smell will no longer spread in the environment.

A busy schedule in the morning makes you forget removing the trash can out? The presence of a maid at your household service will solve this problem for you. A maid will make sure your house is clean with a pleasant smell when you reach back home after a tiresome day. It is their sole responsibility to take care of the trash regularly and eliminate any kind of foul smell in the house. If you are looking for the most trusted and reliable maid service in Gurgaon, Click on the link given.
Is your house is cluttered too because of the procrastination? Then its high time you hire a helping hand for yourself, a maid. You can choose between a Part-Time maid and a Full-Time maid according to the requirements. For the most reliable maid services, visit www.housmaid.com.

Services that Make City Life Easier


Cities are active, lively, and diverse cultural centers all across the world. Living within the city may not be for everyone, however there are certainly some universal observations and benefits of doing so which makes city life so exciting and convenient. 

Choosing to live in the cities has become a popular trend. Due to greater opportunities and a quality life, major migration has taken place from rural areas towards cities which have made cities densely populated. 

Advantages of living in a city

Cities are energetic, vivacious, and thriving centers of culture that offer a wealth of opportunities to engage in and experience the local community. Providing a ton of great options to choose from like restaurants, clubs, festivals, parks, etc there is certainly no shortage of activities that can match personal interests or hobbies and allow enjoying the time living in the city. From all sorts of entertainment activities to booking any type of services, it’s all within easy access. Whether it’s booking a basic Maid Service to online shopping city life lets it easy to explore.

Some of the basic domestic services that a city life makes easier to access are:

Driving Services:

Driving Services

Driving everywhere oneself can be a burden in a city of any size. The hassle of insufficient parking can be time consuming especially when getting late. Hiring a professional Driver Service can not only help escape the endless traffic jams but also help navigate around the town. 

Cleaning Services:

maids in gurgaonSpending the free time at cleaning even if living in the city is not something anyone would prefer. Depending on the size of the home, cleaning can take a lot of time per week if done properly. Hiring a Maid Service can free up for a considerable amount of time, without worrying about the work. 

Dog Walker Services:


You are a pet lover and having a pet especially if the area of work is quite far from home can create a stress for pet owners. Specialized Dog Walking Services can be availed according to time and track of the dog. 

Cook Services:

Dining options in the city are both plentiful and diverse. For people who are health conscious the assistance of Cook Services are easily available. Working individuals who don’t have the time to cook for themselves can easily hire a cook according to their taste and preferences.    

Eldercare Services:

maid services in gurgaon

Having elders around is a blessing. But sometimes caring for the elderly can turn out to be a rather stressful job. Hiring the professional eldercare services for your loved ones will help facilitate the medical as well as provide the holistic care of the elderly.  

Childcare Services:

Good child care promotes a child’s healthy development through a happy and safe environment, nutritious food and lots of opportunities for active learning. For working professionals hiring a Childcare Service can provide a lot of support while reducing stress.

Gardener Services:

When in the city maintaining a small garden of its own is a delight for nature lovers. Whether maintaining a farm or a small garden hiring a professional and experienced Gardener can ease the process of maintaining greenery.

How to Find a Maid in Gurgaon

maid service in gurgaon

Maid service is not all about keeping houses clean but taking care of the home and the people who live in it. Being a part of home lets one get to know about the family and its habits while keeping the homes clean, healthy and safe.

As Maid services typically include a lot of household tasks every day it is important to keep a check on time factor too as possibly they have to clean more than one home a day.  So performance and time efficiency both need to be taken care of.

At Housmaid we understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness and therefore offer a well-trained Housekeeping workforce with a great deal of experience in residential properties as well as office spaces and commercial locations.

Apart from cleaning homes learning cleaning techniques and safety procedures can ensure that the cleaning products used, way of cleaning is fully safe.  

Maid Service in Gurgaon: Gurgaon being a corporate hub, the need for the Maid in Gurgaon is gradually increasing. Either being a Part-Time Maid in Gurgaon or a Full-Time Maid in Gurgaon.

Maid hiring goes online

With various service companies in Gurgaon going online there is no longer need to catch hold of every maid in the locality to hire domestic help.

Housmaid being one of the prominent Maid Service Providers in Gurgaon are offering placement services for maids, cooks, gardeners, pantry boy and other domestic help via online registration. The company uses structured processes to understand and match client requirements. We provide accurate candidate profiles and honor all promises. Secondly, we comply with all laws as a part of the standard hiring process and collect candidate ID, address proof, and multiple references.

With the advent in technology, Housmaid provides Online Maid Services by making it easier to Book a Maid Online with Maid Service App in order to cater to different lifestyles and their need for maid services. With just a few simple steps to follow, customers can now request a maid service for their home, from the comfort of wherever they are.

Reasons to hire a maid service

Sanity and Freedom- A clean home is comfortable yet maintaining one is always a task. Tackling the mess may take enough time. A professional service helps you get back on track and focus on other important things in life.

Experienced- Professional cleaners are always better experienced. Also, they use the best methods and products to clean and know the most suitable tools for any task. Being an expert they possess the skills and training to achieve the best results possible.

Saves time- It can be difficult for working people sometimes juggling between work and home. Here hiring a maid helps one save time.

How to choose a good maid

Choosing a maid for your home depends a lot on your choices and requirement. Factors such as whether you want to Hire a Full-Time Maid or part-time maid etc. should be decided before hiring a maid. Qualities to look while choosing a maid are:

Hardworking- While evaluating a potential maid service for the home makes sure to ask questions. For maintaining the time constraint, one needs to be hard working enough.

Flexibility- A maid should be dedicated to making every effort possible to help make the client requirements fulfilled. The best maids don’t just look after your home but also care for it.

Trustworthy- Faith is an important factor when it comes to hiring a maid. Trust and professionalism are the hallmarks of an expert maid since housekeeping requires skill, as well as, trust.

Attentive- When it comes to task assignment attentiveness to the instructions you give them is required. It’s important to ensure that the maid is committed to complete her work.

This is how you find a maid in Gurgaon with Housmaid.

How Housmaid is different from other agencies? And why it is best?


We understand how difficult it is to search reliable and accountable domestic helpers in today’s world. The amount of struggle and time it demands from an individual is exhausting at all levels and at times trusting wrong worker can possibly make you a victim of their big frauds. But don’t worry we are here to remove this burden from your head, once and for all.

How Housmaid is different?

Housmaid is India’s largest service provider for domestic helpers. We provide the solution for all kinds of domestic helpers including – Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Elder care and Gardener.   Our staff includes young and passionate people who are willing to make a difference in the lives of people by catering their housekeeping service needs. We aim to provide the solution to our customer’s problems by maintaining trust, safety and quality factors.

We aspire to eliminate any kind of inconvenience and provide effortless service with these 5 easy steps. Housmaid is so far the easiest way you can find a Maid near you.

Here are 5 captivating reasons why you should choose Housmaid:

  1. Trained and Verified Worker – Housmaid is a team of professionals who are fully skilled in their fields. We not only pay attention to their expertise but also their background and work history.  All of our staff is verified thoroughly by face to face interview, mobile and Aadhar verification and proper address verification which is pretty much absent in all other unregulated agencies.
  2. Work Management – As we only acquire skilled staff, we promised to provide you with exceptional work in all forms. Also, in cases where the helper is absent and other companies don’t provide any replacement, we take full responsibility for that situation and make sure to send substitution so that your work is never suffered.
  3. Salary Record – This platform works differently from others in such a way that it lets the customer away from hassle. Unlike others where the payment process takes place between the helpers and the owner, here, the transaction of salary and any other amount is done between the company and their customers, with zero involvement of the domestic helpers.
  4. Hassle free booking -Housmaid eliminates the scope of any broker, agent or mediator which is a great relief for consumers. Thus, the booking is easy and hassle free.
  5. Pay Cashless Salary – Here, we accept all kinds the online payment through your Credit or Debit Card, Net Banking or your Paytm account reducing the bothering by cash.
  6. Trail Period and Fast Replacement- We also promote a ‘2-day trial period’ so that you get sure with your choices. And in cases where you are unsatisfied with the work, we provide fast replacements too.
  7. 365 Days Customer Service – Housmaid is always there for you. We have our professional available 365 days a year to listen to your miseries and solve it to their best.

Housmaid makes it easy to choose a reliable and professional maid

Book a maid online through Housmaid

When it comes to hiring a maid, two qualities are a must to have – reliability and professionalism. As they become a part in people’s daily life routine, they automatically get exposed to personal space of their owners, which sometimes may cause some amount of tension between them. So, for a better functioning environment, there is a vital need for trust between both of them.

Housmaid is one of the most prominent housekeeping staff providers in Delhi NCR. We provide skilled and verified maids for both homes & offices. The maids send by us are most reliable and well instructed to give the finest performance in every task including – cleaning, dusting, washing, home care, cooking etc. They are entirely dedicated for their work and are bounded, to be honest towards their duties and give utmost care to home or property even in the absence of the owner.

We conduct proper background checking including Mobile verification, Face to face interview, Aadhar Verification and Permanent address verification.

At housmaid, every housekeeping staff goes under proper training which includes workshops on qualities of honesty, dedication and perfection in their work. Our maids are very reliable and are properly licensed and verified people.

We firmly guarantee that all our workers are licensed and verified against any criminal background or flaw. Hence we deliver our 100% to provide you with the best. It’s what makes us happy!