7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Maid in Gurgaon

Hire a Maid in Gurgaon

Are you struggling to decide to hire cleaning services for your home? There are numerous advantages to hiring a full time maid. We all know how hectic everyday life can be.

Finding time to tidy your home, have time with your family, work, keep a busy social schedule, and find time to take care of yourself isn’t always feasible. There’s no reason to sacrifice self-care time or time with family members to devote your time to cleaning. If you choose to hire maid service for home, you can take a break and concentrate with your family and friends and be assured you’ll have your house maintained to the highest standards.

When you consider hiring house maid services, there are some aspects to consider. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of these aspects to aid you in making the best choice possible. Then, read on to find out how to locate maid service for home.

Maid in Gurgaon

Here are some key aspects that you need to consider before hiring a maid in Gurgaon – 

  1. Reputation and Reviews

Start your search by searching for the services of a maid near me. You will likely find many results. It is now the time to look at the reputation of each company and its reviews.

You can read online reviews from customers on review sites. You might also be able to study reviews on the specific service’s website. Make sure to go through these reviews and understand what to get from the company.

If you’d like to, call every company and inquire for them to provide you with some references. If they have references, contact each of them and inquire about any concerns you may have. You may also ask your relatives, friends, as well as coworkers for references to the maid services they have used and might suggest.

  1. Services Offered

It’s important to know that not all housekeeping firms will provide the same services for cleaning. It’s always good to know what each business provides cleaning services before choosing the one that is suitable for you. Are there specific types of cleaning services that you’re looking for?

Does the company offer you the house cleaning service you require? Perhaps, for instance, are you interested in moving-out or move-in services? Are you required to schedule periodic services?

You should have a rough concept of what you want and make sure that the cleaning service you are considering can provide those services.

  1. Licence and Insurance

While no one would like to imagine the worst-case scenario, it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure that you are prepared for any eventual difficulties. If anyone were to be injured while cleaning in your house or if something was to get damaged, then you’ll be grateful to have employed the services of a professional cleaning company that is licensed and insured, as well as bonded.

This can provide legal protection for your cleaning service. Do not hesitate to request evidence. The requirement for a business license in order to maintain homes within your own state is important for businesses to show that they are legitimate and professional.

  1. Communication and Consistency

When you employ a cleaning company, your home is expected to appear as it does after every visit. Therefore, the most important thing is choosing a business with consistent cleaning standards. Your home must meet your expectations every single time.

Communication with your company is equally important. What are they communicating with you? Do they appear professional?

If you make contact with them via email or phone, how fast will they respond to you? The cleaning service you choose must be polite and respectful of your home as well as your cleaning standards.

  1. Experience

How many years does the cleaning service have? The experience can be beneficial in the event of specific issues that arise in cleaning. In addition, an experienced company will be aware of handling a wide range of scenarios in a professional way.

Professional house cleaners with experience will possess the expertise about the cleaning products and tools needed to deliver an outstanding clean every time.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantees

If you consider hiring maid service for home, ensure that they provide a satisfaction guarantee. What do you do if you’re not happy with the cleaning services offered? What can the company do in this situation? A service that is proud of their work and believes in their work can offer a guarantee of satisfaction. 

  1. Cost of Services

The last factor to be aware of is the price of services. Keep this in mind until you’ve narrowed the results of your search down to your top three. Choose your top three based on the other factors mentioned above. It is important to make sure that your cleaning service is able to provide all the other elements prior to comparing the prices of the services.

When you’ve got the top three options, you can then evaluate the costs of services offered by these options to find the best cleaning service that has the most affordable price.

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Have You Found the Right Maid Services For You?

If you’re looking for the best maid services in Gurgaon, then Housmaid is your best option. We at Housmaid know how important it is to locate an expert cleaning service that you can trust to enter your home. It is perfectly acceptable to be patient when selecting a cleaning service for your home.

Our goal is to give you regular, professional, and reliable cleaning services for your home. So, if your household and you would like to save time on cleaning and spend more time on what matters to you most, then don’t hesitate to reach us to get a quote now.

Why Do You Need a Domestic full-time Maid in times of Coronavirus Lockdown?

domestic maid agency

For working women, the coronavirus lockdown in India has brought up the burden ironically instead of lowering it. Handling both the work from the office and home has doubled their burden. House societies have closed the doors for any domestic workers from outside due to fear of infection. And this is almost the plight of every woman at home. Is it going to get any better? Or the plight of domestic help will increase? Learn from this blog below why you need a domestic full-time maid during the lockdown.

Work from home is designated as a holiday nowadays, but it really is not the scenario. Without the help of a domestic full-time maid at home, the situation of housework has increased multifold. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the child at the same time has exclusively fallen into the lap of a woman.

In the absence of any domestic help who otherwise handled most of these chores—cleaning, mopping, washing dishes, babysitting though their regular shifts have now fallen into the daily responsibility lists. It has not only increased the additional physical and mental burden but also made them helpless. The notion of a patriarchal society and the rule that instinctively adhered to in Indian families where male members are not expected to perform household tasks has been a curse. Women all around the country have to manage both work and home at the same time.

house servant

Even though both wife and husband are working from home, but, most of the work burden has been shifted to the shoulders of a woman. The clear gender bias has been disproportionately borne by the women. Homemakers are not well off too, they have to cater to the demand of both their husbands, brother in law and fathers-in-law who are working from home now.

Amidst this lockdown, the importance of a domestic full-time maid is clearly visible. And not only that, the importance of cleaning and sanitization has increased multifold too. To keep your house away from any infections, regular cleaning is a must.

As experts defined, The prevailing pandemic agent, “Coronavirus” is transferred from person to person via small droplets of bodily liquids and salvia floating in the atmosphere. In an urban middle-class Indian family, generally, a domestic full-time maid helps the housemaker to get through all these tasks. But without their help now it has absolutely become difficult to manage the house.

The plight is twin-sided. The effect is also borne by the home servants who are unnecessarily kept away from their job during the lockdown. Owners have disallowed them to work and have cut their wages instead of adhering to government regulations. A few employers offered them space to stay while a few offered them extra money. But in some conditions, they are left with no job and no money. Some domestic workers were even asked to quit jobs in other houses but to continue working in theirs. A few tried to persuade women, domestic workers, to continue working by terming COVID-19 as a myth in such conditions.

Find maid online

However, there are some platforms where you can book a maid service amidst the lockdown. Are you searching for a full day maid amidst the lockdown crisis? It is one of the most trusted online platforms to find a domestic full-time maid in Gurgaon. Established for almost several years now, it is a convenient mode to book a full day maid in some hassle-free steps.

These placement agencies provide domestic full-time maid for 24 hours as well. For any social gathering or event, we can book the service online and get trained and professionals maid without any trouble. Booking a maid online helps you to have an ensured house sanitized with reduced risk of the deadly pandemic- coronavirus.

The work of a domestic full-time maid during the lockdown will ensure that all the floors, kitchen slabs, handles, doorknobs of your home are well sanitized and free from any infection. Even if a surface is infected, sanitizing it at regular times will ensure to eliminate the virus.

Housmaid online platform ensures that the domestic full-time maid is trained and experienced. Here you can find expert maids, trained to work in these types of situations.

At Housmaid, all services are rendered by professionals who know their work inside out. In fact, at times like these, it is absolutely imperative to set up a home deep cleaning plan and hire experts at regular intervals to keep the house sanitized and cleaned. It’s not possible to do the office work and handle the house at the same time during this crisis.

Don’t let the housework grind you anymore. Save your time and energy and say no to any burden during this lockdown.

Book your domestic full-time maid now!

The House Servant hierarchy- Best maid service in Gurgaon

Maid Service

In today‘s era, when everyone is running rat races and are busy with their schedules and lifestyle. There is no time left for household chores. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of the house, watering the plants to washing our own clothes, even handling the kid becomes a challenging task. During such a hard time, hiring a maid service is all one can ask for. A housemaid converts the house to a home to live in. In day to day life, they are very important. Let’s go through some various types of house servants prevalent in society from ages.

  • Housekeeper

 The senior servant in the house is generally referred to as the housekeeper. The person is responsible for oversight of all other house servant works. Responsibilities include all the work is in good order, rooms are cleaned, the kitchen is well organized, all other chores are well in order. Housekeepers should be well organized and methodical in his/her work.


 Cook is the head of the kitchen. Their responsibilities  includes a wide variety of tasks from getting the ingredients for the food, washing, and cutting them to preparing the food. They plan the menu in consultation with the owner. Also, they manage any food wastage and storage of the remaining food at home. The cook should be well versed with the member’s food taste and food preferences. They should know about different food cuisines and recipes. That’s the identity of a good cook around!


 Due to the increasing workload nowadays, most of the working parents hire a nanny to take care of their young toddler. The nanny is responsible for the children’s first, very basic care – in manners, and in simple reading and numbers. They are also responsible for tasks like changing nappies, to being the one up at all hours of the night, to providing entertainment for teething children. They take care of a child’s overall development, nutrition and safety.

Maid Service


Housemaid is responsible for all the cleaning tasks of the house. They keep the house neat and tidy, away from any dirt. Put simply, the housemaid is the cleaner of the house, and her duties are endless. From keeping the rooms clean, mopping the floor, and bathrooms to dusting away any dirt on curtains, sofas, etc. They make use of modern equipment and vacuum all the dirt away from the house.

 Laundry maid

A laundry maid is a female house servant who is responsible for washing clothes and taking care of the laundry. Their work includes cleaning the clothes to ironing and keeping them in good condition. They are also responsible for managing the operations and cleanliness of the laundry area of the house.

  • Driver

 The driver is the person responsible for taking the owner to places. They arrange for regular cleaning and maintaining the vehicles. A driver mobilizes their owner and their family members from one place to another, etc. They should be well-trained with a driver’s license and safe driving skills. You can find a reliable, trustworthy driver in Gurgaon region at economical prices here.


 An experienced gardener for both home and office spaces are a must to keep nowadays. They keep extreme care of the garden under the guidance of landscape designers. The gardener is well-informed about all the services from aerating, feeding, mowing, cutting, and removing waste grass. They make sure that grounds are well-maintained ensuring all the gardens, trees; shrubs are healthy and well grown.

Maid Service in gurgaon

 Pantry boy

 They are responsible for handling day to day tasks and operations of the pantry. A pantry boy is required to lay emphasis on the quality and hygiene level of the pantry of the offices. They should be well-versed with kitchen equipment and maintain the entire food pantry inventory in order. Their work includes placing orders, maintaining inventory, daily supervision, and recording the items in the client database.

Choosing a maid service depends on your choice and the work scope required at home. There are certain factors such as daily basis, weekly basis, work involved, etc before hiring a maid service. Depending upon the work scope and responsibilities, you can choose a maid service wisely to hire a good maid.

Some of the USPs is:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Background check
  • Hassle-free booking
  • Quality assurance
  • Trained and well-verified workers.
  • Zero-Brokerage fee

Try our services now!

Hiring Professional Maid Services in Gurgaon

maid in gurgaon

Families are now leading busier lives. Due to which finding the time to ensure that the household is clean, hygienic and organized is becoming difficult. The time for housekeeping is extremely limited especially for people involved in business and jobs.

A clean home promotes vitality and general well-being. Maid service is a pivotal component in creating a safe and healthy family environment to live in. Particularly for homeowners who do not have enough time to ensure that the household is kept free from bacteria and other things which can affect health and mindset in a negative way.

how to find a maid in gurgaon

Maid Services in Gurgaon

Gurgaon being the corporate hub of India has a very busy living. Work shifts being the priority, basic house chores fall aside. Hiring a Maid Service in Gurgaon can bring relief in tedious household chores. Housmaid is one of the prominent Maid Service Providers in Gurgaon who provides trustworthy and well-insured services. Still, there are few points to keep in mind while hiring a maid service.

Maid service

Things to consider when hiring a maid service

Before hiring a maid service, there are few things to keep in mind. First is, setting the expectations right and understanding the objectives and the tasks you want the maid services to help you with. Secondly, looking for a maid service from references especially friend, family or else. Third, find a maid service provider that can help you in hiring a maid service for your home. Although maid services depend on one’s requirements here are few points to consider before hiring a maid service:

References: If hiring a maid service through references or before hiring any maid service make sure to ask your nearby friends, family, and neighbors. What companies or individuals they are using to clean their homes and if they’re satisfied with their work. Also, check for online reviews or ask the company/individual for their references.

Proficiency of the services

The very first thing to see while hiring a maid service is evaluating the proficiency of maid services. The idea is to ensure that the service meets the expectations and have the experience to work efficiently on the tasks assigned.

Experience of the maid

The efficiency of the maid depends on previous experiences. Before hiring any maid service it’s important to ensure the previous working experience of the maid so as to avoid any future hassle.

Hygiene practices

It’s also important to check the hygiene practices of the maid especially if there are kids at home. If any sign of unhygienic activities observed, simply reject the service. Don’t take the word for such cases. Meet the potential maid face to face to observe properly.


Ensure the punctuality factor before hiring any maid service. Therefore, it would be better to ask for past reviews. Past reviews will be able to give you a proper review of the maid services.

Proper verification

Hiring maid services especially full-time Maid Services in Gurgaon requires a detailed verification of the services. Maid services usually provide detailed background check. Still it’s better to be sure on its own. Hence it’s always better to ask for identity proof to ensure you are hiring a genuine and reliable maid service for your home.

Opt for a Healthy Lifestyle – Hire a Cook in Gurgaon

book a cook

As the lifestyle is changing, eating at home is declining. Eating out more frequently is reducing the number of meals we have been cooking at home. However, food prepared at home is healthier fast food and restaurant has grown to be a bigger part of our lifestyle, while the percentage of calories from meals cooked at home has decreased. This could lead to obesity and other health issues.

Why Eating at Home is a Healthier Option

Finding the time and energy to prepare home-cooked meals can seem like a daunting task. At the end of a hectic day, eating out or ordering it might feel like the quickest, easiest option. But convenience food can take a significant toll on your mood and health.

Food prepared at home is way healthier. Also eating at home makes us consume fewer calories as compared to market products. Meals prepared at home consists of fewer carbohydrates, less sugar, less fat and more fiber, calcium, and iron compared to food that’s prepared away from home.

How can Hiring a Cook in Gurgaon can help us eat Healthy

Eating out every day is not a good option for health and pockets both. If you are a professional living in Gurgaon and due to the corporate busy lifestyle not getting enough time to cook, eating out frequently, probably hiring a cook in Gurgaon for home cooking can be a better deal. You get to eat homemade food and get the liberty to eat something that you actually want to eat, not what is available.

But there are certain things that you should look for when hiring a cook in Gurgaon like the experience of the cook, salary expectations, specialty in various cuisines and the references from their previous employer.

How to Find a Maid in Gurgaon– Housmaid Help you Find a Better Maid Service in Gurgaon

Every recruitment agency is only as good as its applicants. Therefore Housmaid not only sources you a trusted household staff but also ensures they are absolutely right for you. At Housmaid we are dedicated to help you find lasting solutions to your recruitment needs, ultimately helping you how to find a maid in Gurgaon. Some of the ways in which Housmaid helps you find a better maid are:

  1. Best talents from your vicinity- The platform helps you find multiple maids in the vicinity of your house or search location.
  2. Choosing from a vast pool of options- Housmaid has hundreds of maids registered on its platform. So, when you place an order, you get the best of the choices available on the platform.
  3. Professionally verified maids- At Housmaid the background of each of the maid’s id thoroughly verified and checked.
  4. Convenience- At housmaid, you can find maids at your convenience. It is easier, simpler and better.

Find a Driver in Gurgaon

Housmaid provides you much more than the driver for hire service in India. We offer you an experience of a lifetime by providing experienced and well-behaved gentlemen. Travelling becomes even more incredible and worthy with the comfort of a vehicle driven by our efficient & reliable drivers. At Housmaid we ensure that the drivers provided have prior experience of driving and are well aware of places, city routes. Thorough screening procedures are done to verify the expertise and behavior while contracting drivers as we believe in earning trust. Our portal helps you provide access to profiles of drivers and help sort out any query regarding professional drivers.

Why choose Housmaid for Finding a Driver in Gurgaon

  1. Service Level
  2. Training: Each service at Housmaid through a specialized training process to imbibe thorough professionalism through them
  3. Pride in work: At Housmaid we feel an extreme sense of pride in our work and achievements.
  4. Trustworthy and discrete: We understand the importance of trust and therefore provide only a fully bonded and insured service.

Why Hire a Professional Driver

Choosing to avoid all of the aggravations of having to drive your own car or to commute and let someone else who is professional and experienced one to worry about the driving, will let your travelling be free from any stress. Renting a driver is actually a very great way to avoid any hazardous driving as well as enjoy your commute to the destination in a very relaxed, safe, and stress-free manner.

  1. The driver’s job is to save you from the hassle of driving. Hiring a professional driver can provide an advantage over renting a car.
  2. Time: Another advantage of hiring a driver is that he knows more about the road which will save your time in going about the place. Plus you don’t have to worry about where to park and run late for your work because your personal driver will do that for you.
  3. Drivers are all professional, organized, timely, and they are also knowledgeable enough in what particular routes they should take in order to take you to the destination in a timely and safe manner.

How Housmaid is different from other agencies? And why it is best?


We understand how difficult it is to search reliable and accountable domestic helpers in today’s world. The amount of struggle and time it demands from an individual is exhausting at all levels and at times trusting wrong worker can possibly make you a victim of their big frauds. But don’t worry we are here to remove this burden from your head, once and for all.

How Housmaid is different?

Housmaid is India’s largest service provider for domestic helpers. We provide the solution for all kinds of domestic helpers including – Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Elder care and Gardener.   Our staff includes young and passionate people who are willing to make a difference in the lives of people by catering their housekeeping service needs. We aim to provide the solution to our customer’s problems by maintaining trust, safety and quality factors.

We aspire to eliminate any kind of inconvenience and provide effortless service with these 5 easy steps. Housmaid is so far the easiest way you can find a Maid near you.

Here are 5 captivating reasons why you should choose Housmaid:

  1. Trained and Verified Worker – Housmaid is a team of professionals who are fully skilled in their fields. We not only pay attention to their expertise but also their background and work history.  All of our staff is verified thoroughly by face to face interview, mobile and Aadhar verification and proper address verification which is pretty much absent in all other unregulated agencies.
  2. Work Management – As we only acquire skilled staff, we promised to provide you with exceptional work in all forms. Also, in cases where the helper is absent and other companies don’t provide any replacement, we take full responsibility for that situation and make sure to send substitution so that your work is never suffered.
  3. Salary Record – This platform works differently from others in such a way that it lets the customer away from hassle. Unlike others where the payment process takes place between the helpers and the owner, here, the transaction of salary and any other amount is done between the company and their customers, with zero involvement of the domestic helpers.
  4. Hassle free booking -Housmaid eliminates the scope of any broker, agent or mediator which is a great relief for consumers. Thus, the booking is easy and hassle free.
  5. Pay Cashless Salary – Here, we accept all kinds the online payment through your Credit or Debit Card, Net Banking or your Paytm account reducing the bothering by cash.
  6. Trail Period and Fast Replacement- We also promote a ‘2-day trial period’ so that you get sure with your choices. And in cases where you are unsatisfied with the work, we provide fast replacements too.
  7. 365 Days Customer Service – Housmaid is always there for you. We have our professional available 365 days a year to listen to your miseries and solve it to their best.