How reliable is Housmaid for your domestic maid agency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

domestic maid agency

You must have tried many of the domestic maid agency but were they reliable enough? Or is it that you simply had no other option left?

After having tried all the domestic maid agency near me options of finding a Maid or a Babysitter, there’s one last solution that the majority folks living in Metro cities try – reaching bent the simplest domestic maid agency. You ought to try us. At we allow you to find multiple professionally verified Maids near you. We act as your domestic maid agency as one-stop for all needs.

And since the necessity to hire a Maid is usually urgent, we often go ahead with the choice that exposes ahead. So, what do we usually do when to succeed in finding the most reliable domestic maid agency?

  1. First, you look for ‘domestic maid agency near me’ on the web.
  2. Otherwise, you find contacts of a couple of domestic maid agency through your references.
  3. Next, you call them and allow them to know your requirement.
  4. You ask a couple of fundamental questions on whether you’ll believe them or not, are the maids verified, etc.
  5. And most significantly, you check how long wouldn’t it deem them to assist you in hiring a Maid or a Babysitter through them.

domestic maid agency

The challenge of finding a trusted house maid is, even more, prominent in bigger cities.

And therefore, we take into the pride of being the most straightforward and most reliable domestic maid agency within the metro city of Gurgoan and check out to unravel all of your problems, in any manner it’s going to be. We cover all of your worries and don’t allow you to encounter any of the mishappenings like-

  • Maid running away with valuables
  • Domestic maid agency takes money, but Maid flees
  • Domestic maid agency duped a doctor in Delhi
  • Citizen’s experiences with fake agencies

There are many such stories that we keep hearing from different parts of the cities at a particular point in time. These stories became reasonably common now. But with our services, you’ll not encounter any of those problems, and you’ll remain tension free.

Our COVID 19 Initiative

At Housmaid, we are taking every initiative to make sure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect.

domestic maid agency

Covid-19 has undoubtedly destabilized many lives. Among all, the severely affected ones are the unorganized Blue-collar Workers, primarily the self-employed & the daily wage earners – like Domestic Workers, Drivers, School Workers, Restaurant Workers, Salon Workers, Office Workers, Factory Workers, Store Workers, Hospital Workers, Construction Workers &more.

And because it seems, unless the vaccine is developed & produced, thus far there’s no system or process which may guarantee an individual’s Covid-19 related health concerns within the future. However, supported the recent records of Workers (& Employers), Housmaid is taking every possible step to make sure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect. We are seeking a Covid-19 Safe Self Declaration from both our workers and also from our customers, which acts more safely for both the parties. 

Here’s how the secure method works:


In line with the Government’s AarogyaSetu initiative, Housmaid is conducting a self-assessment screening of each worker for Covid-19. So you don’t need to worry as we are among the domestic maid agency where you’ll hire workers with no fear of the virus. Supported the worker’s self-disclosure of their medical symptoms within the recent past, if any, this assessment process helps us in screening & ensuring a secure Employers-Workers Connect.

We inform you beforehand just in case of any uncertainty within the health of the worker. This assessment process automatically filters out & quarantines the individuals who’ve declared any symptoms of Fever, Cough, pharyngitis, or Fatigue within the recent past.

Furthermore, if any of the workers declare they were tested for Covid-19 recently, we don’t allow those workers to figure for your safety also like theirs. Additionally, Housmaid is continuously updating and blocking all the containment zones on the platform, as declared by the government. The blocked areas automatically eliminate any possibility of Employers-Workers Connect from such containment zones.


We are requesting all customers to self-declare that neither they nor their relations, have any symptoms of Fever, Cough, or Fatigue within the recent past. Before booking our services, we urge all the customers to take proper measures while hiring from a domestic maid agency near me. We make sure a ‘Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect’, the system & the method is being reviewed and updated a day.

Maintain a hygiene and safe environment at home with Housmaid!

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