Hire a Maid Online and Protect Your House from Coronavirus Outbreak

Hire Maid Online

Since the coronavirus epidemic is spreading around the whole world, it’s a great time to understand how cleaning and sanitation can help counter the spread of infection and what hire a maid online can cut the risk of disease in your house.

Coronavirus is largely transferred from person to person via small droplets of saliva or other bodily liquids that float in the atmosphere after a cough or sneeze.

Contaminated objects and surfaces can also be necessary for the transmission of illness. It’s not completely clear what part they play in spreading the new coronavirus, but they act as an influential one for similar viruses such as SARS and MERS. For example, if an individual touches it and then rubs their mouth, nose, or face.

So, if there is anyone at risk of having the virus has been in your house, sanitizing to decrease the amount of contamination on surfaces may further help you lower down the risk of further transmission of coronavirus.

Hire Maid Online

Cleaning and Disinfecting: How are they different?

There’s a valuable difference that differentiates cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning implies physically eliminating organic elements such as bacteria and dust from surfaces. Whereas disinfection is a process which is done using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.

hire a maid online from Housmaid will ensure that your house is thoroughly sanitized with a reduced risk of coronavirus.

What could be infected in my house?

It’s hard to answer this question accurately but since people usually hab a habit of sneezing and coughing with their mouths wide open, the surface around them gets highly contaminated.

Even hands are very accountable for transporting pathogens from one area to another, so substances and places that people often touch are at the highest risk of being infected.

Say, for example, TV remotes, kitchen cupboards, fridge doors, kitchen surfaces, handles, taps, and door. And not to forget electronic devices such as laptops, phones, and iPads – but since these are not shared quite often, the chances of them being infected is a bit low.

When you hire a maid online from Housmaid, he or she will not be only taking care of the floors or slaps but her duty also includes sanitizing doorknobs, handles, kitchen slabs and so on.

Contaminated surfaces

If a surface gets infected or you think it could be, sanitizing it with a constant household disinfectant will eliminate the virus. Make sure to clean your hands after washing (it’s better to use hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based ) and prevent touching your face.

Hire Maid Online

How to find a maid in Gurgaon?

Housmaid has made finding a hire a maid online in Gurgaon who is well equipped with experience now very easy. Our database is filled with expert maids, perfectly trained to combat any situation and keep your house safe and clean.

The coronavirus is a fragile structure and it is vulnerable in the atmosphere. Both heat and cleansers, including detergent, can prevent its functioning.

Here are some duties you must mention when you hire a maid online –

In the Kitchen:

  • Wash and disinfect sink hardware, countertops, cabinet pulls, appliance arms and cutting boards.
  • Replace dusters with dishcloths that you can clean with the hot water. 
  • Keep a regular check on spills so they don’t draw more dust and bacteria.
  • Also, make sure to take out garbage bags every day.

In the Bathroom:

  • Frequently disinfect the shower faucet and handles.
  • Clean wastebaskets and sterilize them regularly.
  • Use a spray for the toilet and flush handle with sanitizing wipes.
  • Avoid using bath towels or wash clothes more than once to restrain the growth of bacteria and germs.

Other Rooms:

  • Clean bed sheets in hot water. Restrict shaking out your covers and sheets before washing. It will help you depreciate the transmission of dirt and germs.
  • Use mop for hard-surface floors.
  • Sterilize computer consoles, light switches, mobile phones, landlines, and remote controls.