Renovate Your Unhealthy and Dead Lawn with Home Gardening Services

home gardening services

Renovation is done when a lawn is in bad condition but has not deteriorated to the point where it should be renewed entirely. The bad condition may be due to inadequate soil richness, weed intrusion, thatch buildup, soil compaction or any blend of these and other causes. Although renovation can be commenced at any time throughout the growing season, late summer is most suitable for cool-season grasses. Home gardening services from Housmaid can help you renovate your garden at affordable prices.

Ascertaining the cause of bad growth is the initial step in the restoration. Local gardening services at Housmaid certainly admit that if there is extreme growth, footpaths or pale color, negligence may be suspected. Nevertheless, if only confined areas are falling, other causes should be suspected. Excess shade, poor sewerage, illnesses, and bugs may be the problem. A soil sample for analysis will portray nutritional or pH problems.

The subsequent step should be weed controlling with substances recommended to eradicate all undesired weeds. The third step should be to dethatch. Thatch is a bed of dead and living stems and roots, along with decomposing organic matter that gathers between the turf surface and the soil. The growth occurs when the rate at which the turf sloughs off stagnant parts is higher than the rate at which the decompose.

home gardening services

Although a thin layer of thatch is not painful, any layer higher than 1/2 inch can create problems. The densely thatched area may dehydrate up fast, diseases and pests may attack and there may be reduced tolerance to heat, chilly and drought conditions. To maintain thatch, a vertical mower should be utilized. This machine cuts and uproots the turf up in thin strips. Then the material is cleaned off and the garden is irrigated and fertilized.

Home gardening services From Housmaid is decorated with professional gardens with years of experience in their respective fields. Above all, they come equipped with the necessary machinery and other products to eliminate the pressure from your head.

The next step in the renovation is aerating. Aeration is required when a law has been compacted by the heel or vehicular movement. Compaction is prevailing, especially in clay soils. Under compacted conditions, the passage of oxygen and other gases into and out of the soil is limited. Water will absorb in very gradually or runoff. Turf roots will ultimately die off. Aeration eliminates small cores or slices in the lawn and soil from the turf field, to a depth of 2 inches from the surface of the soil. The residual soil than can extend into the open area and release the compaction difficulty.

The last step, i.e is the fifth includes Seeding a garden, which is a much neglected but very critical aspect of a wholesome lawn. By picking the proper seed mixture that adjusts the area, you can build a dense area of turf. There are various methods to apply grass seed:

home gardening services

• Broadcast spreading this method is a simple procedure whereby seed is dispersed evenly over the surface of the soil utilizing some kind of spreader or seeder. After the seed has been applied, the area must be cleaned to cover as much of the seed as feasible with soil.

• Ideally, the seed will be masked by ¼” of topsoil and pressed to assure precise seed to soil contact.

• While spreading seed using a broadcast spreader, go over the area with half in a vertical direction to the original pathway. However, if the land is sloping or is small in size, this may not be possible.

• Apply a beginners fertilizer with a high phosphorous to assist the seed to germinate faster

• The most suitable time to seed is in the spring or the fall season. The temperature is cooler and the moisture levels are elevated.

Local gardening services from Housmaid have years of experience in renovating the laws irrespective of their size and density. They know all the tricks and will help you gain back the lush and health of your garden.

5 Things to Look for When You Hire a Cook in Gurgaon

cook in gurgaon

Hiring a Cook in Gurgaon is not at all an easy business. So when one is looking to book a cook online, he or she may need the proper advice to hire one. So here are five points to notice when you hire cook in Gurgaon for your restaurant, for home or your next event.

  •  The Right Temperament

As the head personality in the kitchen, the cook will need to serve food, maintain inventory, supervise other staff, and much more while staying calm under extreme pressure.

But what is the right temperament?

As individuals, we all have our individuality and our personalities. We can all be fiery, quirky, calm or fun-loving! But during work hours, a chef needs to be able to express his thoughts efficiently. If needed, being stern can benefit the situation. Just remember that no one wants to come to work to be humiliated and constantly corrected for small mistakes. A competent cook will lead his team with the utmost respect and love.

And that’s what you need – a chef who is appreciated, not feared.

Workdays in restaurants or a special event at your home are dynamic and ever-changing.  You may feel that you have everything sorted out and administered correctly and there will be days when everything goes opposite. How your cook manages these complex situations will also dictate how your workers will respond. A calm and composed chef will assist in keeping stress lower and things moving smoothly on very stressful days. You need a cook who could act sensibly and think on his toes to present an instant solution.

cook in gurgaon

  • Detail Oriented

A cook’s responsibilities involve drafting or contributing menus and maintaining inventories. He has to work collectively with the restaurant owner/ house owners in efficiently controlling costs and savings. It is frustrating for an owner to book a cook online or a chef who constantly over-orders perishable raw materials because he didn’t reconsider the inventory accurately.

  •  Quality of The Food

A celebrated cook can recognize excellence immediately. An eye for quality of food will empower him or her to immediately detect the freshness of ingredients as well as producing attractive, artful, clean plating in food. Aside from food, a great chef will swiftly also identify which of his staff can deliver quality as well. 

Is your cook helpful in their actions? Are his actions not wasteful with ingredients? Is your cook in Gurgaon prepared with the right cooking experience so as not to burn or serve raw meals?

  •  Knowledge, Experience, and Philosophies

Now, this solely depends on hire cook in Gurgaon.

If you are looking for a chef, try to choose the one who is graduated from a renowned culinary school as he or she will have the advantage to have studied a wide array of cuisine, even the ultra-sophisticated ones. 

Whereas while you book a cook online, check for their years of experience to understand how much they are familiar with the kitchen atmosphere. You can also talk to their previous owners to understand the overall attitude in a kitchen’s stressful environment.

Also remember, experience does a better job at this! This is why, if given a choice between the two, it is much better to hire cook in Gurgaon with more years and a mixture of working experience. Someone who has served at different household displays a pleasanter overall attitude for the job.

Past these requirements, a cook should have a related view with the owner in his description of the best quality service! A cook who has high standards in customer service will surely help create a magnificent dining event for your guests.

cook in gurgaon

  •  Technology Know-how

With the practicality and innovation that technology grants, a chef must also have fundamental machine skills to be able to adapt and enhance service according to the times. How to use an oven or griller, etc, all these things play somewhat a crucial role in cooking meals and if your cook is unaware about their uses, it might cause a bit of a disappointment. 

How to use an oven or griller, etc all these requirements play somewhat a crucial role in cooking meals and if your cook is unaware of their use, it may lead to a bit of disappointment.

Of course, teaching or training them is an option but if you are looking to hire cook in Gurgaon who is already an expert with these machines, you must highlight it in the beginning while you book a cook online.

Always remember, a cook sets the standard and color in a kitchen! Like any leader, a chef who represents the true character and values will encourage those around him.

How To Be Prepared When You Hire A Maid For The First Time

hire a maid

When you hire a maid or an ayah for part-time or full time, it is obvious that she’ll be spending eample time and will be living in your house or an attached servant section, but she will still be an employee. In the first few weeks, you may need to train her and evaluate her work.

Look At All Aspects Of Safety And Security First
Get the police verification before you hire a maid or let any Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon to stay in your home. Make sure you know about her family and who her guests are. Keep her identity proofs such as a voter’s ID, local contact phone number, Adhaar card, agency’s number and permanent address handy.

Be Very Specific With The Job Description
When you hire a maid, make sure to have a clear job description. Are you looking for a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon? Is she hired particularly to look after your baby? Or will she have to manage additional household c chores such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and laundry? Some parents prefer to hire a maid who takes care of their baby as well as supervises other baby- related tasks such as bathing, dressing, washing nappies, ironing baby’s clothes, cleaning bottles and taking the baby to the park.

hire a maid

Set Flexible Work Timings That Provide Them Some Time Off For Leisure
Some people further expect their live-in maids to prepare food, look after the house pet and run errands. It is very important to be realistic with your expectations if you are looking for efficiency. Understand that if she has too much on her plate, she may not be able to provide the quality care you desire for your baby. So, if you want everything to work smoothly, you may want to consider hiring part-time help to take care of the cooling, cleaning, and washing tasks.

Supervise Closely In The Initial Few Weeks
Spend some of your time working together when you hire a maid. This will help your maid in learning routines and preferences from you, and you can see how she associates with your kid. Ask her to replicate your directions to you just to make sure she follows them. This is especially important if there are any kind of language or communication barriers.

Train Her On Good Hygiene And Safety
Your maid may have grown up in a very diverse household or may have come from a distant village that has no tap or piped water. You need to make sure she performs the things in the way you wish them to be done.
The time you put into training / teaching her in the initial days will be time well spent. Also, get a comprehensive health check done to evaluate her physical and emotional health.

Consider Her Feelings
If she is sharing family food give her the option of eating rice or chapatis. Also, let her cook her preferred foods once in a while if she desires.
You may want to give her a separate section in the kitchen where she may want to store all the snacks, chutneys, or any foods she may have brought for herself from her own house. However, make sure to point it out when you hire a maid that your baby must only eat home-cooked food. Assure that your ayah doesn’t serve your baby anything without your permission. Do not allow her to feed your child any food bought from outside.

hire a maid

Set A Timetable
Once everything has settled into a system, you may want to consider drafting up a schedule for regular household activities. This way, everyone in the family knows what to anticipate every day, and your maid understands precisely what she needs to do. Plan when you would like her to commence work in the mornings, take small breaks and when she must wrap up for the day.

Offer A Convenient Place To Stay

You may have an exclusive servant quarter for her or you may want her to rest in a spare room. In houses where there are space limitations, maids are often asked to sleep in the hall, kitchen or the children’s room.
Nevertheless, try to provide her a place where she feels comfortable. If possible, assign a bathroom exclusively for her to use.

Respect Your Maid
Lastly, remember it is essential to respect your ayah. Don’t use rude language or abuse her in front of other household helps or family members. If she has made a blunder, speak to her confidentially and help her realize your expectations.
If you are looking for a maid for babycare in Gurgaon or simply want to hire a maid, Let us know. We will be happy to help.

7 Essentials You Must Check When You Hire A Cook In Gurgaon

cook in gurgaon

Doing things occasionally is not a bad idea, but there are few jobs that demand regularity. Yes, we are talking about food, cleaning, and gardening chores. Since not everyone has the time or the passion to perform these tasks repeatedly, you always have the option to book maid online, local gardening services and Cook in Gurgaon.

However, hiring maid online, local gardening services or even the cook in Gurgaon is not an easy task. There are a few essential qualities these domestic helpers must acquire in order to provide you with the most satisfactory services. In this article, we will talk about a few of those essentials you must check before hiring a cook in Gurgaon.

Here Are The 7 Essentials You Must Check When You Hire A Cook In Gurgaon. Before we talk further on this topic, you must know that you are not hiring a personal chef to cook meals for a party or a specific event. When you hire a cook in Gurgaon for your house, he/she is was obliged to prepare you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And this blog primarily deals with hiring cooks in Gurgaon, not a personal chef.

1. Experience Of Home Cooking
Considering you are hiring a cook for house cooking, the cook you are evaluating must have some prior knowledge and experience of cooking like homemade food. In my judgment, homemade food is one that is fresh and does not use too much oil and spices. It’s better to hire a Cook in Gurgaon who has some previous experience in cooking at different homes.

cook in gurgaon

The same applies when you book maid online or local gardening services. It
is not that newcomers cannot perform the task properly but someone with huge experience will surely produce wonders in their work.

2. Usage Of Oil, Spices, And Ingredients
Some of us adore spicy food and others may not prefer that. Therefore, it’s essential to know about the process your potential cook will be cooking meals. Ideally, they should know how to use everything in limits. Some of the chefs have a manner of using lots of spices, red chilies, oil, etc, which is not good for health. There is a cause why you are hiring a home Cook in Gurgaon and that is to serve you with healthy and tasty food.

3. Cooking For Guests
It is imperative to ask the cook in advance whether he/she can prepare meals for your visitors as and when they crash at your place. Many cooks usually leave within one week because of this very reason As they were not comfortable cooking for two or three extra people for a week. However, some cooks are okay with these a situation and they manage it well. But others are stingy and demand to get more money in case he/she has to cook food for guests.
You must also provide a checklist of works when you book maid online or local gardening services. When people know about their tasks in advance, they come prepared.

4. Nail Down Responsibilities
Ordinarily, cooks are supposed to cook meals for you. But some of the houses cook also extend their services such as dish washing, basic cleaning in the kitchen, etc. Whatsoever be the case, just make sure to secure down the duties of the cooks so you know what to anticipate and whatnot.

cook in gurgaon

5. Salary And Leave
Typically, a cook will charge you based on the time and effort he/she is delivering and hence it is essential to get this right. Most of the problems appear due to wages and leave.

You must discuss the monthly salary, number of offs and other such conditions way before hiring. There is no point waiting for your cook to turn-up and then encounter she has taken a leave today. They may be great at giving explanations for not coming to work.
If you are dining out or leaving your house with dirt constantly, there is no doubt it is going to harm your health to a great extent. Thus, you must consider booking a maid online or a Cook in Gurgaon as home cooking can be a better deal than running to hospitals. Not just the health factor, but you also get to eat fresh and clean food along with the liberty to eat something that you actually want to it, not what is available.

However, there are few things that you must look for when hiring a cook in
Gurgaon like the experience of the cook, the salary he/she expects, specialization in various cuisines and obviously the testimonials from their
previous employer.

If you are considering an agency to option to book maid online, local
gardening services and Cook in Gurgaon, it’s also crucial to verify the credibility of the agency you are working with.

Skills You Must Check Before You Hire a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

Live-in maids in Gurgaon are widely on-demand in households with children and newborns. Primarily, this is because young parents require someone reliable and dependable to take care of their infants or toddlers while they are out somewhere or at work. When you hire a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon, they are expected to function well when it comes to childcare and newborn care nowadays. Apart from having a pleasant experience, there are few useful traits employers need to pitch down as standards while planning to hire a maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon.

  • Cheerful And Energetic
    All child workers would accept the fact that one must be cheerful enough to follow up with the kids’ level of enthusiasm. Toddlers are inquisitive and hyperactive by nature and maximum of them want a companion who will play hide and seek with them during playtime! If you hire a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon who is just another grouchy lady who doesn’t like to spend time with the children, the little ones would keep a fair distance from her too.

How active are the children? Are they the type who constantly look for fun? Evaluate the kids and look for a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon who can meet the child’s level of excitement.

maid for baby care in gurgaon 1

  • Loving And Alertness
    One of the prime roles of Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon is to feign the parents’ role while they are not present in front of their kids. Recognizing this, the maids for Baby Care must also provide the same measure of care a parent would proffer for their kids.
    Babies who are below 5 years old, particularly, necessitate constant attention and supervision from their babysitters and parents. They are in a significant step in their lives where their emotional requirements should be satisfied and their actions are supervised.

Housmiad’s  Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon are mothers back home are more apt to be caring and attentive to the employer’s kids. They can also be competent enough considering they already possess expertise in taking care of their own newborns and children at home. When looking for a nursemaid, hire a maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon who are mothers or have expertise in looking after children.

maid for baby care in gurgaon

  • Patient At All Times
    Not all kids are the same and it takes a substantial amount of time to commemorate them and to get used to what they are. That is the reason why patience is an indispensable feature when it comes to the duty of being a child’s custodian, whether babysitter or caregiver. For someone who takes charge of someone else’s kid, a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon must have the perseverance in taking care mischievous of children, keeping in mind to report to the parent any bad behavior but would also contribute enough time with them to secure their protection.
  • Flexible
    Although taking care of babies or infants is the fundamental role of the babysitters in Gurgaon, when you hire a maid, they are still obligated to do the usual housekeeping at home. Doing all the errands while keeping a baby well-fed is a challenge that demands versatility and compliance to the everyday schedule. Ere the owners leave their children with the maids in Gurgaon, it would be convenient for everybody if a plan would be made beforehand for an effortless workflow.

Pro tip: To be prolific as a nanny, Maid for Baby Care can make use of the idle time when the babies are in school or when the toddler is asleep.