Things to Know Before You Hire a Car Driver in Gurgaon Post-COVID?

car driver in Gurgaon

Hiring car driver in Gurgaon after coronavirus might get more complicated. The lockdown is still going on in various parts of the country, and honestly, driving on your own is not the right choice given the pandemic situation.

Now, we don’t want to appear cynical at all, but there is high uncertainty about what lies ahead. We might even have to adjust ourselves as the COVID-19 requires us to. So, holding to that thought in mind, transformation is anticipated in every step of our lives.

One of the essential things is – Driving!

While we have never considered driving around in the city in our cars a massive job, things might vary. Some harsh rules might pop up; some precautions must be exercised.In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the things you must consider while driving or planning to hire a driver in Gurgaon after the lockdown ultimately ends.

car driver in Gurgaon

Be Very Careful About Things That You Touch

Touch is the prime cause of infection. While you drive, you visit various places and touch many things. Some researches state that fuel pumps may hold up to 11, 835 times extra germs compared to a public toilet seat.

Hence, make sure that you both don’t touch a minimum amount of things while you or your driver is out. Plus, always provide your drivers with a pair of gloves and hand sanitizer at all times.

Hand Sanitizer in Your Car

We repeat, make it a habit to carry a container of hand sanitizer in your car. This action cannot be emphasized upon much. Having a handy bottle of sanitizer in your car isn’t a hard thing to do when your well-being and your family depend upon it entirely.

If you have a car driver in Gurgaon, make sure that you always use the sanitizer while entering the car and before they touch anything. If you want to take extra precautions, ask them to sanitize the areas that all the passengers might contact.

Handbrakes, AC buttons, steering wheel, door handles, gear lever are among the few most used options.

Pair of Gloves

Modern dilemmas demand not such modern answers. It is a well-known fact that you will come in contact with various things if you are out. Now, no matter how much you defy it. So, instead, your focus should be to take the utmost precautions.

Handle the situation with a couple of disposable gloves. Take care while driving, and also when you get out of the car.

Avoid Ride-share as much as possible

If you have a car driver in Gurgaon for office use or even at home, try t avoid any circumstances where you have to share the care. Ride-sharing can be very dangerous. While you may get all the precautions, you never know what prevails ahead.But, if it gets unavoidable, make sure that the individuals moving with you have taken all the same precautions. Sanitize your hands after you get out of the car and don’t take off your mask.

Clean High Touch Areas

As we have already mentioned above, your primary focus should be to ensure that the often touched areas shall be cleaned regularly.

When you hire a driver in Gurgaon, brief them about every need you have concerning the COVID situation. The parts like AC controls, AC vents, steering, infotainment system, and so on should be properly sanitized before the passenger comes in.

In short, every part that is touched repeatedly shall get cleaned.

Don’t Overlook the Back Seat.

While you may exercise all the precautions, the behind seat might get overlooked. Don’t make that blunder. Back seats unknowingly may stock a lot of unwanted and invisible tenants. So, ensure that you sterilize the back seats from time to time.

car driver in Gurgaon

Are you driving after coronavirus with passengers? Follow the rules.

This rule is especially for those accommodated with car drivers in Gurgaon by their respective companies.

Desperate events call for drastic actions. Now, we might recommend you steer clear of co-passengers at all, if feasible. But, if that inescapable, ensure that they are as sanitized and equipped with masks and sanitizers as you are.

Don’t let sentiments come in between. Force them to follow the very prudent steps as you do. Please don’t let someone else’s mistake or carelessness take a toll on you and your loved ones.

Driving after the COVID pandemic might result in you losing some friends, but that’s fine.

Open the windows to vent air out the car.

Cracking the window open often between the rides can freshen up the inside area. Yes, AC might seem available in the sweltering months of heat that we are presently facing, but windows might be the best option.

While driving, ask your driver to crack the window down for some time.

If you are looking to hire personal drivers in Gurgaon, we will be happy to help.

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How Housekeeping Services in Gurgaon Will Help Your Parents

housekeeping services in Gurgaon

Having a clean and tidy house is crucial to everyone, but a neat, healthy situation often can be requisite for the aging. As people turn older, putting up with everyday household errands gets more challenging and usually converts into a source of frustration. The necessity for dependable, honest, courteous, and understanding housekeeping services in Gurgaon then becomes a very serious issue for numerous families.

As individuals grow older, the enthusiasm levels sink down about going out or other things. For most elders, peaceful time in the convenience and warmth of their house is more pleasant and comforting than going out to any eatery or congested malls. Sadly, many seniors are not in the fittest health to wash and clean their residence and if they lack help from someone, they may find themselves inhabiting in untidy, disordered, and dirty houses. The best answer to this predicament is to hire good housekeeping services in Gurgaon.

Several retired individuals have very distinct styles of preparing things. They have a special routine and have determined to continue their living days in a certain way. They require someone sympathetic and considerable to their requirements and will look for their affairs.

housekeeping services in Gurgaon0

Not to mention they require reliable housekeeping services in Gurgaon that can guarantee that their best of health and well being is considered thoughtfully, while also entertaining their belongings with honor.

We, at Housmaid, find that elderly customers often are our most intimate and best clients. We hold a unique place in our hearts for taking responsibility for our retired customers and continuously go the extra mile to ensure they are having a good time and can rely on us for anything. Many of our aged patrons look ahead to our visits and find satisfaction in the bonds they develop with our staff members.

Family members depend on us with full confidence and satisfaction to not only be reliable and trustworthy while in their houses but also present appealing companionship. Oftentimes, adult kids who don’t live around their parents rent Housmaid as their housekeeping services in Gurgaon to clean and sanitize for the parent on a day or weekly basis, which ends in not only a fresh, healthy home but an extra concerned party constantly checking in.

While some individuals might be doubtful of allowing an outside remedy, here are a few great causes why you should consider hiring housekeeping services in Gurgaon:

It’s a Safer Choice –Safe and secure cleaning for the retired is challenging as their bodies are starting to give in to the wear and tear because of their age. From backpains to the weakened muscles, older people have various illnesses that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Hiring affordable housekeeping services in Gurgaon will support keep their houses tidy while decreasing the prospect of them getting hurt.

It’s useful for their Social Life – For too many individuals, the older time comes with solitude and loneliness. There are several causes for this problem ranging from their kids and other kins residing far away to have a very little amount of friends they can invite/call on to communicate with.

By hiring housekeeping services in Gurgaon for the retired, you can help the elders in your life make new mates who are reliable and trustworthy. A professional but pleasant visit from housekeeping who is well aware of dealing with these situations that the older people are facing is one surefire way of having them occupied and entertain their social life existent.

housekeeping services in Gurgaon4

It keeps their house clean – Possibly the most significant reason for hiring in affordable housekeeping services in Gurgaon for the aged is that it keeps their homes clean, tidy, and fresh. As I stated earlier, the old population has to go through a lot of daily chores and that can lead to dust and filth buildup if they are not washed and sanitized properly or at all.

A professional housekeeping staff from Housmaid will help out by keeping the home dirt free on a weekly basis.

Housmaid’s frequent visits play a role of constant check-up for these patrons. We oftentimes notice shifts in behavior earlier than closed kins. The connections we produce with our aging clients enable them to tell us what is bothering them and what they need without hesitation.

We realize that having strangers in your loved one’s home can be stressful and worrying. Housmaid can provide you and your peace of mind and clear up time so that family members can meet and enjoy themselves.

We are a part of your family, think us that way.

Reliable Maid Agency in Delhi NCR – You didn’t know this, but It exists!

Reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR

Reliable Maid Agency in Delhi NCR – Is it getting tough for you to search out one? 

However, over 300 Maid agencies exist within the heart of Gurgaon or Delhi NCR. One or the opposite way, People expect these maid agencies to deliver quality services.

The word “Maid” in the phrase Maid placement agency doesn’t discuss with one profession. Almost 70% of Indian domestic households need a domestic help service for his or her home. Whether it’s a Driver, Cook, Maid, Servant, Gardener, etc., for your home in Gurgaon, you can book any of those services from a reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR.

How can you distinguish a reliable maid placement agency in Delhi NCR?

Below are a number of the factors on the idea of which you’ll be able to distinguish a reliable maid placement agency in Delhi NCR.

Reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR

  1. Affordability

You will find several maid agencies in Delhi NCR that charge lots from its clients. E.g., replacement charges, etc., are bizarre costs incurred by a client for not satisfying service. Looks like a joke, right? However, when it involves a reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR, you may not find these reasonably extra costs.

  • Time Slots

A reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR offers quality maid services at multiple time slots. Say, for example; you’ll be able to hire a maid for twenty-four hours, 12 hours, 8 hours with any reliable maid placement agency in Delhi NCR. Flexible time slots add the convenience of managing time efficiently.

A spotlessly clean house is a universal requirement, and everybody tries one’s level the simplest to keep up the sparkling shine of each corner of the house. And in fact, it ensures you a secure, hygienic, and cozy lifestyle. 

But, the three most different aspects that differentiate us from doing so of our own are – 

  • Lacks experience 
  • Lacks time thanks to a hectic professional schedule, and 
  • Social and family responsibilities. 

Thus, this all leads us to explore the only trusted and affordable maid cleaning service.

2. Service Quality

House cleaning or maid cleaning service ranges from different domestic cleaning tasks and other indoor services. And to bring out the superior desiring result, distinguishing service quality is mandatory. 

The maid must be accountable for her duty because insincerity, punctuality, perfection, and knowledge may destroy your daily routine. Thus, it’s strictly advised to contact the top certified maid placement agency in Delhi NCR that ensures your requirement precisely the way you want. 

  • Reliability 

Instead of all restrictions and privacy benchmarks, maids become an integral member of your family within every week or two. It’s essential to contact a well-liked and registered Indian maid agency that possesses a soundtrack for providing reliable maid cleaning service. Otherwise, your personal, professional, and other important information have chances of getting leaked. We also keep a permanent record of our maids that allow you to feel the peace of mind.

  • Equipment

It is another vital aspect of your house’s security, holding materials, furniture, and almost everything. So, the cleaning equipment, phenyl, wiping cloths, and other things must be an acceptable quality that will make sure the best hygienic cleaning result. Workers are trained to use every kind of advanced cleaning equipment (if clients possess them for home or office use) for cleaning purposes. 

 Here, you can hire the experienced maids, either for a short period like 8 hours, 12 hours, or a 24-hour maid in Gurgaon

Reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR

  • Medical Certification

We are known to be the reliable maid placement agency in Delhi NCR, facilitating your search for an experienced maid. This ensures your complete satisfaction. Domestic help workers are examined and diagnosed with ailments. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Workers are thoroughly checked by a registered medical practitioner before deputing them to clients’ service.

  • Mode of Requirement

Being a registered, professional, capable, responsible maid placement agency, Housmaid is the one-stop solution for maid cleaning service for every kind of requirement.

Being a reliable maid placement agency in Delhi NCR, Housmaid is a unique service provider for Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Eldercare, Gardener, and Pantry Boy. 

We help customers and businesses to hire trusted domestic help professionals for all their service needs. It promises to enjoy the most-effective maid cleaning service experience that you just are wondering. Also, we take special care of our workers for their quality of life. Workers are offered regular salaries, bonuses, and monthly leave to improve their standard of life.

If you are looking for a reliable maid agency in Delhi NCR, Reach us online.

We will be happy to help you.

Hire the Best Home Cook in Gurgaon – Housmaid

cook in Gurgaon

Today, we all lead extremely busy lives. Between the work, family and personal obligations, who has the time to cook? And this leads to a lot of ordering in, take out and increased calories in your body. But what if you had someone to help ease the burden of preparing meals for you and your family? Hiring a cook in Gurgaon can do just that.

Searching cook near me for home is most common among the working professionals these days. But hiring a cook in Gurgaon got so easy with now.

The convenience of hiring a cook in Gurgaon is having a professional cook to cook your meals and also clean up the mess saves lots of time, money and calories! Hiring a cook in Gurgaon can take a lot of burden of daily to do’s from your shoulders, and also, this service is not as expensive as you might think.

cook in Gurgaon

Hiring a cook in Gurgaon is not an indulgence, it can be a lifesaver. We all need to eat – but cooking is not to everyone’s taste. We are not all-natural Master Chefs, inherently knowing our way around the kitchen. Or you may be a talented cook, but you don’t have the time to do it perfectly.

And eating the convenience food for your every meal is not just expensive, it is also not good for your health. So if you are going to fork out your money to eat, why not think about hiring a cook in Gurgaon to cook you tasty and nutritious food?

Having a helping hand in your kitchen can be revolutionary to your health and lifestyle, not to mention a real stress reliever, regardless of what category you fall into. So why not cross one thing off your to do list and think of hiring a cook in Gurgaon?

Some benefits of hiring a cook in Gurgaon can be:

  1. Variation

How many of us stick to the same boring rotation of meals? On Monday we have…on Tuesday it’s….on Wednesday….and so on. Hiring a cook in Gurgaon can be a great relief in this because a professional chef will be very creative with their meal planning. So you don’t have to eat the same food week and week out.

cook in Gurgaon

  1. Helps with the Fussy Eaters

Are your children also fussy eaters? Having someone professional prepare their meals for them really takes the stress away from you of having to plan and create food that they might not eat. And you will realise the value of hiring a cook in Gurgaon, if you have ever had a tantruming toddler throw your homemade meal on the floor.

  1. Healthier Food Choices

You will likely have come home with bags full of treats and not very much in the way of nutritious, and healthy food items if you have ever gone to the supermarket to do the food shop hungry. Hiring a cook in Gurgaon will solve this problem too.

Your personal cook will plan your meals in advance, shop for them and then prepare your healthy meals each one from scratch with fresh ingredients. You will definitely forget what processed food even was.

But what if chicken drumsticks are your thing? Or you have a weakness for Mac n’ Cheese?? Well your personal cook can make these dishes for you, it will be just not out of a packet. And if you and your family need snacks, your personal cook can even make them from scratch too. Hiring a cook in Gurgaon can make your house free from junk food for good.

  1. Restautrant Quality Meals

Why not bring the experience of restaurants into the comfort of your own home, if you have a penchant for eating out every night. A professional chef has the required training and expertise to make you fine dining style food every day if that’s what you want. In fact, a personal cook is there to cater your tastes – you can choose to have different cuisine prepared in your own kitchen for every meal if you want.

  1. Saves you Money

If you think hiring a cook in Gurgaon is an expensive lifestyle choice to make, think again. How many times you have gone to the market without a shopping list and bought on a whim? Your personal chef will always plan all of your meals in advance, write a shopping list for your meals, do one food shop and then stick to the list.

This will really save you thousands of money by not impulse purchasing food. Hiring a cook in Gurgaon also means you don’t have to order takeout again, nor you have to eat out every night. And just think of the cost savings, if you have a large family or you frequently entertain people at your home.\

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Are you also searching cook near me for home??

Leave all that searching and just log on to find your best cook online to take of that extra burden from you. Enjoy delicious food just by hiring a cook in Gurgaon from at your fingertips.

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Where to Hire Professional Cab driver in Gurgaon

cab driver in Gurgaon

The joy of buying a new car started fading away after you obtaining a driving license and started driving along the street while you need to be the focus and less distracted on the road in order to avoid the accidents and also know how to fix your car whenever something goes wrong with it. All after that you discover that driving your own car is not that fun and not only an enjoyable activity as you thought it would be. This call for the need to hire a driver in Gurgaon for your car instead of wasting your precious time in traffic jams or also you don’t have to convince a road policeman that you have not violated any traffic rule. Hire a cab driver in Gurgaon has become so easy now with Housmaid – That’s us!

If you have a driver required in Gurgaon, you can easily hire a professional and reliable car driver through our website. It will also help you forget all those unpleasant things. Below are some of the reasons why you need to hire a cab driver in Gurgaon if you are still in doubt whether using the services of a professional online platform is really worth your money.

Enhancing your Personal Security

If you hire a driver in Gurgaon from us, it goes beyond the drivers driving you around, and they also serves as personal security for you in some cases. For instance, many drivers have rescued their employers from some serious security threats especially along the roads.

Cab driver in gurgaon

If you hire a cab driver in Gurgaon from our website, you will get all the drivers highly trained in advanced driving techniques because they have gone for courses in advanced driving school.

Not only that, some of the drivers are also former Law Enforcement or Military men specially from army or police who have already proven driving experience in some of the most perilous environments all around the world and also securing some of the most important assets as well, who are doing the driving job to support their families. If you have a driver required in Gurgaon, their use of security intelligence and ammunition, their skills set might really come handy at one point of time, since they are experienced in combat.

Prevent Your Health Issues Related to Driving

It can often lead to several health issues in many negative ways, after long hours behind the wheel for anyone. For example, if you don’t hire a driver in Gurgaon, it may lead to excessive weight and insomnia. Many of the health issues can be prevented once you hire a driver in Gurgaon from us. If you hire a cab driver in Gurgaon, it gives you a lot of benefits like spending your valuable time in a useful way while you travel in the back seat and avoid many health problems which many of the drivers experience and it also gives rest to your mind to not worry about the route, road situation, weather and many more other issues.

You will be able to do some very simple physical exercises like stretching or may be even lie down on the back seat and sleep for some time, being an employer. If you have a driver required in Gurgaon, you will have a guarantee of a safe and enjoyable trip.

cab driver in gurgaon

Maximizing Your Time

Living in a congested city like Gurgaon, there is a need for a proper plan on how to maximize your valuable time, and transportation has really taken a big chunk of your daily lives. If you hire a driver in Gurgaon, it will help a lot because you can save time wasted on driving especially getting stuck in traffic. If you hire a cab driver in Gurgaon, you will use this time to plan your entire day, make or pick up some important calls, arrange some meetings, update yourself through newspaper or internet, , communicate with clients, check and reply emails and many more.

No Worries about Getting Back Home after Night Party

You must never get behind the wheel, after having fun with your friends in the club and if you have had a couple of bottles of beer or may be a glass of whiskey. You should always remember, alcohol and driving are mutually exclusive. If you hire a driver in Gurgaon, your driver will let you have a night out with your friends without worrying about how or the way to get back home. Take your time, enjoy your friends’ company, have fun and be at rest of mind after you hire a cab driver in Gurgaon.

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Less Worry about Your Car

You don’t have to worry about engine oil and fuel if you hire a driver in Gurgaon. Since you can assign the responsibility to the driver, you can now free yourself from visiting the mechanic every now and then.

If you are looking for a personal car driver, just hire a cab driver in Gurgaon on our website easily. We provide expert drivers with verified background and experience.

Know the Best Reliable Maid Agency in Delhi – NOW

reliable maid agency in Delhi

If you are a working professional or too much busy with the family and don’t have time to keep your home clean and safe every day the way you’d like, a reliable maid agency in Delhi can help you out with your tedious job to fix your home up right as rain. To help you with those hard to reach and heavy-duty jobs, the domestic maid agency can visit every day or week or only one season as per your convenience. A reliable maid agency in Delhi like Housmaid (It’s us!) can surely provide you best of the trustworthy and professional maid.

It would help if you always considered hiring a reliable maid agency in Delhi to keep your house clean and tidy. Hiring a maid service from us will make your life easier if your home is in a mess or you can’t be able to clean it by yourself because it is too big for you. Maid service can be hired as frequently as you want to,

Daily cleanings are essential for a home with large families or any person who would like a professional cleaning to help them maintain an allergen-free environment and a reliable maid agency in Delhi will surely help you out in this. For large families and small families, twice weekly cleaning is also a good idea and who will provide you with the best maid service than a reliable maid agency in Delhi as per your scheduled timing. And lastly, seasonal cleanings are ideal for those regular-sized family homes that are moving to another place and require cleaning for their home which they are leaving or for their new home.

Domestic maid agency

Seasonal cleaning can also be used to help the elderly or disabled individuals, who can no longer clean their homes on their own, to the degree that they would like.  You can easily find a seasonal maid service from a domestic maid agency. We bring a secure experience of helping thousands of people by offering maid service and domestic help services which include housemaids, drivers, pantry boys, elder care, baby sitters, cooks, servants etc.

Maid service from a reliable maid agency in Delhi can clean your entire home from top to bottom. It can be used to help you with the odd jobs like drapery cleaning as well as carpeting, high windows, sofa cleaning, bathroom cleaning, flooring, furniture, counter and tile stains that professional applications can get out, toilet cleaning etc. To cleanse your home or office or hotel rooms without damaging your surfaces or taking all day to dry, a reliable maid agency in Delhi can provide the cleaning solutions, the tools, the training and the techniques that it requires.

Key benefits of hiring a reliable maid agency in Delhi

  1. Experienced and skilled proficiency

You can very conveniently and quickly pen down all your needs and requirements to the domestic maid agency when you hire a new housemaid from a reliable maid agency in Delhi. They will be highly interested in fulfilling all your needs and requirements to their utmost level possible. A professional and reliable company is always eager to cater to the client needs and provide a skilful service to them.

  1. Safety of your family and home

Professional and reliable maid agency in Delhi performs thorough background checks on their maids and also trained them professionally with various tasks. And this ensures that all your valuables and other important things are always safe and secure in your home if you hire from a reliable maid agency in Delhi.

  1. High-quality results

Maid services can surely and truly modify the look and feel of your home, which are provided by a reliable maid agency. The maid service from a domestic maid agency not only gives you a better and clean atmosphere inside your home but also they enhance the beauty of your home.

Domestic maid agency

Now, before hiring a reliable maid agency, you must check out if they do thorough background checks on employees or not. But here at Housmaid, you don’t need to worry about the various issues related to their employees. We provide professional maids who have a clear background and also they are loyal enough to work with you as part of the family.

We are known to be the best and reliable maid agency, India. They cater hassle-free, reliable, trustworthy, responsible and affordable maid services in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Grab the best maid service offer today to get your home thoroughly cleaned.

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How reliable is Housmaid for your domestic maid agency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

domestic maid agency

You must have tried many of the domestic maid agency but were they reliable enough? Or is it that you simply had no other option left?

After having tried all the domestic maid agency near me options of finding a Maid or a Babysitter, there’s one last solution that the majority folks living in Metro cities try – reaching bent the simplest domestic maid agency. You ought to try us. At we allow you to find multiple professionally verified Maids near you. We act as your domestic maid agency as one-stop for all needs.

And since the necessity to hire a Maid is usually urgent, we often go ahead with the choice that exposes ahead. So, what do we usually do when to succeed in finding the most reliable domestic maid agency?

  1. First, you look for ‘domestic maid agency near me’ on the web.
  2. Otherwise, you find contacts of a couple of domestic maid agency through your references.
  3. Next, you call them and allow them to know your requirement.
  4. You ask a couple of fundamental questions on whether you’ll believe them or not, are the maids verified, etc.
  5. And most significantly, you check how long wouldn’t it deem them to assist you in hiring a Maid or a Babysitter through them.

domestic maid agency

The challenge of finding a trusted house maid is, even more, prominent in bigger cities.

And therefore, we take into the pride of being the most straightforward and most reliable domestic maid agency within the metro city of Gurgoan and check out to unravel all of your problems, in any manner it’s going to be. We cover all of your worries and don’t allow you to encounter any of the mishappenings like-

  • Maid running away with valuables
  • Domestic maid agency takes money, but Maid flees
  • Domestic maid agency duped a doctor in Delhi
  • Citizen’s experiences with fake agencies

There are many such stories that we keep hearing from different parts of the cities at a particular point in time. These stories became reasonably common now. But with our services, you’ll not encounter any of those problems, and you’ll remain tension free.

Our COVID 19 Initiative

At Housmaid, we are taking every initiative to make sure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect.

domestic maid agency

Covid-19 has undoubtedly destabilized many lives. Among all, the severely affected ones are the unorganized Blue-collar Workers, primarily the self-employed & the daily wage earners – like Domestic Workers, Drivers, School Workers, Restaurant Workers, Salon Workers, Office Workers, Factory Workers, Store Workers, Hospital Workers, Construction Workers &more.

And because it seems, unless the vaccine is developed & produced, thus far there’s no system or process which may guarantee an individual’s Covid-19 related health concerns within the future. However, supported the recent records of Workers (& Employers), Housmaid is taking every possible step to make sure a Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect. We are seeking a Covid-19 Safe Self Declaration from both our workers and also from our customers, which acts more safely for both the parties. 

Here’s how the secure method works:


In line with the Government’s AarogyaSetu initiative, Housmaid is conducting a self-assessment screening of each worker for Covid-19. So you don’t need to worry as we are among the domestic maid agency where you’ll hire workers with no fear of the virus. Supported the worker’s self-disclosure of their medical symptoms within the recent past, if any, this assessment process helps us in screening & ensuring a secure Employers-Workers Connect.

We inform you beforehand just in case of any uncertainty within the health of the worker. This assessment process automatically filters out & quarantines the individuals who’ve declared any symptoms of Fever, Cough, pharyngitis, or Fatigue within the recent past.

Furthermore, if any of the workers declare they were tested for Covid-19 recently, we don’t allow those workers to figure for your safety also like theirs. Additionally, Housmaid is continuously updating and blocking all the containment zones on the platform, as declared by the government. The blocked areas automatically eliminate any possibility of Employers-Workers Connect from such containment zones.


We are requesting all customers to self-declare that neither they nor their relations, have any symptoms of Fever, Cough, or Fatigue within the recent past. Before booking our services, we urge all the customers to take proper measures while hiring from a domestic maid agency near me. We make sure a ‘Covid-19 Safe Employers-Workers Connect’, the system & the method is being reviewed and updated a day.

Maintain a hygiene and safe environment at home with Housmaid!

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Hire Professional Maids Online Easily – House Maid Agency in Gurgaon

House Maid Agency

When looking to hire a maid from any house maid agency in Gurgaon to tackle your home, you need to ask yourself, what benefits are you getting of having someone else do it versus doing it yourself?

You may think that hiring from house maid agency in Gurgaon will be too expensive or that they do not know what you know, but that is almost never the case.

We have compiled a list of reasons why you will get benefit from hiring a house maid agency in Gurgaon to take care of the dirty mess left in your home. Read below.

Key Benefits of Hiring a House Maid Agency

  1. A clean home

 First and foremost you will have your desired clean home which you and your family deserve to have. As we know, we all live very hectic lives, trying get from one place to another so you can’t expect to have some time to clean your home. Being able to hire from house maid agency in Gurgaon will bring you peace of mind that this task does not need to be done by you and that you have one less thing to worry about. You can just come home at the end of the day and relax or start planning for the next day.

  1. No need for supplies

 If you plan on hiring house maid agency in Gurgaonthen you will not have to worry about always keeping your supplies fully stocked. The best part about it is whomever you hire from house maid agency will bring their own supplies. Of course, you can keep some tile cleaner or a bottle of Windex in case of a quick touch up but you are not going to run through supplies as quickly as you normally would. Supplies can be expensive and it also adds over time so this is just one way of cutting back costs.

House maid agency in Gurgaon

  1. Professionals do the cleaning

 When you are cleaning your home you always see it as a chore and a headache so you tend to rush through it. But when you pay for a service from house maid agency  in Gurgaon you have someone coming into your home that is paid to do a job. Professionals never rush through a job that they have been paid to do.

  1. Pay only for what you need

 Let’s say a long holiday is coming up and you have family or friends coming in from out of town. They are coming to stay with you for the entire holiday and you need to get your four bedroom, four bathroom cleaned. And you probably want to do a deep clean before your guests arrived so that they find everything fresh. Once your guests leave you can book the house maid agency back and just do the touch ups to the areas that need most attention.

  1. More free time

 This is probably the biggest reasons why you would pay a house maid agency in Gurgaon to hire a maid for cleaning your home. More free time! You can spend your time tackling things that have been put off instead of spending countless hours every week or two to keep your home up to par. You can finally get the R&R that you have been missing out on, if you don’t have to do anything and still don’t want to clean. If you can able to catch up on some rest, it will bring you more energy for the tasks you have in the future!

House maid agency in Gurgaon

  1. Can get rid of bacteria and germs

 With your family members and friends coming and going, they are going to be bringing in and spreading germs and bacteria to your home. Keeping a clean home will reduce and minimizes the chance of you and your family getting sick from those germs. It not only keeps you healthier but you will just feel better overall 

  1. A professional will clean better than you

 You may think you know how to keep your home clean better than a professional which is most likely true. But at the same time there are various things in your home that you probably tend to overlook because those are areas that you are not able to or don’t know how to clean like; ceiling fans. Those tough to reach areas can be forgotten to clean and have more dust and dirt built over time. When a professional from house maid agency comes in they will make sure that everything is always cleaned.

  1. Things that get skipped over will finally get done

 Hey we know we all have done it before. There are always some things that we are just too lazy to take care of when it comes to cleaning. Whether it’s dusting the chandelier or wiping down all the baseboards across the house. When hiring professionals you can tell them every single thing you need to get cleaned and they have to do it because you are paying them after all.

Don’t waste your time thinking which house maid agency to hire.

Visit us to hire a professional maid!





Put an End to Your Worries – Hire House maid From Housmaid

maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56

The ambience of your home reveals out the attitude of the people living and the cleanliness. With a functional interior, you can boost the surroundings and look at your house. But with our House Maid Services in Gurgaon, your home feels and looks clean, tidy, and fresh. Enjoy Fabulous House Maid Services from the best maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56, Are you in need of housemaid services? We at Housmaid understand your desire of having a clean home that sparkles and smells fresh.

Our house cleaning services are consistent, customized, and thorough and so, you will get the best value for your money. Our team of cleaners are well trained and are experienced enough to offer friendly services to our customers. We take the privilege of being the best maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56 and work towards providing you with all the housemaid needs at your home.

We tend to clean your house and apartment within a short period as we have the right kind of advanced equipment that lets us complete the cleaning task much faster. Not just that, through our portal, you can also book your housemaid part-time or on a full-time basis. Our professionals clean your entire home or specific areas like kitchen and toilet as per your requirements. And provide with 100 % customer satisfaction.

When we leave your house after completing our assigned task, refreshment, freshness, and sparkling enter your home, as we have been in the industry for several years, we are aware of what should be done and what should not be. We are using perfect cleaning methods to clean various areas of your home, ranging from ceiling to floor.

House maid

Our Sequential and Orderly Cleaning Services Include:

  • Power washing- Washing down all the areas of the home with no dust left.
  • Gutter cleaning- Cleaning of bathrooms.
  • Tile and grout cleaning- Cleaning of the tiles in your home or kitchen.
  • Kitchen sanitizing- We sanitize your kitchen chimney, utensils to make it germs free.
  • Refrigerator cleaning- Our housemaids clean the refrigerators thoroughly to make it free of any dust.
  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms

We strictly adhere to supply housemaid services of high standards, and this made us possess an honest diary of providing supervised, careful, and reliable services. We maintain this reputation by assigning the task to a team of professionals.

Why Should You Hire Us?

  • Industry experts deliver our professional services with several years of experience.
  • We charge only reasonable prices that permit our customers to avail housemaid services within their budget means.
  • We use top-quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning materials to clean your house.
  • We also employ only experts with complete training and requisite skills.
  • We provide 24×7 services then; you’ll contact us at any time to book your housemaid service.

How are you able to enjoy Our House Maid Services?

  • Our house maid services are designed exclusively for creating your life more comfortable.
  • If you are striving to find time to accomplish the cleaning task, you need not have to worry. We can assist you in alleviating some of the burdens associated with home cleaning needs.
  • By hiring our proficient maid services, you can reduce the time and effort that you invest in cleaning your home.
  • Whether you want a scheduled weekly or monthly cleaning service or initial house cleaning, we can gratify your cleaning service requirements. We let you hire maid services as per your requirement. And provide all kinds of services.
  • We strive our keepers to ensure 100% satisfaction and promise to maintain your house sparkling and clean. You can consider us for a maid agency in the Gurgaon sector 56

House maid

  • We only use high quality, eco-friendly cleaning materials to clean your house environment. Our staff members are trained very proficiently to use the equipment in the best possible manner to come up with efficient results.
  • There is no other maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56 that offers guarantees like Housmaid. As you’ve got come to us, you’ll enjoy ultimate peace of mind.

We are the most popular and professional maid agency in the Gurgaon sector 56, offering commercial and residential cleaning services in Gurgaon. Our company takes pride to wash your house and efficiently supply other house maid services. The maids provided by us are well-instructed to offer the best performance in their works, like cleaning, dusting, washing, home care, cooking, etc.

We provide reliable Maid Services at economical prices. Their background is researched thoroughly. We provide fresher also as experienced maids as per the client’s requirements. Maids with desired skillsets in domestic help services are also offered. You can trust us for reliable and best maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56.

One-stop solution to baby and eldercare services – House maid agency

house maid agency

Nowadays, it has become tough to take out time from daily routine and go out to search for a housemaid who could look after your house. Now with, you can easily find a housemaid for your home. Being one of the top house maid agency, we will take up all your stress to find a housemaid for you. Be it any services from housework to taking care of the elderly. It is a one-stop solution to all your problems. You can l find the best maid for you whom you can easily trust on.

Baby Sitter Services

Are you searching for the best house maid agency to take care of your baby or elders at home? Well, our website helps you to find a baby sitter for your little ones. And an elderly care person for your help. We all know how urgent is the proper care of a newly born baby, but it becomes difficult when both the parents are working. So it is suitable to have a baby sitter who can look after your baby in your absence We at provide you with the –

  • A best baby sitter who can look after the proper care of your little ones in your absence.
  • Friendly baby sitters will never let the baby feel your absence.
  • At, it is very easy and convenient to book a baby sitter at home. You just need to fill in the detailed location in your area so that we could look around the best babysitters for you in your area. Our database has thousands of contacts in every area of Delhi. So why just sit, just click and enjoy your hassle-free day.
  • House maid agency

Elderly Care Services

At a stage of life, our body gives up and does not will to work as it used to work earlier. In that case, every older adult requires to be looked up for a caretaker or if you are a working husband-wife and there’s nobody to take care of your aged parents do reach up for a senior citizen caretaker. The best house maid agency that takes care of this is us.

  • We provide you with the caretaker who will look after all the little thing your old parents need.
  • They help take care of their food to their medicine, almost everything.

Say no to worry about your parents anymore. We will provide you with the best of our caretakers whom you could try for a day and then decide upon. We at Housmaid takes full responsibility for any misbehaviour from our caretaker. We serve as the best housemaid agency from the past few years and believe in providing a 100% verified caretaker for your parents.

 Housemaid services.

We also work as your best house maid agency by providing you with the services of a housemaid.

  • We provide 100% verified housemaids to our customers.
  • You can also switch the housemaid if you are not satisfied with the work. We will provide you with a replacement within a day.
  • Fully verified maid before the maid reaches to the customer and still if the customer is not satisfied. We will provide them with another maid freed from cost.

Your one-stop solution to all queries related to the house maid agency is our website. We here at Housmaid help you to hire the best maid for your day to day life and also help someone who’s looking up for a job of housemaids, cook, baby sitter. You can also hire a fulltime or part-time maid orbai from us. Our main aim is to satisfy both the customer and the maid. Our service is to provide the best possible Cooking Maid, Cleaning Maid, Baby Sitter, and Senior Citizen Caretaker at your location. We have satisfied thousands of customers by providing the best housemaids.

house maid services

We understand how difficult it is to find a maid if you shift to a new location or if your previous maid ditches you. Now you don’t need to go anywhere else we will search for the best suitable housemaid, baby sitter, cook or a caretaker for your old parents. If our maid ditches you then don’t worry at all we will provide you with a replacement within a few days. Right now we are providing our services in Delhi/NCR. We have a database of over thousands of best maids in Delhi NCR who are always ready to serve you.

Our Company not only provides maid to customers but also helps the maid to succeed in bent the customer. So if you want a Cook, Baby Sitter, or can be a Senior Citizen Caretaker then you are at the right place. We will find a customer for you and provide you with the best house maid agency services.

Knowing The Right Cooking Techniques- Way to a Healthy Life

cook in gurgaon

Eating nutritious foods can not only improve your health and energy levels but also your standard of living. It is the right way of leading your life. Surprisingly, the way your cook adds to the food has a significant effect on the number of nutrients it contains. This article will let you explore how various cooking methods affect the nutrient content of foods and how they cook in Gurgaon needs to be aware of your nutrient requirements.

The nutrient content is often altered during cooking.

What we don’t know is that while cooking nutrients content tends to alter in the same. The best cook in Gurgaon knows that cooking food will improve digestion and leads to improvement in the absorption of many nutrients.

For example, we say that the protein in cooked eggs is 180% more digestible than that of raw eggs

Grilling and Broiling

A professional cook in Gurgaon needs to be familiar with all kind of techniques for dry heat such as Grilling and broiling. When we grill the food, the heat source comes from below, but during the broiling, it comes from above. Minerals and vitamins are during Grilling; hence the cook in Gurgaon should be versed with the concepts. Thus, even though Grilling and broiling provide great flavour to the dishes but, they reduce the overall levels of Vitamins in the food Diet. The cook should precisely work with these techniques.

Microwaving the food

Microwaving is one of the natural, convenient, and safe methods of cooking. This type of Short cooking time technique aids in reducing the exposure to heat and preserve various nutrients in the microwaved food. Not only that, but multiple studies also show that microwaving food is one of the best methods of retaining the antioxidant activates of various food ingredients. The cook in Gurgaon should know the importance of microwaving and also the harmful effects related to it to perform the kitchen duties more appropriately.

cook in gurgaon

Sautéing and Stir-frying

With sautéing and stir-frying, the cook in Gurgaon cooks the food in a saucepan over medium to high heat in a small amount of oil or butter. Also, these techniques require the temperature to be more top with the cooking time shorter. It takes less time to cook those this technique without any water prevention and loss of Vitamins B. However, it additions the volume of fat and other carbohydrates compounds in your meal. Your cook in Gurgaon should be acquitted with your health problems and should accordingly cook the meal given the perfect proportions and techniques.


Frying is one of the cooking methods in which a large amount of fat. Usually, the oil at a high temperature is heated, and the food is coated with the butter and bread crumbs. It is very famous in the Indian culture of cooking because it maintains the seal of the food and ensures that the food remains moist and is cooked evenly. We all love fried food too, don’t we?

However, not all foods are appropriate for frying.

Fatty foods are delicate and prone to damage at high temperatures. When the oil is heated to a high temperature for an extended period, toxic substances called aldehydes are formed. Aldehydes are linked to an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

One tip: If you’re going to fry food, don’t overcook it, and tell your cook in Gurgaon to use one of the healthiest oils for frying.

Some of the tips to maximize nutrient retention during cooking-:

  1. Use very little water when poaching or boiling.
  2. Don’t peel vegetables until after cooking them. Better yet, don’t peel in the least to maximize their fibre and nutrient density.
  3. Cut food after — rather than before — cooking, if possible. When food is cooked whole, less of it’s exposed to heat and water.
  4. Cook vegetables for only a few minutes whenever possible.
  5. When cooking meat, poultry, and fish, use the shortest cooking time needed for safe consumption.

It’s essential to pick the proper cooking method to maximize the nutritional quality of your meal. In general, your cook should know all the dishes and techniques that retain all nutrients in your food. It’s a healthy way of leading life. We are one such platform, where you can find the best cook in Gurgaon, they know how to cook at lower temperatures with minimal water and produce the best results.

Eating nutritious foods can not only improve your health and energy levels but also your standard of living. It is the right way of leading your life. Surprisingly, the way your cook adds to the food has a significant effect on the number of nutrients it contains. This article will let you explore how various cooking methods affect the nutrient content of foods and how they cook in Gurgaon needs to be aware of your nutrient requirements.

The nutrient content is often altered during cooking.

What we don’t know is that while cooking nutrients content tends to alter in the same. The best cook in Gurgaon knows that cooking food will improve digestion and leads to improvement in the absorption of many nutrients.

For example, we say that the protein in cooked eggs is 180% more digestible than that of raw eggs

Grilling and Broiling

A professional cook in Gurgaon needs to be familiar with all kind of techniques for dry heat such as Grilling and broiling. When we grill the food, the heat source comes from below, but during the broiling, it comes from above. Minerals and vitamins are during Grilling; hence the cook in Gurgaon should be versed with the concepts. Thus, even though Grilling and broiling provide great flavour to the dishes but, they reduce the overall levels of Vitamins in the food Diet. The cook should precisely work with these techniques.

cook in gurgaon

Microwaving the food

Microwaving is one of the natural, convenient, and safe methods of cooking. This type of Short cooking time technique aids in reducing the exposure to heat and preserve various nutrients in the microwaved food. Not only that, but multiple studies also show that microwaving food is one of the best methods of retaining the antioxidant activates of various food ingredients. The cook in Gurgaon should know the importance of microwaving and also the harmful effects related to it to perform the kitchen duties more appropriately.

Sautéing and Stir-frying

With sautéing and stir-frying, the cook in Gurgaon cooks the food in a saucepan over medium to high heat in a small amount of oil or butter. Also, these techniques require the temperature to be more top with the cooking time shorter. It takes less time to cook those this technique without any water prevention and loss of Vitamins B. However, it additions the volume of fat and other carbohydrates compounds in your meal. Your cook in Gurgaon should be acquitted with your health problems and should accordingly cook the meal given the perfect proportions and techniques.


Frying is one of the cooking methods in which a large amount of fat. Usually, the oil at a high temperature is heated, and the food is coated with the butter and bread crumbs. It is very famous in the Indian culture of cooking because it maintains the seal of the food and ensures that the food remains moist and is cooked evenly. We all love fried food too, don’t we?

However, not all foods are appropriate for frying.

Fatty foods are delicate and prone to damage at high temperatures. When the oil is heated to a high temperature for an extended period, toxic substances called aldehydes are formed. Aldehydes are linked to an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

One tip: If you’re going to fry food, don’t overcook it, and tell your cook in Gurgaon to use one of the healthiest oils for frying.

Some of the tips to maximize nutrient retention during cooking-:

  1. Use very little water when poaching or boiling.
  2. Don’t peel vegetables until after cooking them. Better yet, don’t peel in the least to maximize their fibre and nutrient density.
  3. Cut food after — rather than before — cooking, if possible. When food is cooked whole, less of it’s exposed to heat and water.
  4. Cook vegetables for only a few minutes whenever possible.
  5. When cooking meat, poultry, and fish, use the shortest cooking time needed for safe consumption.

It’s essential to pick the proper cooking method to maximize the nutritional quality of your meal. In general, your cook should know all the dishes and techniques that retain all nutrients in your food. It’s a healthy way of leading life. We are one such platform, where you can find the best cook in Gurgaon, they know how to cook at lower temperatures with minimal water and produce the best results.

Steps on How to look for a full-time maid agency in Gurgaon Online

Full time maid online

It isn’t easy to find a reliable maid in Delhi. It becomes even tougher when you need one urgently. Do you remember how much difficulty you went through when you were trying to find the full day maid last time? Firstly, you have to inquire about the maid from your neighbour, then ask other maids regarding the same or if not, leave the requirement to the nearest security guard for the same. However, finding a reliable full-time maid agency in Gurgaon serves the purpose for you and saves you from all the drama and headache that comes with it. No more worry about the background check, lousy work, or the fees. Finding a maid online has never been so easy.

From today, you will find no difficulty in hiring a full-time maid, here are some easy ways to look for a full-time maid in Delhi NCR online through some basic steps-.

Just follow these five straightforward steps, and you should be able to find a Maid in Delhi NCR, that too near you, within a few minutes.

Step 1: Visit a reliable full-time maid agency site (E.g.,

Step 2: Enter the profile of worker you are looking for with the service request.

Step 3: Confirm your location & submit your search request.

Step 4: Preview the options available on the website and choose according to your requirement

Step 5: Pay a nominal fee for the service & connect with all the best-shortlisted Maids in Delhi near you (Some website like also provides with the faculty for 2-day Free trial, in case you don’t like the work of the maid)

Full time maid online


Here’s how the whole process works in brief: –

Step 1: Visit the website

Once you visit the full-time maid agency website, you are surely going to find an answer to your current challenge of finding a maid in Delhi. The platform details all the reasons why you should hire form the full-time maid agency when in need of a reliable maid in Delhi. Nowadays, The platform serves for both iOS & Android users which makes it easy for you to go through the process.

The platform helps you find many other profiles of blue-collar workers listed on the platform. You can find Babysitters, Cooks, Drivers, Mali for the Domestic needs. Furthermore, they have Office Boys, Store Keepers, Delivery Boys, and many others for a business or an office need.


Step 2: Enter the profile of the worker and the service you are looking for

Over here, at this section, you enter your search keywords like House Cleaning Maid, Full-time Maid, Part-time Maid, Babysitter, Cook, or whoever else you might be looking for.

The App would automatically fetch your relevant keywords based on what you type.

Step 3: Confirm your location & submit your search request.

You have to enter the place either manually, or automatically using the app “location” options. After this, one need to confirm the location and submit the request; the platform would automatically search for relevant best-suitable Maids around your neighbourhood and show you the available result for the service requested.

If you are looking to hire reliable maids, this platform ensures you would find the most professional maid from around – one who is the best among the entire lot, has the best rating, and are also the most experienced ones.

Full time maid online

Step 4: Preview the options available shown

Over here, you would have to select from the different profiles of maid shown in your dashboard. And you get to see the details before you make the final payment.

You will be able to see all the details about the Maids service that the platform has searched for you – like Age, Experience, Address, ID, background check details, and also their rating.

Once you tap the “Connect” button, the platform would reflect a nominal fee for connecting with the shortlisted Maids near you.

Step 5: Pay a nominal fee & connect with best-shortlisted Maids near you

Here you would have the option of making the online payment through your Credit or Debit Card, Net Banking, or your Paytm account.

Once you have paid the amount, the platform automatically shares with you the details of all the shortlisted 6-8 Maids.

The particulars capture their Names, Phone numbers, Age, Address, ID details, etc. Isn’t booking an online service through a full-time maid agency an easy way out? Away from any conundrum?

If you are looking for a full-time maid agency in Delhi NCR, that too online, chances are that your need is urgent. Numerous websites are offering you the same services. However, Housmaid is the best full-time maid agency in Gurgaon. Try it and save the troubles of running around for finding a maid.


Benefits With Hiring Cooking Service

Cooking Services

Food is one of the most significant aspects of any culture or heritage. Food knows no boundaries. And all the cuisines around the world are respected as much as people of the same heritage or others. From watching shows like “MasterChef” on HBO, we all have that little cook inside us. It’s not often that we try out the demonstrated recipe or take advice from the real-life cooks that we watch online. During this lockdown, enjoy cooking service at home.

Lockdown has closed most of our beloved restaurants and has made us trapped inside our houses. But Housmaid brings to you cooking service at your home. Delicious food is a dream of every household; Housmaid provides the best professional cooks. They understand your taste and food preferences and expertise on various cooking recipes and cuisine.

Tired with eating noodles and no healthy meal at your diet chart. Hire cooking service, and you can get your diet right back on schedule. Proper nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, the diet can help to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, and promote overall health. Professional cooks know all about a healthy diet and combine taste with health.

cooking services

Let’s look at some benefits of hiring a cooking service at home-

  1. Wide variety of meals

Hiring a cooking service offers you to have a wide variety of meals at home. Each week a variety of menu options can be provided to the cook while most of the cook do the menu planning as well. It allows you to include all the types of nutrition in your meal as well.

  1. Better quality of meals:

What most of us don’t know is the proper intake of carbs and protein in a diet. The usage of oil and spices in our menu is also not taken care. However, a professional cooking service comprised of trained professionals and acknowledged with all the nutrition intakes in the diet.

  1. Healthier meals:

A personal chef’s meals are always made from “scratch”. From “scratch” here I mean to say no to processed food. It becomes a thing of the past. Having to eat white sauce pasta at a restaurant, you don’t know the added preservatives they add in the meal. But enjoying the same at home with home-processed cheese and home stuff is both a mixture of health and taste. What else do we need? It seems like a no-brainer to me! A personal chef can make healthy snacks. It’s like the home turned into a junk food free zone!

  1. Grocery Shopping

With the professional cooking service at home, One doesn’t need to worry about grocery shopping as well. The chef, all of the shopping, select the finest and freshest ingredients, which in turn saves our trips to the grocery store for the coming weeks. All the Fresh, Quality Ingredients are at home.

cooking service

  1. Speciality in cooking

A professional chef is an expert in different cuisines. We know that India is truly incredible with its vast food and languages. It has different kinds of recipes and preparation, and hence it is essential to hire a cook who has a specialization in cooking the type of food you like. There are Bengali cuisine, Marathi dishes, Gujarati food, Rajasthani food, and whatnot. Amidst all the lockdown, no one can travel to their favourite restaurants to grab a meal. Hence it makes it very convenient to cook the service at home. Whether it is Italian or Rajasthani or Thai food, There are no limits to the number of meals that can be prepared through professional help.

  1. Save time:

Imagine yourself throwing the laptop at a corner after a tiring work from home schedule, and just kicking off the heals and relaxing with a glass of wine after work, rather than scrambling to prepare a meal for the children and in-laws. Personal chefs are invaluable when it comes to that. The food is ready on time, and there is no more wastage of time in cooking when it comes to hosting a relevant dinner party, graduation reception, birthday parties. Hosting in itself can stressful, without having to worry about food preparation as well. The cooking service does all the work for you. Imagine yourself calmly dressing for the event not obsessing about what is burning in the oven.

Now all you need to take care of is getting ready to hire a cook. Worried about how to hire cook online?

  • Just visit the website.
  • Choose service, select “cook service” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select an area of work.
  • Select the duration.

And in just simple hassle-free steps, your service is booked. You can try out, it has a two-day trial free period, where you can first try out the service and then decide on your own. It’s effortless and fun! Please go check it out now.

Domestic full-time maids in times of Coronavirus lockdown

Full time maids

For working women, the coronavirus lockdown in India has brought up the burden ironically instead of lowering it. Handling both the work from the office and home without the help of full time maids has doubled their load. House societies have closed the doors for any domestic workers from outside due to fear of infection. And this is almost the plight of every woman at home. Is it going to get any better? Or the difficulty of domestic help will increase?

Work from home is designated as a holiday nowadays, but it is not the scenario. Without the help of maids at home. Housmaid understands your situation and provides full time maids .Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the child at the same time has exclusively fallen into the lap of a woman. In the absence of any domestic help, most of these chores—cleaning, mopping, washing dishes, babysitting though their regular shifts have now fallen into the core responsibilities lists. It has not only increased the additional physical and mental burden now but also made them helpless.  Women all around the country have to manage both work and home at the same time.

Even though a couple,  working from home, but most of the work burden has been shifted to the shoulders of the female. The women have disproportionately borne the apparent gender bias. Homemakers are not well off too; they have to cater to the demand of both their husbands, brother in law and fathers-in-law who are working from home now.

full day maid

Amidst this lockdown, the importance of a home servant is visible. And not only that cleaning and sanitation importance has increased multifold too. To keep your house away from any infection, regular cleaning is a must. Coronavirus is transferred from person to person via small droplets of bodily liquids and salvia floating in the atmosphere. In an urban middle-class Indian family, generally, a maid helps the housemaker to get through all these tasks. But without their help now it has become challenging to manage the house.

The plight is twin-sided. The effect is also borne by the home servants who are unnecessarily kept away from their job during the lockdown. Owners have disallowed them to work and have cut their wages instead of adhering to government regulations. A few employers offered them space to stay while a few offered them extra money. But in some conditions, they are left with no job and no money. Some domestic workers were even asked to quit employment in other houses but to continue working in theirs. A few tried to persuade women, domestic workers, to continue working by terming COVID-19 as a myth in such conditions.

However, there are some platforms where you can book a maid service amidst the lockdown. Are you searching for a full time maids amidst the lockdown crisis? Visit, and it is one of the most trusted online platforms to find a home servant in Gurgaon. Established for almost several years now, it is a convenient mode to book a full day maid in some hassle-free steps. These placement agencies provide servants for 24 hours as well. For any social gathering or event, we can book the service online and get trained, and professionals home servants without any trouble. Booking a home servant through these sites helps you to have an ensured house sanitized with reduced risk of the deadly pandemic- coronavirus.

Full time maid

Work of a full day maid at coronavirus will ensure that all the floors, kitchen slabs, handles, doorknobs are well sanitized and away from any infection. Even if a surface is infected, sanitizing it at regular times will ensure to eliminate the virus. Housmaid platform provides that the home servant is experienced. Its database is filled with expert and professional maids, trained to combat in a situation like these. Hiring from the right place, eliminate any risk of infection. Housmaid is one such platform, where all the services are rendered by specialists, who know their work inside out and can indeed perform a more important job at cleansing the house without any hurdle. In fact, at times like these, it is imperative to set up a home in-depth cleaning plan and hire experts at regular intervals to keep the house sanitized and adequately clean. It’s not possible to do the office work and handle the house at the same time during this crisis. Don’t let the housework grind you anymore. Save your time and energy and say no to any burden during this lockdown. Book your service now!without 

Why Do You Need a Domestic full-time Maid in times of Coronavirus Lockdown?

domestic maid agency

For working women, the coronavirus lockdown in India has brought up the burden ironically instead of lowering it. Handling both the work from the office and home has doubled their burden. House societies have closed the doors for any domestic workers from outside due to fear of infection. And this is almost the plight of every woman at home. Is it going to get any better? Or the plight of domestic help will increase? Learn from this blog below why you need a domestic full-time maid during the lockdown.

Work from home is designated as a holiday nowadays, but it really is not the scenario. Without the help of a domestic full-time maid at home, the situation of housework has increased multifold. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the child at the same time has exclusively fallen into the lap of a woman.

In the absence of any domestic help who otherwise handled most of these chores—cleaning, mopping, washing dishes, babysitting though their regular shifts have now fallen into the daily responsibility lists. It has not only increased the additional physical and mental burden but also made them helpless. The notion of a patriarchal society and the rule that instinctively adhered to in Indian families where male members are not expected to perform household tasks has been a curse. Women all around the country have to manage both work and home at the same time.

house servant

Even though both wife and husband are working from home, but, most of the work burden has been shifted to the shoulders of a woman. The clear gender bias has been disproportionately borne by the women. Homemakers are not well off too, they have to cater to the demand of both their husbands, brother in law and fathers-in-law who are working from home now.

Amidst this lockdown, the importance of a domestic full-time maid is clearly visible. And not only that, the importance of cleaning and sanitization has increased multifold too. To keep your house away from any infections, regular cleaning is a must.

As experts defined, The prevailing pandemic agent, “Coronavirus” is transferred from person to person via small droplets of bodily liquids and salvia floating in the atmosphere. In an urban middle-class Indian family, generally, a domestic full-time maid helps the housemaker to get through all these tasks. But without their help now it has absolutely become difficult to manage the house.

The plight is twin-sided. The effect is also borne by the home servants who are unnecessarily kept away from their job during the lockdown. Owners have disallowed them to work and have cut their wages instead of adhering to government regulations. A few employers offered them space to stay while a few offered them extra money. But in some conditions, they are left with no job and no money. Some domestic workers were even asked to quit jobs in other houses but to continue working in theirs. A few tried to persuade women, domestic workers, to continue working by terming COVID-19 as a myth in such conditions.

Find maid online

However, there are some platforms where you can book a maid service amidst the lockdown. Are you searching for a full day maid amidst the lockdown crisis? It is one of the most trusted online platforms to find a domestic full-time maid in Gurgaon. Established for almost several years now, it is a convenient mode to book a full day maid in some hassle-free steps.

These placement agencies provide domestic full-time maid for 24 hours as well. For any social gathering or event, we can book the service online and get trained and professionals maid without any trouble. Booking a maid online helps you to have an ensured house sanitized with reduced risk of the deadly pandemic- coronavirus.

The work of a domestic full-time maid during the lockdown will ensure that all the floors, kitchen slabs, handles, doorknobs of your home are well sanitized and free from any infection. Even if a surface is infected, sanitizing it at regular times will ensure to eliminate the virus.

Housmaid online platform ensures that the domestic full-time maid is trained and experienced. Here you can find expert maids, trained to work in these types of situations.

At Housmaid, all services are rendered by professionals who know their work inside out. In fact, at times like these, it is absolutely imperative to set up a home deep cleaning plan and hire experts at regular intervals to keep the house sanitized and cleaned. It’s not possible to do the office work and handle the house at the same time during this crisis.

Don’t let the housework grind you anymore. Save your time and energy and say no to any burden during this lockdown.

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The House Servant hierarchy- Best maid service in Gurgaon

Maid Service

In today‘s era, when everyone is running rat races and are busy with their schedules and lifestyle. There is no time left for household chores. Cleaning, cooking, taking care of the house, watering the plants to washing our own clothes, even handling the kid becomes a challenging task. During such a hard time, hiring a maid service is all one can ask for. A housemaid converts the house to a home to live in. In day to day life, they are very important. Let’s go through some various types of house servants prevalent in society from ages.

  • Housekeeper

 The senior servant in the house is generally referred to as the housekeeper. The person is responsible for oversight of all other house servant works. Responsibilities include all the work is in good order, rooms are cleaned, the kitchen is well organized, all other chores are well in order. Housekeepers should be well organized and methodical in his/her work.


 Cook is the head of the kitchen. Their responsibilities  includes a wide variety of tasks from getting the ingredients for the food, washing, and cutting them to preparing the food. They plan the menu in consultation with the owner. Also, they manage any food wastage and storage of the remaining food at home. The cook should be well versed with the member’s food taste and food preferences. They should know about different food cuisines and recipes. That’s the identity of a good cook around!


 Due to the increasing workload nowadays, most of the working parents hire a nanny to take care of their young toddler. The nanny is responsible for the children’s first, very basic care – in manners, and in simple reading and numbers. They are also responsible for tasks like changing nappies, to being the one up at all hours of the night, to providing entertainment for teething children. They take care of a child’s overall development, nutrition and safety.

Maid Service


Housemaid is responsible for all the cleaning tasks of the house. They keep the house neat and tidy, away from any dirt. Put simply, the housemaid is the cleaner of the house, and her duties are endless. From keeping the rooms clean, mopping the floor, and bathrooms to dusting away any dirt on curtains, sofas, etc. They make use of modern equipment and vacuum all the dirt away from the house.

 Laundry maid

A laundry maid is a female house servant who is responsible for washing clothes and taking care of the laundry. Their work includes cleaning the clothes to ironing and keeping them in good condition. They are also responsible for managing the operations and cleanliness of the laundry area of the house.

  • Driver

 The driver is the person responsible for taking the owner to places. They arrange for regular cleaning and maintaining the vehicles. A driver mobilizes their owner and their family members from one place to another, etc. They should be well-trained with a driver’s license and safe driving skills. You can find a reliable, trustworthy driver in Gurgaon region at economical prices here.


 An experienced gardener for both home and office spaces are a must to keep nowadays. They keep extreme care of the garden under the guidance of landscape designers. The gardener is well-informed about all the services from aerating, feeding, mowing, cutting, and removing waste grass. They make sure that grounds are well-maintained ensuring all the gardens, trees; shrubs are healthy and well grown.

Maid Service in gurgaon

 Pantry boy

 They are responsible for handling day to day tasks and operations of the pantry. A pantry boy is required to lay emphasis on the quality and hygiene level of the pantry of the offices. They should be well-versed with kitchen equipment and maintain the entire food pantry inventory in order. Their work includes placing orders, maintaining inventory, daily supervision, and recording the items in the client database.

Choosing a maid service depends on your choice and the work scope required at home. There are certain factors such as daily basis, weekly basis, work involved, etc before hiring a maid service. Depending upon the work scope and responsibilities, you can choose a maid service wisely to hire a good maid.

Some of the USPs is:

  • Safe and reliable
  • Background check
  • Hassle-free booking
  • Quality assurance
  • Trained and well-verified workers.
  • Zero-Brokerage fee

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How to Keep Your Garden Flourishing – Online Gardening Services

online gardening services

Currently, there is one significant way to pass time, which we swiftly have a lot of, is gardening. But where should one start from being a total beginner? Even though you cannot hire online gardening services by Housmaid, here are a few gardening mistakes to avoid in order to keep your garden flourish till the lockdown is over.

Remember those initial days when you decided to cook? Only to recognize later that the water volume was not sufficient or you confused sugar with salt! You did these blunders because you were a beginner and each fresh journey is marked by an initial failure that motivates you to not imitate those again.

Likewise, those of you readers who have just begun gardening are obliged to make few mistakes. You must have recognized that managing a garden is not a simplistic activity but something that necessitates you to be vigilant and alert to the increasing needs of your plant.

This blog will take you over several gardening blunders you must avoid and will tutor you to become a fastidious gardener.

online garden services

Maintain Enough Space Amidst Seeds & Plants

 The number of seeds should be purchased depending on the space you own for planting these in your landscape. There is no point in purchasing excess seeds if space is constrained. You can also practice the same when you hire online gardening services after lockdown.

Why so? It’s not merely about the dimensions of the garden but the space within the seeds too, so when your plants mature they must not look like they are struggling for space. Make sure to always begin with your landscaping experience in a tiny plot to gain sufficient experience. Congestion will also result in the inadequate air passage and prevent the full potential of the flowers. As they say, short and steady wins the race.

Sunlight should be Just Accurate!

 All plants are different and so is their need for sunlight. Some need more rays to grow whereas others feel overexposed under the same amount of sunlight. This poses the problem of placing your seeds in the exact space of the garden where there won’t be a scarcity of reasonable sunlight.

Seeds Bought Should Adapt To Soil

 When you hire online gardening services, they are well versed about the quality of seeds, which type of manures to use, soil conditions and so on. However, now that you are on your own, how should you manage?

For newcomers who are energetic and always excited, the vision is to have a majestic garden. In an attempt to convert this idea into an actuality, they tend to buy seeds that are not just way too many but may also be completely unfriendly to the soil in your field. Therefore, rather than going on berserk with your options, your first step should be to thoroughly evaluate the soil kind and then pick the plants accordingly. Sowing fascinating varieties that won’t thrive in your climatic conditions would just end in the seed failing.

lawn and garden services

Don’t Put Everything Together

 Never overcompensate. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, the habit of buying anything that caught your fancy in the nursery shop, you bought it without significant pondering is bad for your garden. And to make the situation worse you just planted all of them collectively. This will not just increase your workload of rendering personal attention to each of them but will ruin the aesthetics as well.

You must have observed from this when you hired online gardening services. Expert and professional gardens are very precious with what they are sowing and during which season.

Preparing the Soil Right

 The soil is the foundation for your plants to thrive and without fresh soil, the plants will perish for nourishment. Thus, make sure to prepare the soil ere sowing the seeds. According to professional gardeners, the soil must be a healthy mix of garden soil, coco peat/ peat moss, and compost/ fertilizer. The soil should be airy with a proper drainage system.

Go Organic

 Many professional garters hired by online gardening services adopt organic mulching with the likes of straw, dull leaves or yard clipping. This keeps a limit on weeds that are all the time ready to grow and also clutches the soil moisture. The root region continues to stay cool with this and also gets a constant diet of nutrients while the mulch faces its dying end. Dodge using grass hay as it is a cause of weed growth in itself.

Garden pests and critters that consume at your hard-earned legumes and flowers can discourage even the most patient of growers. Exercising proper pest control is one of the best ways to preserve your garden from both infection and pests. In case you notice harmful bugs in your garden, the most reliable way to deter them is to welcome good insects into it. These helpful insects will eat the destructive ones.

Hire a Maid Online and Protect Your House from Coronavirus Outbreak

Hire Maid Online

Since the coronavirus epidemic is spreading around the whole world, it’s a great time to understand how cleaning and sanitation can help counter the spread of infection and what hire a maid online can cut the risk of disease in your house.

Coronavirus is largely transferred from person to person via small droplets of saliva or other bodily liquids that float in the atmosphere after a cough or sneeze.

Contaminated objects and surfaces can also be necessary for the transmission of illness. It’s not completely clear what part they play in spreading the new coronavirus, but they act as an influential one for similar viruses such as SARS and MERS. For example, if an individual touches it and then rubs their mouth, nose, or face.

So, if there is anyone at risk of having the virus has been in your house, sanitizing to decrease the amount of contamination on surfaces may further help you lower down the risk of further transmission of coronavirus.

Hire Maid Online

Cleaning and Disinfecting: How are they different?

There’s a valuable difference that differentiates cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning implies physically eliminating organic elements such as bacteria and dust from surfaces. Whereas disinfection is a process which is done using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.

hire a maid online from Housmaid will ensure that your house is thoroughly sanitized with a reduced risk of coronavirus.

What could be infected in my house?

It’s hard to answer this question accurately but since people usually hab a habit of sneezing and coughing with their mouths wide open, the surface around them gets highly contaminated.

Even hands are very accountable for transporting pathogens from one area to another, so substances and places that people often touch are at the highest risk of being infected.

Say, for example, TV remotes, kitchen cupboards, fridge doors, kitchen surfaces, handles, taps, and door. And not to forget electronic devices such as laptops, phones, and iPads – but since these are not shared quite often, the chances of them being infected is a bit low.

When you hire a maid online from Housmaid, he or she will not be only taking care of the floors or slaps but her duty also includes sanitizing doorknobs, handles, kitchen slabs and so on.

Contaminated surfaces

If a surface gets infected or you think it could be, sanitizing it with a constant household disinfectant will eliminate the virus. Make sure to clean your hands after washing (it’s better to use hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based ) and prevent touching your face.

Hire Maid Online

How to find a maid in Gurgaon?

Housmaid has made finding a hire a maid online in Gurgaon who is well equipped with experience now very easy. Our database is filled with expert maids, perfectly trained to combat any situation and keep your house safe and clean.

The coronavirus is a fragile structure and it is vulnerable in the atmosphere. Both heat and cleansers, including detergent, can prevent its functioning.

Here are some duties you must mention when you hire a maid online –

In the Kitchen:

  • Wash and disinfect sink hardware, countertops, cabinet pulls, appliance arms and cutting boards.
  • Replace dusters with dishcloths that you can clean with the hot water. 
  • Keep a regular check on spills so they don’t draw more dust and bacteria.
  • Also, make sure to take out garbage bags every day.

In the Bathroom:

  • Frequently disinfect the shower faucet and handles.
  • Clean wastebaskets and sterilize them regularly.
  • Use a spray for the toilet and flush handle with sanitizing wipes.
  • Avoid using bath towels or wash clothes more than once to restrain the growth of bacteria and germs.

Other Rooms:

  • Clean bed sheets in hot water. Restrict shaking out your covers and sheets before washing. It will help you depreciate the transmission of dirt and germs.
  • Use mop for hard-surface floors.
  • Sterilize computer consoles, light switches, mobile phones, landlines, and remote controls.

How Your Housekeeping Service Provider Help Manage Work Stress?

Housekeeping Service Provider

A sad, stressed-out or depressed employee is a prescription for failure in business. Furthermore, it can influence the entire sales growth of the corporation. If the staff members are not able to rise from the job pressure & are being bothered in the workplace, then its high time for the administration to take the necessary steps and work towards making the working area a stress free zone. There are several types of workplace stress management tactics, professional services that can be applied to aid in reducing working tension within the company. Having a good Housekeeping Service Provider is one of them.

One of the critical measures for business expansion in the long term is to reduce work-related anxiety and present perfect work-life stability to the workers. Your staff’s prime work is to achieve their assigned task. But when they continue to be involved in other unproductive exercises, it certainly puts a lot of pressure on them and ultimately influences their performance
at work.

Housekeeping Service Provider

Having a good housekeeping service provider can aid you in overcoming your staff job stress. Proper & efficient workplace supervision by housekeeping companies can have long-term gains for workers and the enterprise.

The importance of Housekeeping Service Provider incorporate society is increasing day by day. Due to increased competition in the corporate environment, the employee must solely concentrate on their core tasks. However, there are so many additional work-related activities
that are necessary and necessitate to be done as well.

Good housekeeping ensures that an office is kept in a prearranged, clean, tidy condition. At first, it may seem to be a pretty naive & basic idea, but the overall impression & the advantage that can be presented by a good housekeeping service provider are tremendous and it not only affects crew safety but further their wellness and productivity. When an employee is wholesome & fruitful, it will automatically decrease the functioning expenses which will provide privileges to all the people in the string and will keep a restraint on the tension level as well.

Housekeeping Service Provider accommodate essential services that include cleanliness and disinfection of the office premises, which is very crucial considering the COVID 19 outbreak in the world and many other helpful services.

Cleanliness –
A dirt-free sanitized working area provides a healthy and positive environment in the workplace. Employees no longer have to worry about the sterilization process and only have to concentrate on their work. The housekeeping service provider will handle all of these aspects in the office.
The housekeepers accommodate assistance such as in-room sanitation, carpet & floor dusting and many more. They are highly experienced experts who know how to use better techniques & tools for best results.

Housekeeping Service Provider

Given below are some of the various benefits to diminish work stress by hiring a professional Housekeeping Service Provider:

Improvement in Worker Safety
Housekeeping staff will ensure to keep the hallway and operating area free of litter and spills to dodge undesired misdeeds & accidents. Fewer damage cases will definitely make staff members fell stress-free and encourage them to work with full focus.
A properly managed office space is more likely to reduce fire hazards since the housekeeping staff will dispose of all garbage, scrap materials, and dirt, and other flammable items away from the office space in a fitting way.
A Healthier Staff Is an Asset Well, being is completely linked to stress and anxiety. A salutary worker will give his or her best in the office which will result in increased productivity and excellent outcomes. And when an employee renders good results, it directly helps in business prosperity and expansion. Some of the significant advantages of hiring a reliable and professional Housekeeping Service Provider are better & improved operational conditions with the help of routine servicing of workstations & other tools, and providing hygienic services in a more reliable way.

You Embrace Peace
Employees are constantly looking for harmony and peace in the working atmosphere. Very few workers will say that they appreciate disorder in their conventional workspace. In today’s corporate environment, every role is demanding and many times those holding the jobs can feel being under stress a lot. For this purpose, one must have a workplace where his or her employees can just endure peace and focus only on your essential job and stay away from any kind of trouble.

Though, this can only take place if your housekeeping service provider has excelled in his job in maintaining the office area clean. Thus the importance of choosing one increases even more.

You Feel Comfortable
One will perpetually feel relaxed and comfortable at the workstation where they know that all of their stuff is well organized and placed in their respective positions. NO ONE can obtain peace and comfort in an unkempt and dirty area. Thus, if you want your employees to concentrate on their work, its high time you start finding a good Housekeeping Service Provider.

How Our Maid Agency In Gurgaon sector 56 Will Help You Fight COVID-19

Maid Agency In Gurgaon sector 56

With an increasingly frenetic lifestyle, more and more individuals are recognizing that they do not have the leisure of time that the elder generations had. Life is constantly on the run, and mundane everyday matters are being transferred to the background because of the lack of time and strength. Duties such as home deep cleansing every day are now shifting to the task to be performed at every weekend. This is resulting in a build-up of dirt, bugs, and bacteria in different spaces in the home. Considering the situation of Coronavirus the whole nation is facing, deep cleaning has become an even more important task. How Our Maid Agency In Gurgaon sector 56 Will Help You Fight COVID-19

But first understand, what is Coronavirus or COVID-19?

What Is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a member of a large family of Coronaviruses, but one of the few that have sprung from animals to humans beings (such as SARS or MERS). COVID-19 is most commonly transported via respiratory droplets from sneezing/ coughing and individuals who are in tight quarters (closer than 6 ft collectively), and less frequently from touching an infected material, then rubbing your eyes/mouth/nose.

Maid Agency In Gurgaon sector 56

At this time of national emergency, keeping our houses clean should be the priority and Housmaid is making every possible step to ensure it’s done. Our Maid Agency In Gurgaon sector 56 is sending the best and most professional maids to your homes that will help you with the most hectic jobs.

If you are planning to eliminate all kinds of dirt and bacteria out of your home, Home deep cleaning services are the solution to all this. We, at Housmaid, help  individuals who are in a deficit of time and energy because of their hectic work from home jobs or other duties to get their houses thoroughly cleaned without any distress or problems.

All of our services are rendered by specialists who know their work inside out and can truly perform a greater job at cleansing than the homeowners themselves. In fact, many people say, it is a good idea to set up a home deep cleaning plan and hire experts every few months to deep clean the home. If you are among those who have already booked the assistance of these professionals, then praises! You are all set on your way to obtain the most of your time and energy.

But for those of you who have not hired one yet or are getting to know about home cleaning services for the first time, here is a brief about some of the advantages you can get by hiring our maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56.

·         It preserves your Time and Energy 

It is quite an obvious advantage. Even though due to the COVID 19 the whole nation is on lockdown but many of you sure are working from home. So, instead of you laboring away scouring the toilet floor or wiping the oily kitchen exhausts tube, you can focus on your work and other important business. Leave the cleaning part to our experts. They have loads of experience and are well aware of how to do the work for you.

This way by hiring Housmaid, a maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56, you can save the time to spend with your kids or learn a new hobby in this lockdown period.

Also, if you come under the category of doctors of essential service providers, you must be having a tough day on your own, don’t let the household work grind you even more. Let us help you and you will understand that providing yourself with the freedom to hire expert home deep cleaning assistance is a no-brainer. You deserve this break.

Maid Agency In Gurgaon sector 56

·         It Is Stress-free, Quick Service 

The USP of Housmaid is that you can hire a maid with a few clicks. No need to roam around begging for the number of maids from the neighbors or standing on the main door waiting for one to magically appear. Gurgaon is indeed getting crowded with days passing and finding a reliable maid is not an easy task.

Our maid agency in Gurgaon sector 56, send experts for your rescue who visit your home at a time that is suitable for you and help you by washing and sanitizing the areas that are hard to be clean by oneself and that too for a very affordable price.

For instance, With Housmaid, you can select maids according to your needs – a live-in maid or a part-time maid. Also, you can distribute the work and give them a schedule that suits your timings.

That’s not all;

Housmaid also provides other facilities such as babysitter, eldercare, cook, drivers among others to make your life easy.

Renovate Your Unhealthy and Dead Lawn with Home Gardening Services

home gardening services

Renovation is done when a lawn is in bad condition but has not deteriorated to the point where it should be renewed entirely. The bad condition may be due to inadequate soil richness, weed intrusion, thatch buildup, soil compaction or any blend of these and other causes. Although renovation can be commenced at any time throughout the growing season, late summer is most suitable for cool-season grasses. Home gardening services from Housmaid can help you renovate your garden at affordable prices.

Ascertaining the cause of bad growth is the initial step in the restoration. Local gardening services at Housmaid certainly admit that if there is extreme growth, footpaths or pale color, negligence may be suspected. Nevertheless, if only confined areas are falling, other causes should be suspected. Excess shade, poor sewerage, illnesses, and bugs may be the problem. A soil sample for analysis will portray nutritional or pH problems.

The subsequent step should be weed controlling with substances recommended to eradicate all undesired weeds. The third step should be to dethatch. Thatch is a bed of dead and living stems and roots, along with decomposing organic matter that gathers between the turf surface and the soil. The growth occurs when the rate at which the turf sloughs off stagnant parts is higher than the rate at which the decompose.

home gardening services

Although a thin layer of thatch is not painful, any layer higher than 1/2 inch can create problems. The densely thatched area may dehydrate up fast, diseases and pests may attack and there may be reduced tolerance to heat, chilly and drought conditions. To maintain thatch, a vertical mower should be utilized. This machine cuts and uproots the turf up in thin strips. Then the material is cleaned off and the garden is irrigated and fertilized.

Home gardening services From Housmaid is decorated with professional gardens with years of experience in their respective fields. Above all, they come equipped with the necessary machinery and other products to eliminate the pressure from your head.

The next step in the renovation is aerating. Aeration is required when a law has been compacted by the heel or vehicular movement. Compaction is prevailing, especially in clay soils. Under compacted conditions, the passage of oxygen and other gases into and out of the soil is limited. Water will absorb in very gradually or runoff. Turf roots will ultimately die off. Aeration eliminates small cores or slices in the lawn and soil from the turf field, to a depth of 2 inches from the surface of the soil. The residual soil than can extend into the open area and release the compaction difficulty.

The last step, i.e is the fifth includes Seeding a garden, which is a much neglected but very critical aspect of a wholesome lawn. By picking the proper seed mixture that adjusts the area, you can build a dense area of turf. There are various methods to apply grass seed:

home gardening services

• Broadcast spreading this method is a simple procedure whereby seed is dispersed evenly over the surface of the soil utilizing some kind of spreader or seeder. After the seed has been applied, the area must be cleaned to cover as much of the seed as feasible with soil.

• Ideally, the seed will be masked by ¼” of topsoil and pressed to assure precise seed to soil contact.

• While spreading seed using a broadcast spreader, go over the area with half in a vertical direction to the original pathway. However, if the land is sloping or is small in size, this may not be possible.

• Apply a beginners fertilizer with a high phosphorous to assist the seed to germinate faster

• The most suitable time to seed is in the spring or the fall season. The temperature is cooler and the moisture levels are elevated.

Local gardening services from Housmaid have years of experience in renovating the laws irrespective of their size and density. They know all the tricks and will help you gain back the lush and health of your garden.

5 Things to Look for When You Hire a Cook in Gurgaon

cook in gurgaon

Hiring a Cook in Gurgaon is not at all an easy business. So when one is looking to book a cook online, he or she may need the proper advice to hire one. So here are five points to notice when you hire cook in Gurgaon for your restaurant, for home or your next event.

  •  The Right Temperament

As the head personality in the kitchen, the cook will need to serve food, maintain inventory, supervise other staff, and much more while staying calm under extreme pressure.

But what is the right temperament?

As individuals, we all have our individuality and our personalities. We can all be fiery, quirky, calm or fun-loving! But during work hours, a chef needs to be able to express his thoughts efficiently. If needed, being stern can benefit the situation. Just remember that no one wants to come to work to be humiliated and constantly corrected for small mistakes. A competent cook will lead his team with the utmost respect and love.

And that’s what you need – a chef who is appreciated, not feared.

Workdays in restaurants or a special event at your home are dynamic and ever-changing.  You may feel that you have everything sorted out and administered correctly and there will be days when everything goes opposite. How your cook manages these complex situations will also dictate how your workers will respond. A calm and composed chef will assist in keeping stress lower and things moving smoothly on very stressful days. You need a cook who could act sensibly and think on his toes to present an instant solution.

cook in gurgaon

  • Detail Oriented

A cook’s responsibilities involve drafting or contributing menus and maintaining inventories. He has to work collectively with the restaurant owner/ house owners in efficiently controlling costs and savings. It is frustrating for an owner to book a cook online or a chef who constantly over-orders perishable raw materials because he didn’t reconsider the inventory accurately.

  •  Quality of The Food

A celebrated cook can recognize excellence immediately. An eye for quality of food will empower him or her to immediately detect the freshness of ingredients as well as producing attractive, artful, clean plating in food. Aside from food, a great chef will swiftly also identify which of his staff can deliver quality as well. 

Is your cook helpful in their actions? Are his actions not wasteful with ingredients? Is your cook in Gurgaon prepared with the right cooking experience so as not to burn or serve raw meals?

  •  Knowledge, Experience, and Philosophies

Now, this solely depends on hire cook in Gurgaon.

If you are looking for a chef, try to choose the one who is graduated from a renowned culinary school as he or she will have the advantage to have studied a wide array of cuisine, even the ultra-sophisticated ones. 

Whereas while you book a cook online, check for their years of experience to understand how much they are familiar with the kitchen atmosphere. You can also talk to their previous owners to understand the overall attitude in a kitchen’s stressful environment.

Also remember, experience does a better job at this! This is why, if given a choice between the two, it is much better to hire cook in Gurgaon with more years and a mixture of working experience. Someone who has served at different household displays a pleasanter overall attitude for the job.

Past these requirements, a cook should have a related view with the owner in his description of the best quality service! A cook who has high standards in customer service will surely help create a magnificent dining event for your guests.

cook in gurgaon

  •  Technology Know-how

With the practicality and innovation that technology grants, a chef must also have fundamental machine skills to be able to adapt and enhance service according to the times. How to use an oven or griller, etc, all these things play somewhat a crucial role in cooking meals and if your cook is unaware about their uses, it might cause a bit of a disappointment. 

How to use an oven or griller, etc all these requirements play somewhat a crucial role in cooking meals and if your cook is unaware of their use, it may lead to a bit of disappointment.

Of course, teaching or training them is an option but if you are looking to hire cook in Gurgaon who is already an expert with these machines, you must highlight it in the beginning while you book a cook online.

Always remember, a cook sets the standard and color in a kitchen! Like any leader, a chef who represents the true character and values will encourage those around him.

How To Be Prepared When You Hire A Maid For The First Time

hire a maid

When you hire a maid or an ayah for part-time or full time, it is obvious that she’ll be spending eample time and will be living in your house or an attached servant section, but she will still be an employee. In the first few weeks, you may need to train her and evaluate her work.

Look At All Aspects Of Safety And Security First
Get the police verification before you hire a maid or let any Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon to stay in your home. Make sure you know about her family and who her guests are. Keep her identity proofs such as a voter’s ID, local contact phone number, Adhaar card, agency’s number and permanent address handy.

Be Very Specific With The Job Description
When you hire a maid, make sure to have a clear job description. Are you looking for a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon? Is she hired particularly to look after your baby? Or will she have to manage additional household c chores such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and laundry? Some parents prefer to hire a maid who takes care of their baby as well as supervises other baby- related tasks such as bathing, dressing, washing nappies, ironing baby’s clothes, cleaning bottles and taking the baby to the park.

hire a maid

Set Flexible Work Timings That Provide Them Some Time Off For Leisure
Some people further expect their live-in maids to prepare food, look after the house pet and run errands. It is very important to be realistic with your expectations if you are looking for efficiency. Understand that if she has too much on her plate, she may not be able to provide the quality care you desire for your baby. So, if you want everything to work smoothly, you may want to consider hiring part-time help to take care of the cooling, cleaning, and washing tasks.

Supervise Closely In The Initial Few Weeks
Spend some of your time working together when you hire a maid. This will help your maid in learning routines and preferences from you, and you can see how she associates with your kid. Ask her to replicate your directions to you just to make sure she follows them. This is especially important if there are any kind of language or communication barriers.

Train Her On Good Hygiene And Safety
Your maid may have grown up in a very diverse household or may have come from a distant village that has no tap or piped water. You need to make sure she performs the things in the way you wish them to be done.
The time you put into training / teaching her in the initial days will be time well spent. Also, get a comprehensive health check done to evaluate her physical and emotional health.

Consider Her Feelings
If she is sharing family food give her the option of eating rice or chapatis. Also, let her cook her preferred foods once in a while if she desires.
You may want to give her a separate section in the kitchen where she may want to store all the snacks, chutneys, or any foods she may have brought for herself from her own house. However, make sure to point it out when you hire a maid that your baby must only eat home-cooked food. Assure that your ayah doesn’t serve your baby anything without your permission. Do not allow her to feed your child any food bought from outside.

hire a maid

Set A Timetable
Once everything has settled into a system, you may want to consider drafting up a schedule for regular household activities. This way, everyone in the family knows what to anticipate every day, and your maid understands precisely what she needs to do. Plan when you would like her to commence work in the mornings, take small breaks and when she must wrap up for the day.

Offer A Convenient Place To Stay

You may have an exclusive servant quarter for her or you may want her to rest in a spare room. In houses where there are space limitations, maids are often asked to sleep in the hall, kitchen or the children’s room.
Nevertheless, try to provide her a place where she feels comfortable. If possible, assign a bathroom exclusively for her to use.

Respect Your Maid
Lastly, remember it is essential to respect your ayah. Don’t use rude language or abuse her in front of other household helps or family members. If she has made a blunder, speak to her confidentially and help her realize your expectations.
If you are looking for a maid for babycare in Gurgaon or simply want to hire a maid, Let us know. We will be happy to help.

7 Essentials You Must Check When You Hire A Cook In Gurgaon

cook in gurgaon

Doing things occasionally is not a bad idea, but there are few jobs that demand regularity. Yes, we are talking about food, cleaning, and gardening chores. Since not everyone has the time or the passion to perform these tasks repeatedly, you always have the option to book maid online, local gardening services and Cook in Gurgaon.

However, hiring maid online, local gardening services or even the cook in Gurgaon is not an easy task. There are a few essential qualities these domestic helpers must acquire in order to provide you with the most satisfactory services. In this article, we will talk about a few of those essentials you must check before hiring a cook in Gurgaon.

Here Are The 7 Essentials You Must Check When You Hire A Cook In Gurgaon. Before we talk further on this topic, you must know that you are not hiring a personal chef to cook meals for a party or a specific event. When you hire a cook in Gurgaon for your house, he/she is was obliged to prepare you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And this blog primarily deals with hiring cooks in Gurgaon, not a personal chef.

1. Experience Of Home Cooking
Considering you are hiring a cook for house cooking, the cook you are evaluating must have some prior knowledge and experience of cooking like homemade food. In my judgment, homemade food is one that is fresh and does not use too much oil and spices. It’s better to hire a Cook in Gurgaon who has some previous experience in cooking at different homes.

cook in gurgaon

The same applies when you book maid online or local gardening services. It
is not that newcomers cannot perform the task properly but someone with huge experience will surely produce wonders in their work.

2. Usage Of Oil, Spices, And Ingredients
Some of us adore spicy food and others may not prefer that. Therefore, it’s essential to know about the process your potential cook will be cooking meals. Ideally, they should know how to use everything in limits. Some of the chefs have a manner of using lots of spices, red chilies, oil, etc, which is not good for health. There is a cause why you are hiring a home Cook in Gurgaon and that is to serve you with healthy and tasty food.

3. Cooking For Guests
It is imperative to ask the cook in advance whether he/she can prepare meals for your visitors as and when they crash at your place. Many cooks usually leave within one week because of this very reason As they were not comfortable cooking for two or three extra people for a week. However, some cooks are okay with these a situation and they manage it well. But others are stingy and demand to get more money in case he/she has to cook food for guests.
You must also provide a checklist of works when you book maid online or local gardening services. When people know about their tasks in advance, they come prepared.

4. Nail Down Responsibilities
Ordinarily, cooks are supposed to cook meals for you. But some of the houses cook also extend their services such as dish washing, basic cleaning in the kitchen, etc. Whatsoever be the case, just make sure to secure down the duties of the cooks so you know what to anticipate and whatnot.

cook in gurgaon

5. Salary And Leave
Typically, a cook will charge you based on the time and effort he/she is delivering and hence it is essential to get this right. Most of the problems appear due to wages and leave.

You must discuss the monthly salary, number of offs and other such conditions way before hiring. There is no point waiting for your cook to turn-up and then encounter she has taken a leave today. They may be great at giving explanations for not coming to work.
If you are dining out or leaving your house with dirt constantly, there is no doubt it is going to harm your health to a great extent. Thus, you must consider booking a maid online or a Cook in Gurgaon as home cooking can be a better deal than running to hospitals. Not just the health factor, but you also get to eat fresh and clean food along with the liberty to eat something that you actually want to it, not what is available.

However, there are few things that you must look for when hiring a cook in
Gurgaon like the experience of the cook, the salary he/she expects, specialization in various cuisines and obviously the testimonials from their
previous employer.

If you are considering an agency to option to book maid online, local
gardening services and Cook in Gurgaon, it’s also crucial to verify the credibility of the agency you are working with.

Skills You Must Check Before You Hire a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

Live-in maids in Gurgaon are widely on-demand in households with children and newborns. Primarily, this is because young parents require someone reliable and dependable to take care of their infants or toddlers while they are out somewhere or at work. When you hire a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon, they are expected to function well when it comes to childcare and newborn care nowadays. Apart from having a pleasant experience, there are few useful traits employers need to pitch down as standards while planning to hire a maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon.

  • Cheerful And Energetic
    All child workers would accept the fact that one must be cheerful enough to follow up with the kids’ level of enthusiasm. Toddlers are inquisitive and hyperactive by nature and maximum of them want a companion who will play hide and seek with them during playtime! If you hire a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon who is just another grouchy lady who doesn’t like to spend time with the children, the little ones would keep a fair distance from her too.

How active are the children? Are they the type who constantly look for fun? Evaluate the kids and look for a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon who can meet the child’s level of excitement.

maid for baby care in gurgaon 1

  • Loving And Alertness
    One of the prime roles of Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon is to feign the parents’ role while they are not present in front of their kids. Recognizing this, the maids for Baby Care must also provide the same measure of care a parent would proffer for their kids.
    Babies who are below 5 years old, particularly, necessitate constant attention and supervision from their babysitters and parents. They are in a significant step in their lives where their emotional requirements should be satisfied and their actions are supervised.

Housmiad’s  Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon are mothers back home are more apt to be caring and attentive to the employer’s kids. They can also be competent enough considering they already possess expertise in taking care of their own newborns and children at home. When looking for a nursemaid, hire a maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon who are mothers or have expertise in looking after children.

maid for baby care in gurgaon

  • Patient At All Times
    Not all kids are the same and it takes a substantial amount of time to commemorate them and to get used to what they are. That is the reason why patience is an indispensable feature when it comes to the duty of being a child’s custodian, whether babysitter or caregiver. For someone who takes charge of someone else’s kid, a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon must have the perseverance in taking care mischievous of children, keeping in mind to report to the parent any bad behavior but would also contribute enough time with them to secure their protection.
  • Flexible
    Although taking care of babies or infants is the fundamental role of the babysitters in Gurgaon, when you hire a maid, they are still obligated to do the usual housekeeping at home. Doing all the errands while keeping a baby well-fed is a challenge that demands versatility and compliance to the everyday schedule. Ere the owners leave their children with the maids in Gurgaon, it would be convenient for everybody if a plan would be made beforehand for an effortless workflow.

Pro tip: To be prolific as a nanny, Maid for Baby Care can make use of the idle time when the babies are in school or when the toddler is asleep.

7 Tips From Professional Maid Online To Make Your Kitchen Sparkle

Maid Online

An appealing kitchen beckons you to assemble your family and associates together for food and reciprocity. Bright, stainless eating space is the ideal backdrop for the lovingly cooked dishes you create for your admired ones as it cheers everyone to linger and chat. Having a few cleaning tips will help. So, here are 7 Tips From Professional Maid Online To Make Your Kitchen Sparkle.

1. Organized

How frequently do you mutter stuff to yourself as you struggle to locate all of the ingredients that you want for dinner? Too many kitchens suffer from a drastic lack of organization and planning, and the result is oftentimes a messy and challenging cooking area.

Professional maid online suggests that you keep every kitchen item in a convenient location. Say, for example, dishwashing stocks belong near the kitchen sink and dishwasher. Trust us; keeping your kitchen tidy is a much more flexible job when everything in it has a perpetual spot.

2. Plants Clean the Air

Do you know that scientists believe that the traditional house plant might do a tremendous job of purifying the air in your home? Sunset magazine recommends the rubber plant, peace lily, and Boston fern as some of the examples of plants that add potential air cleansing characteristics and the elegance of nature into your mess.

Further, research also reveals that being around shrubs makes people happy and we think that’s more than worth the price of a lovely potted plant.

Maid Online

3. Freshen Up the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are wicked stink generators, and your kitchen will smell a whole lot pleasanter if you isolate the smells rising from the bowels of the sink. Fortunately, some of the best odor eaters come from stuff that you probably already have within simple reach.

According to professional maid online, you must try crumbling up lemon and lime rinds to eliminate foul smell. You can also try spilling some baking soda along with lukewarm running water down the channel.

4. Choose the Right Countertop Cleaner

Are you aware of the fact that you shouldn’t apply vinegar on a marble counter top? Your Mother was right when she told you that vinegar is a magnificent cleaner, but acidic items like vinegar easily damage the marble. Still, considering it’s vital to your family’s well-being that you maintain clean countertops, spending in the relevant cleaner is a smart idea.

5. Deodorize the Dishwasher

Does your dishwasher hit you in the face with a gross odor every time that you open its door? Sadly, while dishwashers make cleansing dishes remarkably than in the old days of handwashing every bowl and plate, they do tend to incorporate bad odors. You can dismiss bad dishwasher fumes by running it empty with some baking soda and vinegar.

6. Get rid of the dust and scum first

Take your vacuum and start dumping the dust. Target spaces that are difficult to reach since they manage to accumulate the most dirt over time. Vacuum in corners or carpets, if you have some in your kitchen. Get a feather duster or lint- free fabric and wipe down all top surfaces. Make sure to double-check by your finger over the surfaces to check if they are dusty.

Maid Online

7. Polish the inside of the Microwave

We’ve preserved one of our favorite cleansing tips by experts maid online for last. We wanted to provide you a washing related task comprising the vinegar in your pantry. Real Simple recommends that you:

  • Stir a bowl of water and a few tablespoons of vinegar (white or apple cider) inside a microwavable bowl.
  • Fix it into the microwave and run the microwave on high till the liquid is simmering and steamy.
  • Switch off the microwave and step away from it for five minutes.
  • Open the door and learn how super easy it is to rub-down the core of the microwave.

How to find a maid in Gurgaon?

If you are looking for the answer to How to find a maid in Gurgaon, We have a perfect solution for your query.

Housmaid – The Perfect Solution To Book maid online

Housmaid is among one of the most trusted maid-servant service provider company, which renders immediate on-demand Maid Services & housekeeping assistance in Gurgaon. You can effortlessly book a maid online through our online portal.

For any type of maid service in Gurgaon, customers can pay a visit to us for trained, reliable and hardworking maids in Gurgaon. We recognize the importance of your time and requirements and therefore furnish you with quality maid services with the most trained workers in Gurgaon. With Quality being our core value, within a short period of time, we have grown into being one of the best service providers.

What Not To Do When You Hire Full-Time Maid And Driver In Gurgaon?

Hire Full Time Maid

Suppose you are being appointed as a plumber. You set a trip to your client’s house, presuming of the busted pipes and faulty toilets you must fix anytime soon. You know how to fit and repair water supplies as you have adequate experience in doing that. By the time you arrive, the client acknowledged you and showed you to a garden where you are demanded to trim the lawn. It’s clearly not your job! This is where the confusion starts. Here are a few tips on What Not To Do When you hire a full-time maid and driver in Gurgaon.

Have you ever felt like not knowing what you are asked to do? because hundreds of maids and drivers have to go through this on a daily basis. With the continuous growing numbers of maids and drivers in Gurgaon, it implies that the demand is rising continuously.

However, it appears that their job scope grew wider and blurrier through time.

1. Hired for one job
People hire a full-time maid to be vehicle washers, landscapers, plumbers, babysitters, when they should not. As they are not experienced with these tasks, there is always a high chance of accidents. And unfortunate incidents take place, they are the one who is pointed out.

One of the major causes of such disasters is because when people hire a full-time maid they are not clear about their demands and needs with the respective person. Also, the tasks the maid and drivers on Gurgaon should and should not do is not crystal clear.

Above all, you shouldn’t put the lives of your maids and drivers in danger. Consider them as your blood and worry about their well-being as much as you would care about yours. Anything that could induce harm to your maids or drivers in Gurgaon should be kept out of their ways. You should even warn the maid when they are about to put their life on the line or perform any dangerous task while serving you. You have compensated for their service not the life of their life.

Hire Full Time Maid

2. Don’t Take Her Sundays and Holidays Away
When you hire a full-time maid and driver in Gurgaon, you are already enjoying the peace of mind and privileges given to you by them, seven days a week. At least allow them to enjoy themselves once in a while. This will provide the maid and drivers in Gurgaon the opportunities to be restored and prepare for the new week of hard work.

Not just Sundays but even on holidays that have sensitive and religious importance such as anniversaries, public holidays, and festivities.

3. Don’t Disrespect Maids and Drivers in Gurgaon
This one is pretty tricky? What includes as disrespect to a maid as you are the
employer? You’ll have to comprehend this out on your own, what you will count as rudeness is a matter of opinion and your philosophy of life.

Anything you don’t want your kids to do to others, don’t do it to your maid and
drivers in Gurgaon. It’ll amount to discourtesy if you blame them for cheating or stealing and you cannot justify it. Never judge them on the spot as you think she’s the only one that could have done it as your maid or driver. It’ll amount to stereotype by assuming that since other maids steal, she/he could have stolen your belongings also. If you feel they have done anything wrong or suspicious, involve the maid service company, don’t pour chills on them.

Driver in Gurgaon

4. Don’t Pour Your Anger On Them
Following a lengthy day battling a bad supervisor at a job or having to deal with the coach of your kids in school, don’t flood the whole frustration on your maid or driver in Gurgaon. Of course, you are exhausted, annoyed and frustrated; they are not the cause of all this. Your maid and drivers should not be at the receiving end of all things bad you’ve encountered during the day Rather, you should appreciate their effort in taking you safely back to your house even after such bottlenecked traffic. Maids restore sanity to your home, take care of your kids and preparing you a good meal to boost your morale, be courteous to them. Just imagine returning home to cook after a long day at work without your maid or just driving o your own on those busy and broken lanes of Gurgaon. Hard indeed.

The family’s health and security should be the top priority. Housmaid offers maid and drivers in Gurgaon services that will help you secure your families safety on roads and at home.

Housmaid is India’s largest service provider for Maid, Cook, Servant, Eldercare,
Babysitter, Gardener, Pantry Boy and drivers in Gurgaon. We hire trained professionals, and our workers assist the customers directly. We don’t charge any commission or brokerage fees from the customers.

Don’t Waste Time! Let Professional Handle Your Lawn and Garden Services

lawn and garden services

Being a homeowner and a working individual is a challenging task. One is occupied all the time with the thought of cleaning, sanitation of the house, among which weeding, clipping, mowing, and other lawn and garden services are the priority tasks. The solution to this inconvenience is very simple – hire professional local gardening services.

Whether you hold a professional lawn or a domestic/ commercial property lawn, hiring expert local gardening services will provide you immense benefits. In this blog, we have listed six basic advantages of having a professional lawn and garden services.

1. Boosts Your Property’s Appeal

Your panorama plays a very crucial role in deciding how your property will look overall to others. A lawn and garden services firm is filled with skilled workers who are best at their work. They make your lawn look neater, the trees stay healthier and, your yard stays neat. An expert service keeps your house beautiful and attractive.

The lawn and garden services experts are loaded with enough experience to perform garden care and understand your vision regarding your lawn. They know what you are exactly looking for and then turn your vision into reality.

lawn and garden services

2. Improves Care Quality

High-quality gardening requires special kinds of techniques and, routines which are quite impossible for an individual to follow unless they are a professional. A full-grown and beautiful lawn also requires specialized tools, equipment, material and the correct knowledge of how to use them.

When you hire local gardening services in your area, they come equipped with all the material required for garden care thus, your investment in the tools drops down to zero.

3. Preserves Your Landscape

Unless you are an expert and have taken proper training about gardening, there is a possibility that you are not taking proper garden care. Many lawn owners think that just watering the plants is all that is required to achieve a beautiful place. Thus, they end up overwatering all the trees. These little mistakes can have a major impact on the beauty of your lawn that why it is a wise idea to let the professionals handle it.

4. Provides Consistent Routine

Consistency is a very crucial element of every successful work. Your grass might not detect that a professional mower arrives at the same time every Sunday, but a consistent system optimizes your outside plants’ health.

5. No more liability issue

lawn and garden services contractor are usually licensed and insured which ultimately eliminates the factor of liability (do make sure they are before hiring a firm). This means that you no longer will have to worry about proper fertilizers, equipment, pesticides or find a proper storage area, nor will you have to worry about proper usage or disposal of the chemicals.

The local gardening services you hire are well aware of the methods and proper usage of all the necessary items including the potentially dangerous chemical. Thus, your presence or efforts are no longer needed to make your lawn beautiful land attractive. Some people simply enjoy working on their laws. If that category includes you, keep up the good work. But if you are one of those who are already occupied with other household work and office chores, it’s better for you to consider hiring a professional as a helping hand.

lawn and garden services

Looking forward to hiring Lawn and Garden Services?

Housmaid is India’s largest service provider for Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Eldercare, Gardner and Pantry Boy. We help customers and businesses to hire trusted professionals for all their service needs.

The process to reach your desired professional Gardner is very easy. All you have to do is just select the particular services among the ones provided (in your case choose Gardner), fill out the general information asked and that’s all. According to your needs and requirements, we will provide you with a huge database of gardeners which you can then try and finalize after you are satisfied.

We have an exceptional database of immense caliber trained gardeners in many areas of Gurgaon and some with special abilities such as organic gardening, historic garden restoration, design, and landscaping, etc. We provide professional lawn and garden services for homes as well as at commercial places. We hire skillful proficient gardeners who hold expertise in numerous gardening techniques like aerating, feeding, mowing, cutting and removing waste grass and are well versed with the most advanced techniques used.

The gardening business plays a very influential role in how neighborhoods and private properties look, as well as in the condition of recreation areas, therefore, we guarantee that the gardeners hired are highly experienced with a good eye for color and expert knowledge in the care of flora and fauna. Our motto is to provide solutions and services all under a single roof for maintaining the home as well as office gardens.

Save Money By Hiring Garden Cleaning Services. Read These 4 Ways

garden cleaning services

Most homeowners and commercial property landlords alike possess the tendency to underestimate the landscaping and garden, which is, in fact, a fundamental part of the capital that offers the opportunity for incredible curb appeal. Above all, your next-door-neighbor and surrounding businesses will acknowledge you for advancing the overall appearance of the neighborhood. Garden cleaning services can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Many people think that designing and installing your lawn/ garden will save you a lot of money….but in reality, hiring home gardening services is the wisest option. Here are 4 ways garden cleaning services can help you save a lot of money along with increasing the value of your house or other property.

They have correct knowledge about the soil and plant type

A garden is much more than just a patch of grass. It actually involves disciplines in order to grow into a full-fledge landscape. Garden cleaning services send you the expert gardeners who hold years of experience in this field. They know what should be grown where and when.

And if the sowing is not performed properly, you will be forced to repurchase and replant all the trees every once in a while.  

They are creative

Home gardening services firms are filled with people who are creative and they know how to transform any grassland into a beautiful, safe garden.  They are skilled and imaginative. In cases where the owners themselves try to decorate their garden, they are forced to hire people who can give them ideas and suggestions for a beautiful outcome. However, home gardening services are incorporate with everything, planning, and execution.

Ability to handle unexpected situations

With renovation taking place, there is always a possibility of unexpected issues taking place. Garden cleaning services providers have an abundance of knowledge and experience about navigating and avoiding problems. They know what to check before planting anything and how to avoid them. Their expertise can your garden as well as your pocket form getting affected.

Increases property value

Lastly, home gardening services change your overall design of the yard and this ultimately increases the value of your property in the long run.

garden cleaning services

Looking forward to hiring Garden cleaning services?

Housmaid is India’s largest service provider for Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Eldercare, Gardner and Pantry Boy. We help customers and businesses to hire trusted professionals for all their service needs.

The process to reach your desired professional Gardner is very easy. All you have to do is just select the particular services among the ones provided (in your case choose Gardner), fill out the general information asked and that’s all. According to your needs and requirements, we will provide you with a huge database of gardeners which you can then try and finalize after you are satisfied.

Housmaid database is filled with exceptional, immense caliber qualified gardeners in many areas of Gurgaon, NCR and some with unique skills such as organic gardening, historic garden restoration, design, and landscaping, etc. We provide garden cleaning services for houses, apartments as well as at commercial places too. Housmaid only hires experienced skillful gardeners for home gardening services who hold expertise in various landscaping techniques like aerating, feeding, mowing, cutting and removing waste grass and are well versed with the most advanced routines used.

We understand gardening plays a very influential role in how your neighborhoods and private commuters look at you, as well as in the condition of recreation areas, therefore, we ensure that our garden cleaning services are performed by highly experienced with a good eye for color and expert knowledge in the care of flora and fauna. Our motto is to provide solutions and services all under a single roof for maintaining the home as well as office gardens.

Selecting Online Maid Service: The Perfect Checklist

domestic maid agency

Choosing a helper is not easy, especially after all the unfortunate stories floating on social media sites. Entrusting children in the care of domestic helpers may not be easy for you. However, the importance and need for maids in metropolitan cities remain. Thus, choosing the right Online Maid Service provider is of utmost importance.
Maid and servants have become a necessity in our daily life. We have reached a point where we are somewhere dependent on the helpers to handle the most crucial and sophisticated task of the household. The maintenance of the entire house and associated household works are the responsibility of the maids. Since we are so banked on them, it is very crucial to hire a person
who is trustworthy and honest as well as responsible and professional in his/her work.

Online Maid Service

The fight between choosing an online maid service and the hiring maid offline is never-ending. However, hiring an online maid service comes with an end number of benefits. It is easy, convenient and all the maids are thoroughly verified and reliable.
Since the maid is going to enter your personal space, you can never go wrong while choosing an Online Maid Service .

online maid service

The Perfect Checklist For Choosing An Online Maid Service

1) License, Background, and Affiliations
The very first step in deciding an online maid service is to check whether the agency has a legitimate license to operate in that particular area or not. Many services providing agencies in Gurgaon pay a hefty sum to marketing companies to get themselves registered for operation even when they don’t have a formal registration done with the government. Thus, you must check the shortlisted agencies hold the right licenses and permits. Additionally, if you are choosing an Online Maid Service that is affiliated to any recognized certifying body, you are on the right path.

2) Their Digital Presence
Digital presence is a very crucial aspect in today’s dynamic technological world. A website is the most basic and primary step of gathering information about any firm or organization. You must refer to the official website of the Online Maid Service agency you are planning to choose as it tells a lot about how the company operates. You can very well judge their credibility basis the
content they decide to offer to the online visitors.
A firm that is prudent about their services will maintain the same seriousness on its website.
From designing to information available, everything will be done with the utmost professionalism.

3) Freedom of Choice
Make sure the online maid service agency that you are hiring has a vast database of maids and helpers to choose from. Many agencies in Gurgaon have a very limited number of maids, thus their customers are forced to compromise between the options. And subsequently, when the client is not satisfied with the maid, they again offer to replace them, thus, making a double commission.
A vast database provides you with the opportunity to make a choice and hire the best one according to your requirements.

online maid service

4) Thorough background check
Since a maid is entering your personal space, your house, and will be there in your absence, it is very crucial that the person you are hiring is trustworthy. The agency should perform thorough background checks on the workers to make sure they are credible. Also, check whether the maids/ helpers are insured and bonded with the agency. This will protect you from any mishappening at the house or any theft incidents.

5) Other unseen things
While choosing an online maid service, check the establishment of the company. It will give you a fair idea about their experience in their respective fields. Also, check whether the company is registered for any fraud or legal action in the past. In case any complaint was filed or actions were taken, figure out the role of the company in the situation, or what actions are they taking to
counter the claims. This will give you a practical example of how the agency you are trusting actually is.

Housmaid is among the most trusted maid-servant service company in Delhi NCR, which provide immediate on-demand Maid Services & housekeeping services in the area. You can easily book a maid online through our online portal. For any type of maid service in Gurgaon, you can visit us for professional, reliable and hardworking maids in Gurgaon. We understand your time and requirements and therefore provide you quality maid services with the most professional workers in Gurgaon. With Quality as our core value within a short period of time, we have become one of the best service providers in Gurgaon. We are 100% committed to our clients needs for delivering 100 % of our service promises. Our services include housekeeping
services for corporates, house maintenance packages and servants in Gurgaon. We also provide full-time maid services as well as part-time maid services in Gurgaon.

Things To Consider While You Book A Cook Online.

book a cook online

Food is an indispensable part of life. Any day without wholesome good food is incomplete. Usually, people living in a metropolitan city are so occupied with their job and other work, they barely get enough time to cook food. People tend to make excuses to not cook at home and skip their meals or eat outside. Not only this habit affects the health of an individual, but it also tampers their strength and energy to work for the whole day. The solution here is to book a cook online for your home according to your taste and needs.
So that when you come back home after an occupied day, you can enjoy a wholesome food at home.

Here are a few of the essential things you should look for when you Book a Cook Online.

 Work Experience Of The Cook
The experience is av very crucial part when it comes to hiring a cook online. It is important that you ask them about their schedule or whether they are working at any other place or not. Your timing must match their availability. To ensure good and healthy food, it’s advisable to Book a Cook Online who has some previous experience in cooking at various places.

 Additional Requirements
If you are a foodie, you must opt for a cook who knows how to make different dishes that you will relish. Every individual has a different sense and style of cooking and since you are the consumer, you must be comfortable with it. Book a cook online who can cater to your taste. You may be a vegetarian who cannot stand the smell of meat. If you have any such additional requirements, make sure to mention it before hiring someone.

book a cook online

 Handles Responsibility

For a cook, making food is not the sole responsibility he is entitled to. Their job is much more than that. Ranging from maintaining the whole kitchen to washing all the vessels and cleaning them, a cooks job encompasses all of these works.
Thus, to ensure all the work is acknowledged, you must provide a clear list of tasks to your cook and ensure that he/she is willing to do it before you Book a Cook Online.

 Wage and Leave
The next crucial thing to consider while you book a cook online is the expected salary. Living in metropolitan cities is already very expensive, thus, no one would like to add one more burden on their head. Keep a fair budget in your mind and be very clear and firm on that. These things are very crucial and must be acknowledged at the very moment of hiring. So, discuss the monthly salary, timings, and the number of leaves and other needs you expect from the cook.

 Background Check
While you book a cook online, do not forget to perform a thorough background check. Ask them about their past jobs and the reason behind leaving it. You can also get in touch with the past owners and enquire about their cooking habits, punctuality, behavior, hygiene, etc. Apart from that, you should ask the cook for photo id proof, local address, native address and other documents that you deem necessary.
With all these in mind, make sure that you Book a Cook Online who understands your language and vice. Even if you have cultural differences and his mother tongue is different, he must know a language that you both understand. Apart from this, he/she must be smart enough to follow all the instructions provided to them. They must be reliable and trustworthy.

book a cook online

Housmaid is an on-demand leading service provider helping customers to save time while you can enjoy a home-cooked meal and the joy that comes with it. We help customers to find professional cooks who can cook the best delicious food for your family. Our workers are well trained and well familiar with all the dishes/recipes. Our cooks have received a commendable position in the market due to their highly skilled quality services.

We use extensive background check by verification of each worker, which help our customer to establish trust in our workers. Our services come with zero brokerage ensuring that prices fit every budget and we also accept cashless payment to reduce the hassles. We also provide 24/7 customer support for our customers in order to maintain the best standard of service. We ensure our customers get the best services according to their preferences, we keep focus on our customers’ needs to deliver best in class customer experience.

Booking a cook online is not an easy Job! the cook needs to understand your tastes, preferences & also your way of cooking meals. So if you are planning to book a cook online? Housmaid is the perfect solution.

Maid Service – Tips and Tricks To Make Your House Spotless

maid services

On average, a person spends 40 minutes of their precious time in scrubbing and cleaning chores. Thats almost an hour of hard work with a bonus of scrubbed knees and severe back pain. One would rather spend that time with their family or engaging in other recreational activities. But leaving the house dirty is not a good option. Thats where professional cleaning services help you through. Housmaid is one of the most trusted providers of Maid Service in Gurgaon with zero brokerage and 24/7 customer support on your fingertips.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It plays an important role in maintaining ones mental and physical health intact. Sanitized spaces keep you protected from germs and have a very low risk of infecting diseases such as dengue, typhoid, hepatitis, jaundice, ringworm, etc. But unless you are a person who loves to maintain hygiene, it can be very difficult to keep up with all the cleaning tasks with the monotonous busy schedule, especially when one is a working professional.

maid service

Here are a Few Mind-Blowing Cleaning Tips and Tricks used by Professional Maid Services

Cleaning Rugs
According to the research published in 2001, an average indoor carpet is 4000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Thus, it should be prioritized while cleaning. Vacuuming once a week is a good option or placing the rugs outside in the sun.

How to do: Place the rug on the ground and start beating it with a hard stick or broom. Continue doing it until all the dust is vanquished. Repeat the process at least thrice a year for better results.

The process may seem easy, but in no time will drain out all of your energy.

But why do it on your own when you can hire a professional?
Housmaid’s maid service is well aware of all the cleaning processes and is invariably equipped with the tools for the same to provide you with world-class service.

 Buy Machine Washable Items
Items such as pillow covers, curtains, drapes, etc act as a dust catcher. They absorb all the moist and dirt from outside and work as a storehouse for them until washed. If you are living in metropolitan cities, you know how difficult, it is to protect oneself from all the pollution and dust coming from outside. Thus, buying machine-friendly items is a good decision.

How to do – Bathroom mats should be washed at least every other week whereas carpets, pillows, and curtains should be twice a year, at least ONCE!
A professional maid knows what to wash, when and how? They understand the importance of every piece of cloth and deal with them with most care.

maid services

 Change Bedding Weekly
Humans shed an ounce of dead skin cells per week, most of which get stick to our bed sheet and pillow covers (even clothes). The sweat one releases while sleeping makes the bed moist helping the dust particles to use the area as a settling base for themselves. In short, after a few days, your bed is no longer cozy but a filthy space that needs to be changed.

How to do- Wash all the bedsheets and pillow covers in warm water, especially during flu season. This reduces allergens keeping your bed more sanitized and safe place to sleep in.

Use Lemon and Ice for Disposals
Definitely, the garbage bin is not going to smell like lavenders. But leaving it as it is will only going to deteriorate the situation. Bad odor is a serious turn-off so unless you want the house atmosphere to go all pungent, it’s better to keep some measures.

How to do- In order to remove the foul smell, add a half-cut lemon and some ice cubes into the disposal and turn on the power. In no time the aroma will turn from stinky to refreshing. Baking soda is also a good alternative to it. Just add ¼ cup to the trash box and the smell will no longer spread in the environment.

A busy schedule in the morning makes you forget removing the trash can out? The presence of a maid at your household service will solve this problem for you. A maid will make sure your house is clean with a pleasant smell when you reach back home after a tiresome day. It is their sole responsibility to take care of the trash regularly and eliminate any kind of foul smell in the house. If you are looking for the most trusted and reliable maid service in Gurgaon, Click on the link given.
Is your house is cluttered too because of the procrastination? Then its high time you hire a helping hand for yourself, a maid. You can choose between a Part-Time maid and a Full-Time maid according to the requirements. For the most reliable maid services, visit

Part-Time Maid vs Full-Time Maid in Gurgaon

maid service in gurgaon

Gurgaon, which is emerging as a new residential and commercial hub in the Delhi NCR had dragged the attention of many investors recently. Numerous ready to move in projects and developing infrastructure has increased the demand and the price of the place. One of the major benefits of having a house in a metropolitan city is that one can afford to employ domestic help. Not just part-time, but also a full-time maid in Gurgaon.

One of the major dilemmatic concerns that the house owners usually go through is whether to hire a part-time paid or a full-time maid in Gurgaon? 

Here are some of the points that will help you understand the job performed by both and prioritize which one better suits your requirements.

  • Availability

Availability is an important point to consider when choosing a part-time or a full-time maid in Gurgaon. Hiring a full-time maid in Gurgaon is a good decision if you are looking for a helper to aid you all the time with the daily chores and stays around you. While there is a high possibility of part-time maids to skip a few days at work, full-time maids are like a live-in partner for you.

  • In Case Of Emergency Situations

Let’s give you an instance – you need to leave the house for an urgent meeting with your boss or you suddenly had a stomach ache. In such situations, there is a high chance that a part-time maid will not be able to facilitate you with your condition. As a part-time maid has other houses to work with, they are fully packed with their schedule. Thus, they may not be able to help with your cause. Whereas a full-time maid in Gurgaon will be there for you.

  • Flexibility

A part-time maid in Gurgaon works for around 7-8 hours a day, which means if they start their work from 8 in the morning to 6 pm, they still leave a huge part of the day unattended. Whereas a full-time maid in Gurgaon covers every part of your house chores. Now that you are free, you can use that time focusing on other crucial work.

  • Retention

Retention is a crucial aspect of every sector. No one wants an employee who is not stable enough to last longer. Part-time maids often drop out from  their job quicker than those who work as a full-time maid in Gurgaon. 

Part-time maids are exposed to other jobs and they may choose the one with better wages. This problem is almost at the negligence stage for full-time maids in Gurgaon

  • Responsibility

A full-time maid treats your house like their own. They are accountable for everything that happens around and holds complete responsibility for it. For a part-time maid, Your house chores is a daily task which needs to be completed. They usually don’t get emotionally attached to your house or people around.

  • Additional Tasks

A part-time maid is pretty aware and specific about their tasks for the day. Adding up extra work is not in their style, nor will they appreciate it. Full-time maids are flexible. They do housework, take care of babies and manage your house in your absence. In short, a perfect substitute for you.

  • Affordability

It may be surprising, but a full-time maid in Gurgaon is often more affordable and budget-friendly than the part-time maids.

Though there are other disadvantages of having a full-time maid at home – quarrels, additional responsibility and lack of privacy is the topmost among them.

So, Where to find a Full-Time Maid in Gurgaon?

Full-Time Maid in Gurgaon

If you are looking for a full-time maid in Gurgaon, Housmaid provides the best maid solutions. Housmaid is India’s leading online platform for full-time maid services in Gurgaon. 

Being a homeowner is not easy. One needs constant support in all kinds of household chores and we are here to help you that. We provide verified and experienced maids, cooks, eldercare, drivers, gardeners, etc, at the best prices in Gurgaon. We work on a no brokerage policy and no-cost replacement for any worker you are not satisfied with. 

In order to hire a full-time maid in Gurgaon, complete your booking process in the following 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Select desired service

Step 2 – Fill in your requirements

Step 3 – Choose and finalize.

To help you with better assistance we also have a 24/7 customer support who will answer each and every query you have regarding the workers. Also, Get a 2 day trial period with Housmaid before finalizing your service requirements.

Why It Is Important To Find A Professional Driver for Hire After Motor Vehicle Bill 2019?

hiring a personal driver

With more than a billion population in India, Road traffic has been one of the most serious issues, one can encounter in the country. Snarling traffic jams and the worse condition of the roads are the influential culprits of making the ride less fun and more like a dragging activity. With the number of casualties and deaths are increasing every year due to road accidents, the wiser part is to find a driver for hire, who can take care of you and your vehicle on the road. 

The Indian government has introduced new traffic and road safety bills from time to time. But with added amendments come new strictness. The changes have often resulted in more stringent rules and with the recent Motor Vehicle Bill 2019, it is quite visible that the people will have to spend a good amount of their pay packages if they violate any of these traffic laws. People are seeking drivers for hire to stay free from heavy penalties.

In India, the introduction of New Motor Vehicle Bill, 2019, has changed the scenario for the motorists plying. The Act came into force from September 1, 2019, and since then it has been a challenge for the commuters to handle. For simple offenses, the fine has been increased five times, making it very clear that no mercy will be provided to anyone who performs violation of the traffic rules. In such a scenario, even a small mistake can cause major harm to your finance and reputation, This is the primary reason why it is a good idea to consider a driver for hire.

Some Of The Other Reasons Why Having A Driver For Hire Can Be The Right Choice:

  • They Know All The Traffic Rules:

Driver for Hire

After the increased penalties for traffic rule violations, one needs to be very careful with their driving skills or their wallets will be left with a colossal burning hole. One must take all the necessary precautions to avoid any such kind of incidents and hiring a driver is one of the best options here.

 An experienced Driver is aware of even the smallest edict and is trained to follow them under any circumstances. Starting from basic rules like wearing seat belts while driving in the desired speed limit, they dedicatedly carry out their work so that, you can just sit in the backseat, stress-free from contemplating of getting a “challan” tickets.

  • Professional Drivers Are Well Aware Of The Road Conditions. 

India comprises of roads that are too steep, narrow, crowded and dangerous. Driver for HireDriving in such kind of roads is a challenging task and with high imposed fines one just cannot afford to lose their concentration while driving. 

No matter how carefully you drive, having a professional by your side is the best thing to do. Drivers are well aware of the condition of roads and know the best route to reach your destination. Having a driver for hire eliminates the risk.

  • They are better than GPS:

When one drives on their own, they are likely to use a GPS for road assistance. driver for hireWhile in case of narrow roads, The GPS facility is not able to distinguish quite frequently. Thus, it leads to unintentional misleading of the routes to the commuter. A professional driver knows the best route, stops and infract every corner.

 A professional driver is a better option. Also, GPS facilities take time to update themselves. Newly appointed signs such as “no U-turn” or “no left turn” may not be visible on the app creating a big credibility issue for you. 

  • They Reduce The Risk Of Accidents:

Road accidents are the most common reasons for the death of many people in the nation. Over speeding, Drunken drive, Red light bypassing plays one of the key roles for this cause. Contribution of Potholes and unfavorable weather conditions also has an impact on the same. A driver for hire is highly trained to tackle each one of these situations and is highly equipped to avoid accidents.

A trained driver provides the liberty to stop worrying about all these things. So, you can just relax in the back seat and carry on with the other work while you are traveling. 

If you are looking for a professionally trained driver, Housmaid has a huge list of the professionally trained drivers for hire. They are reliable and trustworthy and can be molded as per one’s requirement. Our services are budget-friendly and available at no-brokerage fees.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Maid For Baby Care In Gurgaon?

Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

Parenting is surely a hard task to pull. Parents are always on their toes in order to make sure nothing goes awry for their babies. But in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon usually when both the parents are working with their own corporate responsibilities to handle. They have jobs and bosses to report to, thus, staying 24/7 with the baby is not actually possible. This is where the need for a maid for baby care in Gurgaon arises.

Such kind of situation is very common nowadays and parents are looking forward to hiring someone who will be there as a substitute to take care of this situation. This is the reason there has been an unexpected rise in the demand for maid for babycare in Gurgaon.

maid for baby care in gurgaonA babysitter’s major work is to make sure that your children are in a safe environment under any and every circumstance. They watch after kids in their parent’s absence and perform activities like feeding them, changing clothes, picking and dropping them from school, etc. They basically help in the smooth functioning of your child’s daily routine on your behalf.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Hiring A Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon:

Keep Your Mind At Peace

Whenever parents lose the sight of their child they just cannot stop thinking about them. Whether he/she is at the office or out with some friends for dinner, their mind is never at peace. They are constantly anxious about the condition of their child. 

A professional babysitter helps you at keeping your mind at peace. They assure that your child is in good hands and that best care is being taken for your child.

You Get Back Your ‘My Time’:

Along with children, every individual needs to foster other relationships they are entitled to. Spouse, family, friends and especially to themselves. A babysitter helps you in balancing all these relationships without getting worried about your child.

Being a new parent can be a challenging task in a busy city, so having a maid for baby care in Gurgaon helps you to attend to nurturing your love life and exercise self-care.

Reduces The House-Hold Chores For You:

Working in a commercial hub is not easy. One gets exposed to end numbers of hours at the office. Coming home exhausted leaves you with no energy for housework. A babysitter can help you lighten up the chores by uncluttering the house, dusting, etc. So, when you come back home you can have a positive vibe.

They Know How To Deal With Unfavorable Situations:

A professional babysitter is well-trained to help a child in case of emergencies. They have a first-aid kid and CPR training to tackle emergency situations. Thus, your child will always be in safe hands.

Promises Flexibility:

Maid For Baby Care In GurgaonHiring a maid for baby care in Gurgaon will provide the flexibility to attend other important events of your life, which would otherwise go unattended. Whether you have a doctor’s appointment or a sudden business to take care of, you can always count on a babysitter to keep a watch on your child while you are out.

You Child Is Always In A Familiar Environment:

Though Daycare services in crowded cities are also an option when it comes to leaving your child in responsible hands. But, they come with their own drawbacks. Hiring a maid for baby care in Gurgaon will make sure that your kid feels like home. It is a more familiar environment which is not possible at Daycares. Food can also be an issue at these places. They have their own designated menu for the kids, so if your child is a bit picky, it’s a good plan to hire a babysitter in Gurgaon and brief her about the eating habits.

If you are looking for a maid for baby care in Gurgaon, then, Housmaid is a perfect solution to your queries. We have a huge database of trustworthy and skilled workers who will fit your family perfectly.

We, at Housmaid, understands how difficult it is for a parent to leave the child alone in order to carry out their professional work. We are totally committed to serving peace of mind to all those parents, by providing dependable and reliable staff, who will take care of their child with the utmost professionalism. 

Each of our babysitters is carefully chosen in order to provide the best environment for your kid. We understand every small need of parents, thus, we have budget-friendly well-trained babysitters who know how to serve with a humble approach. They are also well-equipped to perform cleaning activities, so when you come home not just your child is happy but so is you. 

housmaidChoosing Housmaid comes with many other benefits including no brokerage, a thorough background check on each and every worker you hire and free replacement to ensure maximum productiveness. Our customers also enjoy the benefit of cashless payment and 24/7 customer support. 

If you are looking for a babysitter in Gurgaon, Fill your requirements in the Housmaid online portal, and Get the most trusted and reliable maids at your service.

Click here to Book a maid for baby care in Gurgaon Now.

How Housekeeping Services In Gurgaon is Setting The Difference in Corporate Offices?


New Gurgaon is becoming one of the fast-emerging residential and commercial hubs in the State. With great expansion comes great responsibility. So, whether it is commercial or personal, managing both spaces require professional hands at each stage.

Housekeeping is one of the most significant aspects of facility management as its effect is visible to the residents and visitors. No compromise can be exercised in this arena. Thus, it becomes a critical responsibility for people to appoint a well trained and responsible staff who are trustworthy too. Housmaid is a prominent name in this field for years. since our commencement, We are providing professional housekeeping services in Gurgaon with consistency and reliability in our services. We are one of the most popular and trusted leading companies in the facility management sector with the highest customer satisfaction rate.

how to find a maid in gurgaon

Maintaining a household requires a significant amount of time and energy and a corporate life doesn’t provide liberty to attain it. Thus, there is no enough leisure to practice all the cleaning work on one’s own, unless the weekend arrives. Usually, most of the people use their weekend period to complete all the pending household chores. On the bitter part, they ruin their whole time brushing racks and removing stains which can be utilized for some recreational activities.  In such scenarios, it is always a good idea to hire a helping hand, i.e housekeeping services in Gurgaon. They do not just clean your house and remove mold but also fill up space with more positive and safe energy.

Some of the benefits of hiring a housekeeping service in Gurgaon, that may excite you are:

housekeepingReduced Stress Of Cleaning:

Cleaning is no doubt, a difficult job to pull and an immense source of stress too. No matter, how small or big is your living space. if it’s not cleaned, one can never take a sigh of relief. Taking out spare time from a busy schedule of work and sorting the house down is not an easy task to handle. 

A housekeeping staff reduces this stress from your shoulders and takes care of every cleaning chores of your house, on your behalf. which means you can provide your full attention to your work while someone trustworthy is doing all the cleaning part of your house. With time, housekeeping services in Gurgaon have become a need for many households and it has shown positive effects of their lives.

You get the liberty to customize the schedule

Another benefit of hiring housekeeping services in Gurgaon is that they come with the liberty of customization. One can organize the cleaning style, schedule, possibly with everything according to their convenience. You can also arrange their timings, such as daily, weekly or bi-weekly or just hire them on a monthly basis. After all, the control is completely in your hands and you can shape it according to your comfort zone.

Reduces the risk of injury

Climbing tables and racks may lead to some unfortunate incidents giving you enough physical threats for a lifetime. Housekeeping staff are very aware of their work and are experienced in their field, Not just they reduce the risk of any injury or fatigue, but they also provide satisfying cleaning results to the dirty and messy areas.

Increases work productivity

Book a Cook OnlineIt is a matter of fact, that a clean environment supports positive energy. This motivates the people around to work harder and uplifts their mood. The duty of housekeeping staff is to make any area around look more pleasant and gratifying in nature.

They have tools and experience

Another major benefit of hiring a housekeeping staff is that they are always well equipped with all the necessary gear. They have been working in this field for years and are trained for tasks, a normal individual may not accomplish. They have acquired complete expertise and knowledge which makes their work stand out. 

They create a healthy environment for your family

While you are out, tirelessly working, the germs and bacterias of your house are also attempting to affect your loved ones. But with the housekeeping staff taking care of your home, it is a safe and clean place to stay. From mold to allergens, housekeeping staff makes sure to remove each and every dirt and maintain proper hygiene in every corner.

Because House Cleaning Is More Than Just Making A Home Look Good.

Do you need help with cleaning your living spaces? If yes, then we are here to provide you with the best and reliable housekeeping staff in Gurgaon. We, at Housmaid, primarily focus on raising our standards with customer-centric approach Quality is our top-most priority which we never wish to compromise on. We are 100% committed to provide loyalty towards our customers and ensure they are satisfied with our services for a lifetime.

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Hire a Personal Driver To Overcome The Following Daily Travel Woes

Hire a Personal Driver

Apparently, there is no metropolitan city in India that doesn’t suffer from the messy and turbulent condition of traffic on the roads. It’s like the word development and traffic are coupling to each other. 

The satisfaction and pleasure of acquiring a driving license evaporate as soon as one hits the road in Gurgaon. Driving a car in a traffic-laden road comes with a lot of responsibility. You are not just accountable for your own life but others too. Every person is entitled to a lot of responsibilities when they hit the road. Attentiveness is one of the primary factors. Thus, one needs to be mindful while driving, in order to avoid any kind of road mishaps. Or, you can opt for the best alternative – Hire a Personal Driver.

The passion to travel is always a special experience irrespective of destinations. But are you missing out on the fun moments? Because most of your time is wasted looking at the busy road amidst traffic jams or when convincing the traffic policeman that you have not violated any traffic rules. Well, if the answer is yes, you should definitely consider hiring a professional driver in Gurgaon.

Hiring a personal driver in Gurgaon  has become more of a necessity for daily commuters. Let’s take a look at the following benefits of hiring a personal driver.

  • You no longer have to fear about any driving-related issue.

There is a possibility that while driving one may get distracted due to circumstances, suppose an urgent call from the boss or taking care of a small kid in the front seat. All these can result in unfortunate happenings. But such unfavorable experiences lower down to negligent levels when you hire a personal driver.

A well-qualified driver has spent most of the time on roads and they are aware of the safe route while traveling during the bottleneck hours. They eliminate all the risk and stress on the road. So, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride.

  • A budget-friendly option:

Hiring a personal driver in Gurgaon may seem pricey or over your budget but in fact, there are different price ranges accompanied by special offers to cater to every kind of customer. So there is no longer the need to burn holes in your pocket, just opt for a trusted and reliable facility service provider and you are good to go.

  • You no longer have to worry about your car in a ‘No-Parking Zone’.

Hire a Personal Driver in GurgaonThe problem of finding a parking spot is generally unknown to car owners. Expensive luxurious cars are left on roads due to the insufficiency of a parking space and are ultimately targetted by owl-eyed tow trucks.

But,  if you hire a driver in Gurgaon, you no longer have to worry about the non-parking zones or fight for a proper car parking spot. You will be picked and dropped whenever and wherever you want.

  • You can be productive while sitting comfortably at the back seat.

Another benefit of hiring a personal driver is that it allows you to spend the whole travel time engaging yourself to something else, something productive. Instead of focusing attentively on the roads till you reach your destination, you can use the time for working on different things, say, scheduling your day, finish your pending projects and if have nothing important, then quietly read a book, surf the internet or just listen to music.

  • You are the boss!

Just because you are not driving, mean you no longer control the drive. When you hire a personal driver, you are still in charge. You can direct him to follow your instructions, what speed he should follow, which route he should take and other so’s and don’t’s of your car. You can also provide suggestions as to how they can become better drivers. All this has to be done by you from the backseat. It’s like you are a backseat driver!

  • They know better traffic rules than anyone else, thus there is no need to worry about getting a ‘challan’.

hire a driver to avoid challanImage for representational use only. Image Courtesy : India Today

The recent Motor Vehicle Act 2019 has escalated the fines for traffic rule violations as high as 5 Lakh rupees so evidently, you don’t want to mess with the rules. Hiring a driver is Gurgaon is a good plan because they are well aware of every updated traffic rules and regulations and will pay equal attention to it. Thus, you don’t have to spend your time convincing traffic policemen that you didn’t break the law or spend your hard-earned money to bear the fine.

Housmaid is a one-stop solution for anyone who is looking for a well trained personal driver in Gurgaon. We provide you with reliable drivers on reasonable prices who have accomplished expertise in their driving skills and their utmost priority is to keep you and your family safe throughout any journeys, including your car!

Maid Service in Gurgaon

Maid Service in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has witnessed drastic growth over the years. Consistently fuelled by the lavish apartments, reliable connectivity, colossal upsurge in infrastructural expansion and planned growth expectancy has completely changed the city and made it a new ‘commercial hub’ in the NCT. With everything growing around, there has been a rise in a sudden demand for hygiene and cleanliness around the city. Whether in offices or at home, the need for professional housekeeping services have escalated and so has the demand for maid service in Gurgaon.

The lifestyle of a corporate city like Gurgaon is well known for everyone. People work like machines and are stuck in a monotonous busy life with a very less amount of leisure time left for themselves. A tight 9-hour shift at the office followed by a 2-hour shift in the traffic pumps out the energy of working professionals. Consequently, when they reach home, all they want is to just take rest. The biggest demand and predicament with people following this sort of routine is about finding a good maid service in Gurgaon. If you are a working professional and is suffering from the same issue, we offer the best maid solution for you.

Housmaid is among the top professionals who have excelled in the field of providing maid service in Gurgaon. It is an online portal for people who remained occupied in their monotonous schedule and can’t take out enough time to take care of their house.

Hire A Maid Online

Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Eldercare, Gardener and Pantry BoyGetting a maid is not a cakewalk anymore. It is very difficult to find someone whom you can trust and leave your house and other belongings in your absence. In fact, nowadays choosing one on your own is almost next to impossible. Firstly, finding one with the word of mouth method, then taking interviews, checking the maid’s background, discussing salary and what not. The process goes on and on and on.

So either you can try knocking the door of your neighbors asking about their maid or you can just simply find a reliable professional maid service in Gurgaon with just a click!

Housemaid understands what your needs and concerns are, regarding your private space. So when you opt for us over others we ensure you get the best in class services. We qualified professional maids whom you can rely upon for every household chorus.

  1. Cleaning Maid Service In Gurgaon

The busy lifestyle of the corporates makes it very difficult for them to take out time for chores such as Sweeping, mopping, dusting, etc. In order to help with these, Housmaid will provide you with professional maid services in Gurgaon who will take care of all the cleaning needs of your house. From washing utensils to bedding, everything will be done with the utmost expertise and care.

  1. Cooking Maid Service In Gurgaon

What to eat ? One of the most difficult questions to answer. As we all know how hard it is to manage work and corporate life and more pressure of making food after a tiring day is surely something no one would want to add to their plate.

So ultimately people end up eating takeaways and other outside junk food form the street.

We, at Housmaid, provide you with cost-effective and reliable cooking maid service in Gurgaon. They are trained to provide you with timely, tasty meals served on the table which will make you overcome all the stress of the day.

  1. Baby Care Maid Service In Gurgaon

One of the most important parts of everyone’s life is their children. Whether infants or teenagers, a parent can never take off their minds from thinking about their child. Especially in today’s era when both parents are working, Assigning someone to take care of small children at home has become a crucial need.

Gurgaon, being one of the most expensive cities in India, makes it very difficult to find a reasonable daycare for the kids.

Housmaid provides its customers with standard daycare maid service in Gurgaon. The maid will take care of the child, play with them, feed them and also exercise the pick and drop from the school bus facility along with other baby-related tasks.

We also provide babysitters for working moms who are qualified and experienced enough to ensure that your baby feels safe and protected as they feel in their mothers arms. So whether you want to go out and attend an emergency meeting or want to spend some quality time with your partner, Housmaid is here to rescue you.

Along with providing quality maid service in Gurgaon, Housmaid has many more services to offer. We take pride in our quality services and make sure to treat you with the utmost professionalism. You can also join our family of happy customers.  Post your requirements with just a click! We will be happy to help.

Housekeeping Services in Gurgaon

Housekeeping Services In Gurgaon

Gurgaon has been one of the busiest cities in India, with the epicenter of corporate hubs bulging all-round it. With major IT giants and Multinationals, this place is more like Silicon Valley in the United States. You will find professionals all-round swinging in the city, who may belong to any of these companies, swirling on technology park campuses. Whether it is a place of residence or an office, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene has always been a challenge. Professional housekeeping services play a major role in overcoming these challenges. Housekeeping services in Gurgaon are in high demand these days.

Hire A Maid Online - Housmaid

If you are a working professional, currently residing in Gurgaon, It is customary that, you end up beating your stress, by staying outdoors in the weekends with your friends. To take care of housekeeping needs, this portal proves to be the best problem-solver for you. Housmaid is the most efficient online solution, for people who cannot devote enough time for their living spaces or place of residence. We came up with this platform, where you can hire facilities – With Just A Click!

HOUSMAID – Hiring Housekeeping  Services in Gurgaon is Now Easy.

What All Can You Do With This Portal?

Reliable Maids are scarce in Gurgaon these days. It is hard to find a maid who can provide quality house-hold services in your absence. Moreover, there is always a threat to your goods or items of being stolen. There are many cases of thefts reported in the city, where owners claimed that they could not track the accused maids.

Housmaid makes the difference here. When you hire a maid online, through this portal, the first thing you get,  is a reliable solution to your household needs. Finding quality domestic help is a challenge today. Housmaid takes all the pain for you and provides with professional maids that meets your requirements. 

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Working mothers usually face problems in babysitting as they have to contribute their hours to their workplace. When it comes to trusted care for babies, Housmaid provides the best solution to hire a Babysitter online. Professional Babysitters at Housmaid, are qualified enough to handle every baby issue from extensive care to feeding and responding to emergency situations related to infants which also includes monitoring infant behavior. With Babysitters at Housmaid, you get multiple advantages in your personal life. Spend maximum time with your spouse and improve your relationship, while our professional babysitters take care of your baby helping you to attain peace of mind. Also, you get time to interact with your social circles. 

Get relief from stress while our babysitters take care of your piece of heart.

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If you are a working professional, you may understand how it feels to cook your food after you are back from work feeling exhausted. Finding a trusted cook in Gurgaon, who understands your taste is not that easy. We make it easy. Log in to and book professional Cooks Online as per as your specified requirements. Cooks at Housmaid are trained to accommodate the taste of what clients are looking for. And what’s more? You get your timely, yummy meals ready to be served on the table. What can beat that feeling?

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Gurgaon is jam-packed with traffic at peak hours. Driving to and back from your office is tiresome, continuously putting your leg on the clutch, watching out the road to reach your destination early. Hiring a driver online helps to beat your driving stress putting you in comfort. At Housmaid, You find professional drivers, who not only drive your car but actually cares for it. Our drivers have an extensive knowledge of car engines as well as tire replacements which definitely helps in case of emergencies. With Housmaid, You can find a trained driver online who are abided by traffic safety rules so that you can ride with safety and luxury every time. 

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Well! There are more services at Housmaid which we will list in a separate blog. We are considered as the best providers of Housekeeping services in Gurgaon. All you need is to select your required service and Just Book! Yes, It’s that easy.  

Driver in Gurgaon: Avoiding fatal accidents

hiring a personal driver

Road accidents are the third major preventable amongst all fatalities in the world. The death rate due to road mishaps in India is publicly glaring, while road safety is professionally lacking and politically missing. Each year especially in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, road traffic injuries caused due to the negligence of traffic rules takes the lives of many people and seriously injure many more.

How a professional driver can help through the traffic

Travelling has been a part of human existence and in the current environment; it has become even more important. The use of cars for transportation is one of the most common and the most affordable options to travel. Whether traveling locally or internationally the need for transportation is a part of daily living. For which to Hire a Driver in Gurgaon like metropolitan cities have become more important.

But still some of the benefits of hiring a personal driver are:

Enjoy maximum comfort: For traveling, hiring a driver is the best decision. By choosing the best vehicle and driver available, we can travel in luxury and convenience. Hiring a driver provides you more comfort and time for relaxing while someone else takes the driving wheel. A luxury vehicle and an experienced driver after a long day of travel, when you come home tired after a day of enjoyment.

An affordable option: With many options and services available under different price ranges that cater to different budgets one does not have to spend a fortune for traveling with comfort due to the rising competition and the availability. However, it is important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputed company.

An Experienced Driver: With an experienced driver around we can be sure of getting what you need to be in comfort and in a timely manner instead of worrying about getting lost. We can relax or work as we get to the destination.

Ten ways to avoid car accidents

  1. Hire a driver: Although one may have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record, still driving by self to various places is not always convenient, easy, or safe. Hiring a Driver can not only help meet the everyday transportation needs on a regular or occasional basis but also cater to the busy lifestyle and personal preferences.

hiring a personal driver

A skilled private driver takes away the burden of driving. But before hiring anyone it’s also vital to pre-screen the candidate for their skills and experience.

  1. Obey traffic rules:

Whether hired a driver from a trusted agency or driving self, it’s vital to obey the traffic rules when on the road so as to avoid any mishap.

  1. Pull into traffic slowly: When on road it’s always best to Stop, Look, Listen, be aware of blind spots, including those in rear view mirrors and behind windshield pillars or highway road signs. Also, when at an intersection it’s better to look both directions at least twice before proceeding. Vehicles can appear almost out of nowhere very quickly, so exercising caution when pulling into a busy intersection is important.
  2. Watch for kids:Children have a habit of suddenly popping out into roadways. If driving in a residential neighborhood with kids present, it’s better to watch carefully and slow down.
  3. Watch for red-light runners:However, every Driver on Road is bound with the traffic, still, always look both ways and be sure no one is trying to speed through a yellow light. Exercising caution while on road can, not only save from self mistakes but also can avoid other mistakes.
  4. Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel:When driving the wheel its always vital to reduce in-car distractions such as changing radio stations or music, eating, cell-phones or momentarily taking a hand off the wheel. A small mistake even a pothole could send the vehicle into another lane and cause a serious accident.
  5. Be courteous to other drivers:When on road it’s better to follow the rules to avoid any mishap or any disputes. Because no one owns the roads, so it’s better to treat others with respect and report any suspicious driving activity to authorities.
  6. Do not tailgate:When driving it’s always better to leave a three-second cushion between the car in front and your car. For any time issues, it’s better to begin the journey early enough so that speeding needs not be an option. As when in a hurry, tailgating is a major cause of accidents.
  7. Perform engine maintenance regularly:

In order to keep the engine perform well and avoid any failure, it’s vital to keep the engine performance on the check, change the oil regularly and keep the tires properly inflated.

  1. Scan 12 seconds ahead:

While driving, a driver should always concentrate on the area where they will be driving in 10-12 seconds. While driving on a highway, keep positioned far enough from other cars, so, if someone were to suddenly stop or swerve, it’s easier to avoid them.

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Making it Easy to Hire a Personal Driver : Analyzing Various Characteristics

driver in gurgaon

Personality characteristics impact performance on the road and therefore become vital to evaluate the abilities to Hire a Personal Driver. Understanding  the role of personality in driving not only helps enhance traffic safety policies and programs across the nation, but also provides an individual with the opportunity to embrace these behaviors, or make a change where needed.

The Importance of a Private Driver

The cities are known to have a bigger level of accumulation and concentration of economic activities that are complex spatial structures supported by transport systems. The bigger the city, the greater its complexity and the potential for disruptions, particularly when this complexity is not effectively managed. Urban productivity is greatly dependent on the potency of its transport system to move labor, consumers, and freight between multiple origins and destinations.
Driving a car is vital for people in general because it provides status and the opportunity for personal control and autonomy. Especially in sparsely populated areas of a city, Hiring a Private Driver is even more important, since it provides the only opportunity for traveling long distances due to a lack of public transport. For older people, having more difficulties walking to the bus stop and cycling, Hire a Personal Driver services is often the only option for independent mobility. Several studies have found that over 60% of the working crowd in cities prefers to take private automobile, due to lack of feasible public transport alternatives. Hiring a Driver in Gurgaon like metropolitan cities provides the ability to go everywhere and do everything without being worried about the traffic and driving hassle.

Driver Behavior Characteristics

1. Patient: Patience is one of the most important traits a driver can have. Road construction, heavy traffic, parking, and the actions of other drivers will test patience on a daily basis. Impatience can lead to aggression, bad decision making, and ultimately accidents. Patience is a virtue in driving and prevents car accidents.

2. Considerate: A considerate person is one who is careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others. Considerate people exhibit good driving etiquette. They let people merge, follow the speed limit, use turn signals and obey traffic rules. They don’t honk when not absolutely necessary, don’t tailgate and don’t double park. There are some of the basic things a considerate driver always follows.

3. Defensive: Being defensive as a skilled driver provides the ability to anticipate and respond accordingly. Those who constantly analyze their surroundings and take note of the small details, perform well on the road. A driver constantly keeps changing their line of vision between short, medium and long distances. This imparts a bigger picture of what is happening around them, and thus they are able to anticipate an accident before it happens.

4. Knowledgeable: In some cases, people prefer education over skills to Hire a Driver in Gurgaon like metropolitan cities. However this doesn’t diminish the practical abilities importance, still, knowledge about what is being done is also important. A knowledgeable person will significantly reduce traffic violations
and is more likely to educate self and less likely to get into accidents.

find a driver in gurgaon

Other Personality Attributes of a Good Driver

To drive a car by self can often test the patience and easily tire out the person. One of the best ways to end the problem is to hire a personal or family driver that can drive anywhere at any time of the day. However, there are many agencies which helps Find a Driver in Gurgaon, still, there are some attributes that can help analyze any person about the skill set of the driver.

1. Trustworthy: Family drivers are not just mere employees they should be treated as part of the family. Part of their job can include taking kids to school to running errands. So before getting a driver, it is vital to do a thorough background check. While one may ask for a couple of character references who could vouch for its performance, it’s always better to ask for supporting documents such a police report

2. Reliable: When decided to Hire a Driver in Gurgaon, then it is essential to count on its reliability. Reporting to work, on time, can help other members of the family to be on time. Therefore most people prefer hiring a stay-in driver to avoid reliability issues in the future.

3. Good with directions: When Hired a Personal Driver one doesn’t have to rely on navigation apps. Because a driver is someone who is good at directions unless headed to an unfamiliar place. Therefore, a person having a good geographical knowledge of the area can be added benefit in the profile of a good driver.

4. Punctuality: Punctuality is the key element for a successful driver service. Punctuality is something which is demanded and needed in every field as it is the key to various habits and behaviors of a candidate.

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What to Consider While Hiring a Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

Maid for Baby Care in Gurgaon

A babysitter is someone who temporarily cares for children on behalf of the child’s parent or guardian. A babysitter may also be referred to as a Maid for Baby Care. The most basic job description of a childcare provider is that they take care of children of all ages who are in need of supervision, as-needed.

As per definition, a babysitter cares for children while both parents work and are responsible for the safety and well-being of children while in their care. It provides the safety of children for several hours.

A babysitting job can be considered both part-time and full-time. Babysitters are generally responsible for planning activities for children (like games, sports, arts, and crafts), supervising play dates, helping get kids ready for bed, and driving children to and from scheduled activities.

Points to consider before hiring a Maid for Baby Care

Having a Maid for Baby Care has become important for working women to reduce stress and workload. Babysitters can be hired for full time or even part-time.
Maid for Baby Care in GurgaonSome of the tips to keep in mind before allowing a stranger to care for kids are:
Search: Understanding the need for the child and knowing about self-expectations can help a lot while searching a babysitter. Clear criteria set beforehand can save a lot of time during the interview.
Budget: Knowing the budget is one of the most important points while hiring a babysitter. Slight flexibility in the offered price is okay. A full-time Maid Service in Gurgaon charges less, but it also has full access to family. So it’s better to be sure about adding a complete stranger as a family member.
Background check: When hiring a babysitter, one allows a person to have access to personal space. For which its better go through a detailed background check of the person.A personal one-on-one interview is not enough to know about the person. Thorough knowledge of where they worked earlier, the reason for quitting, place of staying, and contact details of the previous employer to know what they were like while they were working with them, should be obtained. This will give an idea of how exactly they deal with kids.
Contract: Before hiring any service it’s always better to make a contract regarding all the mutually agreed points and duly signed by both.
Trial Period: A trial period helps the employer to observe the way of working of the employee. It also provides employers enough time to get to know the employee and get comfortable with them.

What to look into a babysitter while hiring

An ideal babysitter is one that can balance between what a parent wants and what a child wants, keeping both kids and parents happy and meeting the expectations of both.
Picking the right babysitter for a child is a hard choice for any parent to make. A babysitter who is dependable and trustworthy and someone who can keep the kid safe. There are qualities and characteristics that a person can have to make them more likely to be a great caregiver. Some of these qualities are:
The more experience a babysitter has, the more likely it is that they will be prepared for any unusual or difficult situation they run into. Every babysitter has to start somewhere, but it’s better to hire someone experienced, especially if they are still quite young. Because that’s when they need the most supervision and attention from a babysitter.
To build a bond with kids and keeping them engaged, the babysitter needs to be talkative and creative. A shy or awkward babysitter who is not great at communicating with kids makes it harder for the child to trust them and open up. A babysitter needs to have a bubbly, positive, and friendly attitude in order to win a child’s attention and keep it.
A good babysitter respects time and shows up when they are supposed to or even a little bit early to discuss any plans or potential issues for the day.
A babysitter should have enough energy to run around with kids or play.
Kids can be sensitive, so any bad news or behavior corrections need to be done in a kind and gentle way.
A babysitter should be responsible enough to take care of the baby in the parent’s absence. They should know what kinds of activities are safe for kids and what might have a risk of injury. A babysitter should make both parents and kids feel safe. Whether they are just doing things around the house or taking the kids out to the playground.
A loving and attentive babysitter who carefully monitors the wants and needs of children knows when the child is bored or hungry. A babysitter should always be listening and interacting with the kid, instead of only keeping half an eye on them while surfing the internet on their phone or texting their friends.

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Services that Make City Life Easier


Cities are active, lively, and diverse cultural centers all across the world. Living within the city may not be for everyone, however there are certainly some universal observations and benefits of doing so which makes city life so exciting and convenient. 

Choosing to live in the cities has become a popular trend. Due to greater opportunities and a quality life, major migration has taken place from rural areas towards cities which have made cities densely populated. 

Advantages of living in a city

Cities are energetic, vivacious, and thriving centers of culture that offer a wealth of opportunities to engage in and experience the local community. Providing a ton of great options to choose from like restaurants, clubs, festivals, parks, etc there is certainly no shortage of activities that can match personal interests or hobbies and allow enjoying the time living in the city. From all sorts of entertainment activities to booking any type of services, it’s all within easy access. Whether it’s booking a basic Maid Service to online shopping city life lets it easy to explore.

Some of the basic domestic services that a city life makes easier to access are:

Driving Services:

Driving Services

Driving everywhere oneself can be a burden in a city of any size. The hassle of insufficient parking can be time consuming especially when getting late. Hiring a professional Driver Service can not only help escape the endless traffic jams but also help navigate around the town. 

Cleaning Services:

maids in gurgaonSpending the free time at cleaning even if living in the city is not something anyone would prefer. Depending on the size of the home, cleaning can take a lot of time per week if done properly. Hiring a Maid Service can free up for a considerable amount of time, without worrying about the work. 

Dog Walker Services:


You are a pet lover and having a pet especially if the area of work is quite far from home can create a stress for pet owners. Specialized Dog Walking Services can be availed according to time and track of the dog. 

Cook Services:

Dining options in the city are both plentiful and diverse. For people who are health conscious the assistance of Cook Services are easily available. Working individuals who don’t have the time to cook for themselves can easily hire a cook according to their taste and preferences.    

Eldercare Services:

maid services in gurgaon

Having elders around is a blessing. But sometimes caring for the elderly can turn out to be a rather stressful job. Hiring the professional eldercare services for your loved ones will help facilitate the medical as well as provide the holistic care of the elderly.  

Childcare Services:

Good child care promotes a child’s healthy development through a happy and safe environment, nutritious food and lots of opportunities for active learning. For working professionals hiring a Childcare Service can provide a lot of support while reducing stress.

Gardener Services:

When in the city maintaining a small garden of its own is a delight for nature lovers. Whether maintaining a farm or a small garden hiring a professional and experienced Gardener can ease the process of maintaining greenery.

5 Reasons of Hiring a Cook to Enhance Your Lifestyle

book a cook

Be it a single person or a family, with changing lifestyles, cooks have become an integral part of our life. Especially for them who are living away from their homes, a cook is a lifesaver.

Reasons of Hiring a Cook

Skipping meals and eating outside can have an adverse effect on health. Thus, hiring a cook according to one’s needs and preferences can solve this problem to some extent.

How to Choose a Cook

Nowadays, the role of a cook has been changed. People now look for more proactive, experienced and multi-skilled individuals. For a Cook Service in Gurgaon, a person is expected to prepare healthy food, has the ability to manage the kitchen and keep it organized as well. Responsibilities of a Professional Cook may include taking care of basic kitchen chores, preparing meal and deciding the menu etc.

Here are a few essential things to look for when hiring a Cook in Gurgaon:

  1. Experience: To ensure good and healthy food, it’s better to hire a cook with some previous experience in cooking.
  2. Responsibilities: Before hiring it’s better to explain the responsibilities of the person and the expectations.
  3. Special Requirements: In case of any special requirements it’s better to clear things in advance.

Reasons of Hiring a Cook

Why should you hire a cook

Hiring a cook can be an excellent option for households as well as for individuals to help them improve food preferences while incorporating healthier food choices into their lifestyle. A cook not only manages the kitchen in an efficient way but also ensures tailor-making the meal according to personal preferences. With a wide range of cuisines to choose from, a cook also caters to specific dietary requirements. Some of the reasons why to hire a cook are:

  • Healthier food choices:

    One of the best things about Hiring a Cook is, unlike eating out and purchasing unhealthy stuff one can easily prepare a healthy meal at home. Besides deciding what should go in every meal, a professional cook helps prepare the menu keeping in mind the personal preferences of the people. A cook will prepare dishes made out of fresh ingredients and provide you with the freedom to plan and create a balanced diet.

  • Economically right choice:

    Contrary to packaged foods and eating outside, a meal prepared at home is healthy as well as costs less. Besides being unhealthy there are several types of taxes and costs which are imposed on packaged and the restaurant served food.

  • Closer to the family:

    Nothing brings people close as good food. A meal shared with family is an excellent opportunity to share happiness. Though cooking is usually perceived as a peaceful experience, a healthy meal together brings joy, laughter, and excitement to the table. Moreover, a meal together is a perfect way of strengthening the bond with friends and relatives while creating priceless memories.

  • A well-managed kitchen:

    Cooking involves many responsibilities apart from making delicious food. Maintaining the whole kitchen, from washing to cleaning, also needs to be done. Besides preparing healthy meals a cook also works in a clean and tidy manner maintaining the kitchen to high standards.

  • Menu:

    Either be a professional driver on the road or a cook in the kitchen, experience is equally important. Cooking for a group of people in a totally new environment, the cook  needs to plan and organize workflow. When it comes to hiring a cook service experience is very beneficial. Experience brings awareness of different cuisines, styles and customer preferences. A cook with experience would be less likely to waste things and more likely to prepare what everyone enjoys. 

Importance of Housekeeping and Cleanliness


Housekeeping deals with looking after cleanliness, tidiness, and smooth running. The various types of procedures followed to keep and maintain everything in the house in a good and presentable order, are collectively known as good Housekeeping. In other words, it’s a process of keeping a place clean, beautiful and well maintained.  So that it looks and feels pleasant and inviting to all, living, visiting or working there.


Housekeeping basics

Overall cleanliness: Keeping all the areas clean, organized and uncluttered can improve the hygiene and safety of the environment. This can be achieved through regular cleaning, timely disposal or removal of items that are seldom used or no longer needed.

Adequate space and proper layout: A clean well-arranged place can provide optimum workflow with improved efficiency and productivity.

Correct storage and material handling: Proper storage and well-handled equipment facilitate the movement and placement of materials. While poorly organized storage may also result in the accumulation of unwanted items, debris, and waste materials.


Importance and Benefits

Housekeeping and cleanliness are closely linked. An effectively managed  service not only ensures safety but also provides a big boost to the image of the place either it be a house or an organization. It also improves efficiency and productivity, while helping in maintaining good control over the processes. The main function of Housekeeping is not just providing cleanliness but also accident prevention. Effective housekeeping also ensures cleanliness, comfort, convenience, privacy, health, and hygiene in a safe environment. While there are various benefits of Housekeeping, some of the essential ones are:

  1. Decreased hazards and accidents.
  2. Effective use of space.
  3. Better hygienic conditions leading to improved health.
  4. Improved preventive maintenance.
  5. Better control of tools and materials.


Cleanliness and Housekeeping

Cleanliness and good Housekeeping mean that there is effective management of the place. This effective management is the reason for better performance, increased productivity and better control on the product quality. Cleanliness also reflects systematic storage of the materials, neat and tidy work areas, and systematic movement of the men, materials, and machines, as well as adequate workplace illumination. With these practices, the workplace can be kept safe from potentially dangerous objects or substances present in the work environment. An organized and clutter-free work area also makes it easier to respond to or evacuate in the event of an emergency. Good Housekeeping imparts a good impression on visitors and hence promotes the image of the place.

A healthy practice

At a workplace Housekeeping and cleanliness practices generally, reflect the attitude of the management towards healthy practices. The responsibility of this service lies both with the management and the employees. Periodic and panic cleanups are costly and ineffective and do not improve the work environment where the employees can give an efficient performance.

Good Housekeeping not only results in a cleaner workplace or home but also makes it safer as well. It reduces illnesses, injuries and promotes positive behaviors, habits, and attitudes. While proper management delivers a well-ordered arrangement of operations, tools, equipment, storage facilities, supplies, and waste material.

Hiring Professional Maid Services in Gurgaon

maid in gurgaon

Families are now leading busier lives. Due to which finding the time to ensure that the household is clean, hygienic and organized is becoming difficult. The time for housekeeping is extremely limited especially for people involved in business and jobs.

A clean home promotes vitality and general well-being. Maid service is a pivotal component in creating a safe and healthy family environment to live in. Particularly for homeowners who do not have enough time to ensure that the household is kept free from bacteria and other things which can affect health and mindset in a negative way.

how to find a maid in gurgaon

Maid Services in Gurgaon

Gurgaon being the corporate hub of India has a very busy living. Work shifts being the priority, basic house chores fall aside. Hiring a Maid Service in Gurgaon can bring relief in tedious household chores. Housmaid is one of the prominent Maid Service Providers in Gurgaon who provides trustworthy and well-insured services. Still, there are few points to keep in mind while hiring a maid service.

Maid service

Things to consider when hiring a maid service

Before hiring a maid service, there are few things to keep in mind. First is, setting the expectations right and understanding the objectives and the tasks you want the maid services to help you with. Secondly, looking for a maid service from references especially friend, family or else. Third, find a maid service provider that can help you in hiring a maid service for your home. Although maid services depend on one’s requirements here are few points to consider before hiring a maid service:

References: If hiring a maid service through references or before hiring any maid service make sure to ask your nearby friends, family, and neighbors. What companies or individuals they are using to clean their homes and if they’re satisfied with their work. Also, check for online reviews or ask the company/individual for their references.

Proficiency of the services

The very first thing to see while hiring a maid service is evaluating the proficiency of maid services. The idea is to ensure that the service meets the expectations and have the experience to work efficiently on the tasks assigned.

Experience of the maid

The efficiency of the maid depends on previous experiences. Before hiring any maid service it’s important to ensure the previous working experience of the maid so as to avoid any future hassle.

Hygiene practices

It’s also important to check the hygiene practices of the maid especially if there are kids at home. If any sign of unhygienic activities observed, simply reject the service. Don’t take the word for such cases. Meet the potential maid face to face to observe properly.


Ensure the punctuality factor before hiring any maid service. Therefore, it would be better to ask for past reviews. Past reviews will be able to give you a proper review of the maid services.

Proper verification

Hiring maid services especially full-time Maid Services in Gurgaon requires a detailed verification of the services. Maid services usually provide detailed background check. Still it’s better to be sure on its own. Hence it’s always better to ask for identity proof to ensure you are hiring a genuine and reliable maid service for your home.

Why Booking a Cook Online is Better than Eating Outside?

Book a Cook Online

Health is all about being active, cutting back on less healthy foods, and eating better. Changing the habits for better health is a process that involves several stages. Sometimes it takes a while before changes become new habits.

Book a Cook Online

While adopting new healthier habits may protect us from serious health problems like obesity and diabetes, new healthier habits, like healthy eating and regular physical activity, may also help us manage weight and have more energy. After a while, sticking with these changes may result in making these habits a part of our daily routine.

With the change in lifestyle a lot of people have lost the disciplined approach towards their meals and no longer stick to the basic meal of the day rule. Skipping meals at home has added on to the habit of eating outside which consecutively affects health sooner or later.

Why it is healthy to eat at home?

While eating at a restaurant may seem more convenient and delicious but eating at home is a more nutritious and healthier option. As eating at home we have more control over what we make therefore its more likely that it will contain fewer calories than restaurant meals. 

Cooking at home also gives us the opportunity to choose component ingredients over processed meals, which cut down on packaging. Also purchasing it locally makes a bigger impact on the environment by significantly reducing the amount of transportation required to get food to your plate.

Benefits of home cooked meals

Benefits of home cooked meals

Saves Money: Apart from being nutritious home cooked meals are much cheaper than eating at a restaurant or buying processed foods from the market.

Saves Time: Eating something from the market might be a quick solution when you are in a hurry but in reality home cooked meals take much lesser time.

Healthier Ingredients: Market processed foods have much higher content of fat, salt and sugar as compared to home cooked meals.

How can hiring a professional cook can add on to health benefits?

The importance of a meal is directly connected to a healthy lifestyle and therefore cannot be underestimated. With lifestyle being so busy one hardly gets time to involve in kitchen. Booking a Cook Online can not only provide proper meals but also help in bringing the health to the right track. A professional cook is well familiar with the aspects of food preparation alongside professional standards of sanitation, personal hygiene, portion control, waste prevention, and nutritional considerations of common diets.

5 reasons to Book a Cook Online

Book a Cook Online

  • Eliminates the stress of cooking: Cooking can be stressful especially if we don’t have much time for it. Planning, grocery shopping, and actually doing the cooking can be an add-on to the stress level. Here booking a cook online can help us save our trips to the grocery store while we enjoy great tasting meals.
  • More free time: While eating out can help us save some time hiring a cook can provide much more. Since we don’t have to worry about cooking, we can spend or use that time however we wish.
  • Experience: Hiring an experienced cook can provide assurance of quality and well-prepared meals.
  • Customizable meals: Hiring a cook can help you keep up with all the dietary needs of different people in your family.
  • Easier to stick to a diet plan: When following a diet plan it’s easier to stick to your diet for the long haul and achieve your desired results.

Opt for a Healthy Lifestyle – Hire a Cook in Gurgaon

book a cook

As the lifestyle is changing, eating at home is declining. Eating out more frequently is reducing the number of meals we have been cooking at home. However, food prepared at home is healthier fast food and restaurant has grown to be a bigger part of our lifestyle, while the percentage of calories from meals cooked at home has decreased. This could lead to obesity and other health issues.

Why Eating at Home is a Healthier Option

Finding the time and energy to prepare home-cooked meals can seem like a daunting task. At the end of a hectic day, eating out or ordering it might feel like the quickest, easiest option. But convenience food can take a significant toll on your mood and health.

Food prepared at home is way healthier. Also eating at home makes us consume fewer calories as compared to market products. Meals prepared at home consists of fewer carbohydrates, less sugar, less fat and more fiber, calcium, and iron compared to food that’s prepared away from home.

How can Hiring a Cook in Gurgaon can help us eat Healthy

Eating out every day is not a good option for health and pockets both. If you are a professional living in Gurgaon and due to the corporate busy lifestyle not getting enough time to cook, eating out frequently, probably hiring a cook in Gurgaon for home cooking can be a better deal. You get to eat homemade food and get the liberty to eat something that you actually want to eat, not what is available.

But there are certain things that you should look for when hiring a cook in Gurgaon like the experience of the cook, salary expectations, specialty in various cuisines and the references from their previous employer.

How to Find a Maid in Gurgaon– Housmaid Help you Find a Better Maid Service in Gurgaon

Every recruitment agency is only as good as its applicants. Therefore Housmaid not only sources you a trusted household staff but also ensures they are absolutely right for you. At Housmaid we are dedicated to help you find lasting solutions to your recruitment needs, ultimately helping you how to find a maid in Gurgaon. Some of the ways in which Housmaid helps you find a better maid are:

  1. Best talents from your vicinity- The platform helps you find multiple maids in the vicinity of your house or search location.
  2. Choosing from a vast pool of options- Housmaid has hundreds of maids registered on its platform. So, when you place an order, you get the best of the choices available on the platform.
  3. Professionally verified maids- At Housmaid the background of each of the maid’s id thoroughly verified and checked.
  4. Convenience- At housmaid, you can find maids at your convenience. It is easier, simpler and better.

Find a Driver in Gurgaon

Housmaid provides you much more than the driver for hire service in India. We offer you an experience of a lifetime by providing experienced and well-behaved gentlemen. Travelling becomes even more incredible and worthy with the comfort of a vehicle driven by our efficient & reliable drivers. At Housmaid we ensure that the drivers provided have prior experience of driving and are well aware of places, city routes. Thorough screening procedures are done to verify the expertise and behavior while contracting drivers as we believe in earning trust. Our portal helps you provide access to profiles of drivers and help sort out any query regarding professional drivers.

Why choose Housmaid for Finding a Driver in Gurgaon

  1. Service Level
  2. Training: Each service at Housmaid through a specialized training process to imbibe thorough professionalism through them
  3. Pride in work: At Housmaid we feel an extreme sense of pride in our work and achievements.
  4. Trustworthy and discrete: We understand the importance of trust and therefore provide only a fully bonded and insured service.

Why Hire a Professional Driver

Choosing to avoid all of the aggravations of having to drive your own car or to commute and let someone else who is professional and experienced one to worry about the driving, will let your travelling be free from any stress. Renting a driver is actually a very great way to avoid any hazardous driving as well as enjoy your commute to the destination in a very relaxed, safe, and stress-free manner.

  1. The driver’s job is to save you from the hassle of driving. Hiring a professional driver can provide an advantage over renting a car.
  2. Time: Another advantage of hiring a driver is that he knows more about the road which will save your time in going about the place. Plus you don’t have to worry about where to park and run late for your work because your personal driver will do that for you.
  3. Drivers are all professional, organized, timely, and they are also knowledgeable enough in what particular routes they should take in order to take you to the destination in a timely and safe manner.

Making life easier on road- Find a driver in Gurgaon

driver in gurgaon

At times when there is a shortage of good and experienced drivers, Finding a Driver in Gurgaon and retaining them might seem more like wishful thinking than a basic business practice.

But Hiring the right driver in gurgaon for the job can really help take the stress out from your daily life and travel.

Why to hire a professional driving service

Travelling has been a part of human existence and in the current environment; it has become even more important. The use of cars for transportation is one of the most common and the most affordable options to travel. Whether traveling locally or internationally the need for transportation is a part of daily living. Therefore hiring an experienced driver has become even more important. But still some of the benefits of hiring a personal driver are:

Enjoy maximum comfort: For traveling hiring a driver can be the best decision. By choosing the best vehicle and driver available we can travel in comfort. Hiring a driver provides you more comfort and time for relaxing while someone else does the driving. A comfortable vehicle and an experienced driver after a long day especially when you are tired will ensure that you enjoy the travel.

An affordable option: With many options available and the services available in different price ranges to cater for different budgets one does not have to spend a fortune to travel with comfort due to the competition and the availability. However, it is important to ensure that you deal with a reputable company.

An experienced driver: With an experienced driver around we can be sure of getting where you need to be in comfort and in a timely manner instead of worrying about getting lost. We can relax or work as we get to the destination.

The importance of a professional driver:

Whether you choose to hire a driver or book a ride, trust is very important. Therefore choosing a service that understands the importance of driver knowledge is crucial. The key areas a personal driver should have a firm grasp on are:

Appearance: An experienced driver understands the importance of personal appearance and therefore maintains a clean, professional look. They will always make sure that their car is well-kept and maintained which reflects their focus on keeping you safe and stylish on the road.

Customer service: An experienced driver knows the value of treating the customer with utmost respect and courtesy. He should have an understanding of when it’s appropriate to engage in conversation and when it’s best to sit back and refrain from talking. They should also be as professional as possible by offering to open the door, take care of the luggage and adjust the music and central air to your ideal setting.

Road safety: A driver should always follow the road safety norms and traffic rules not only for your safety but others safety as well. A good driver should always have a defensive approach while on the road. That’s why professional transportation services make sure their drivers go through rigorous training to ensure they know all of the transportation safety rules. A trusted driver, take fewer risks and provides more protection.

Things to consider before hiring a driver

When it comes to driving the wheel the person has to be more than skilled and should consist of a specific set of talents that distinguish them on road and as a member of your household staff.

Although the best way to assess a driver is the driving test but in order to assess whether or not a new member will fit into your lifestyle properly, make sure that each applicant consists these traits before they are hired:

Clean driving record: The most primary thing one should look for in any person while hiring them as a driver is a relatively clean driving record. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable but make sure to ask about the details. However, make sure to avoid drivers with any kind of police records and other serious infractions in their past.

Local experience: Hiring a driver who knows the local areas you frequently travel in is an advantage. Someone who knows about the area or previously worked there will know the streets better than someone from outside with a better driving history. Therefore local knowledge should always be given preference.

Proper dress and grooming: The dress often represents you and therefore couldn’t be ignored. A well-dressed personality conveys etiquette and standards. Therefore a driver should maintain punctuality and a well-dressed etiquette.

Reputation for safety: In addition to a clean driving record, make sure to look into your potential driver’s past employment, discussing their safety habits with previous employers. Hiring someone who has a reputation for safety will ensure you are putting your life into capable hands.

Background check: Detailed background check becomes mandatory while hiring a driver ensuring that they do not have any criminal background or cases of rash or drunken driving. Verify their driving license and its expiry to avoid any documentation issues in the future.

Test drive: In order to get an insight into the person’s steering control, a test drive is important as this step will get you to know the driver’s skills.


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How to Find a Maid in Gurgaon

maid service in gurgaon

Maid service is not all about keeping houses clean but taking care of the home and the people who live in it. Being a part of home lets one get to know about the family and its habits while keeping the homes clean, healthy and safe.

As Maid services typically include a lot of household tasks every day it is important to keep a check on time factor too as possibly they have to clean more than one home a day.  So performance and time efficiency both need to be taken care of.

At Housmaid we understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness and therefore offer a well-trained Housekeeping workforce with a great deal of experience in residential properties as well as office spaces and commercial locations.

Apart from cleaning homes learning cleaning techniques and safety procedures can ensure that the cleaning products used, way of cleaning is fully safe.  

Maid Service in Gurgaon: Gurgaon being a corporate hub, the need for the Maid in Gurgaon is gradually increasing. Either being a Part-Time Maid in Gurgaon or a Full-Time Maid in Gurgaon.

Maid hiring goes online

With various service companies in Gurgaon going online there is no longer need to catch hold of every maid in the locality to hire domestic help.

Housmaid being one of the prominent Maid Service Providers in Gurgaon are offering placement services for maids, cooks, gardeners, pantry boy and other domestic help via online registration. The company uses structured processes to understand and match client requirements. We provide accurate candidate profiles and honor all promises. Secondly, we comply with all laws as a part of the standard hiring process and collect candidate ID, address proof, and multiple references.

With the advent in technology, Housmaid provides Online Maid Services by making it easier to Book a Maid Online with Maid Service App in order to cater to different lifestyles and their need for maid services. With just a few simple steps to follow, customers can now request a maid service for their home, from the comfort of wherever they are.

Reasons to hire a maid service

Sanity and Freedom- A clean home is comfortable yet maintaining one is always a task. Tackling the mess may take enough time. A professional service helps you get back on track and focus on other important things in life.

Experienced- Professional cleaners are always better experienced. Also, they use the best methods and products to clean and know the most suitable tools for any task. Being an expert they possess the skills and training to achieve the best results possible.

Saves time- It can be difficult for working people sometimes juggling between work and home. Here hiring a maid helps one save time.

How to choose a good maid

Choosing a maid for your home depends a lot on your choices and requirement. Factors such as whether you want to Hire a Full-Time Maid or part-time maid etc. should be decided before hiring a maid. Qualities to look while choosing a maid are:

Hardworking- While evaluating a potential maid service for the home makes sure to ask questions. For maintaining the time constraint, one needs to be hard working enough.

Flexibility- A maid should be dedicated to making every effort possible to help make the client requirements fulfilled. The best maids don’t just look after your home but also care for it.

Trustworthy- Faith is an important factor when it comes to hiring a maid. Trust and professionalism are the hallmarks of an expert maid since housekeeping requires skill, as well as, trust.

Attentive- When it comes to task assignment attentiveness to the instructions you give them is required. It’s important to ensure that the maid is committed to complete her work.

This is how you find a maid in Gurgaon with Housmaid.