5 Best House Cleaning Tips You Need to Know in 2022

House cleaning tips

Do you want to make your home clean and tidy? Are you looking to impress your guests with the cleanliness of your home? You should learn all about some of the best house cleaning tips for thorough cleaning.

Either you can hire professional full-time maids from the best online maid agency like Housmaid or do self-cleaning of your house with the help of the best house cleaning tips written below.

This will help you to understand the details of maintaining a property that is above average. You’re about to discover the difference between professionals and the average Joe.

There are many secrets to maintaining a clean home, only cleaning professionals know them. You will be happy you did.

5 Best House Cleaning Tips

  1. Slow Pull-Push Technique

You may have heard the phrase “Slow and steady wins all races”? If so, you should also know that this saying applies to housecleaning. This refers to the way you push and pull your vacuums, steamers, etc.

Too many vacuum cleaners push and pull too fast. It will make a huge difference to slow down your vacuuming. This gives your vacuum enough time for its job, including cleaning up dirt, dust and allergens from deep within your carpet fibers.

It might be time to buy a new vacuum. You may need a new vacuum for the following reasons:

  1. The vacuum hose keeps getting clogged.
  2. You can only pick up very little debris if you sweep it across the floor.
  3. The vacuum does not sound very powerful.
  4. Soon after turning it on, it gets too hot.


  1. Sweep, Vacuum, Scrub

Ask trusted house cleaners about their preferred method of floor cleaning. They’ll all say the same thing: vacuum, sweep, and then clean! This is what we call “SVS” in the industry.

This is the priority sequence for our deep clean and one of the best house cleaning methods. If the floor is hard, we will sweep it up to remove any glass and other debris that could not be sucked into our vacuum. The vacuum is then turned on and we clean all open areas, corners, and difficult-to-reach crevices.

House cleaning with vacuum cleaner

After that, we will grab a soft-bristle or hard-bristle toothbrush and then get to work on the floors to ensure they are clean and disinfected.

Here’s the best housekeeping tip: We perform this process on all surfaces and not just floors. This includes counters, bathtubs, furniture, and many other surfaces.

However, you should only use a soft-bristle toothbrush when you scrub other surfaces. Scrubbing counters with a hard-bristle toothbrush can cause scratches.

Always, always, always vacuum first. It doesn’t matter if the surface appears clean. You will find dirt, hair, and dust that can impede your efforts to scrub.


  1. Tide Pods For Showers

Although this may seem difficult to believe, it is true. You’ll discover that cleaning products are not limited to a single purpose. They have far greater potential than what their manufacturer has sold them.

This is evident in laundry pods. You can also make a laundry soap paste at home, but we prefer the pods.

Take a shower, and then wash the area you want to clean. Then rub the laundry detergent pod on the most problematic areas (such as mould growth, Serratia marcescens etc.).

Let it sit for between 10 and 15 minutes after you have applied it. Use a soft-bristle brush to scrub it in, and then allow it to sit for five minutes. Then, rinse it off with the showerhead. Your tub/shower will be as clean as new!

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  1. Stainless Steel Surprise

Stainless steel can be a wonderful addition to any home. It can modernise the entire interior, particularly in the kitchen. Stainless steel has a few drawbacks.

It may seem like an insurmountable task. There will still be fingerprints left from the time you first touched it.

Olive oil is used by most housekeepers as a last-minute solution to remove fingerprints and give their home a shiny shine. You can rub some oil on the skin and let it dry.


  1. The Trash within the Trash

Are you tired of a persistent odour in the house? It’s possible that your house smells like last night’s leftovers hours after it was gone.

There is a possibility that the odours are lingering in the trash can and in the bag. To get rid of the smell, you will need to thoroughly clean it.

You can use a toilet bowl scrubber with a mixture of 1 percent dish soap and 3 parts water. It will take no time for the odour to disappear!

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Final Words

This guide will give you the inside scoop on house cleaning tips that you need to know. Make sure you use it wisely.

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Top Health Benefits of Cleaning a Home

Health Benefits of Cleaning a Home

Regular cleaning and sanitation of your home is important because living in a dirty environment can lead to allergies, skin infections, severe respiratory problems, and other health issues. Regular cleaning of a home can improve indoor air quality and make residents feel more relaxed.

It is important to take care of your home in order to protect your family’s health and keep you healthy. Many germs can be found in houses, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. It is important to take the time to clean out your home and divide chores between family members.

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A reliable house maid agency like Housmaid can be a great option as they employ professional full-time maids who will clean your house effectively. They have the tools and experience to clean your home effectively and remove any traces of germs.

House maid cleaning home

Cleaning your home can bring you a lot of benefits such as –

1. It promotes better health.

Regular house cleaning can help people living there lead healthier lives. It helps to keep germ-causing bacteria at bay and reduces the chance of getting sick. Moreover, maintaining hygiene also helps to prevent harmful microbes from spreading. Our professional maids at Housmaid will make sure to clean your homes effectively ensuring a clean and hygienic home for you.

2. It prevents allergic reactions.

Many bacteria that can be found in homes can become airborne, which can cause allergies and other respiratory issues like chronic sinusitis, asthma, and rhinitis. Moreover, allergens like dust mites, pollen, dander, etc. can lead to nasal congestion, skin irritations, runny noses, watery eyes and cough. People who live in clean homes with fewer allergens and less mold usually have fewer severe allergic reactions.

3. It helps improve productivity

Clean houses are good for your health. They prevent you from getting sick more often and help you be productive at work, school, or college. To improve productivity, you should focus on hygiene at home. Encourage everyone to be healthy and take part in cleaning the house.

4. It reduces safety hazards.

Because of the less clutter in clean homes, they are safer than those with dirty homes. Homes that are cluttered are more likely to be damaged by falling objects, house fires, or toppling of items. Regular cleaning and decluttering can reduce the risk of a loved one suffering from severe respiratory issues.

5. It keeps you mentally healthy.

A clean place to live is good for your mental health. Residents who have a neat and tidy home feel less stressed. For a healthier mental state, it is important to keep your home clean and tidy. Furthermore, cleaning and decluttering can even be therapeutic for some people.

6. It keeps pests away.

Pests and insects can infest homes that are left unclean for a long time. Pests can cause food contamination and unhygienic living spaces which can lead to severe health issues. It is important to clean every corner of your house, as pests are less likely in homes that are regularly cleaned.

7. The Home is inviting

A clean home is a pleasant place to be. A neat and tidy home makes it worth the effort, no matter if you’re at work or on the road. Social people like to host a lot of visitors so it is important that their house is clean and tidy.

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If you’re looking to hire professional full-time maids in Gurgaon, then Housmaid is the best online maid agency for you. We at Housmaid offer a range of professional services from maids, professional cooks, drivers, maid for household work and eldercare to much more. Contact us today and get verified and experienced professional helpers.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaner for Your House

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a never-ending cycle of vacuuming and folding towels? Perhaps it’s time to let someone else take over the reins.

Everyone is busier than ever – we are all juggling work, family, social obligations, and personal life. It’s hard to find time for yourself or your home. If you have the option to hire house cleaners, why would you spend all your time cleaning? A professional house cleaning service can save you time, stress, money, and effort in the long term.

cleaning service for home

Here are 6 benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service for home  – 

  1. Deeper Cleaning

Professional house cleaners will give your home the care it deserves. Deep cleaning is what professional cleaners can do for you.

They can dust and vacuum difficult-to-reach areas like windows. They can descale faucets and remove cobwebs from windows.

They will clean up every area of your home and make sure it is disinfected and cleaned. They can clean up all the mess in your kitchen and bathroom. These are the most important areas of a house, and they are susceptible to becoming contaminated by bacteria if they aren’t cleaned properly.

  1. Fast Cleaning Service

If you need your home to look great in a matter of hours, hiring a professional house cleaner will be the best option. Most people spend a whole day cleaning if they decide to clean their entire house.

Hire a cleaner to save you time. They will be more efficient and get your home in order within the time frame they set. They will allow you to do other tasks and increase your productivity without worrying about your house.

Cleaning companies use a proven system that includes a checklist to make sure that everything is done correctly. They can do a thorough clean of your house without forgetting any areas.

  1. Reduce Stress and Fatigue

A clean home is good for your mental health. Cleaning can be tiring, especially if you have a full-time job. You may feel compelled to rush if this is your only time off. You may neglect some important areas in order to make time for what you love.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner if you spend a lot of your time cleaning. You can then spend your time with friends and family. You can also focus on your hobbies. Cleanliness can also help reduce stress.

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  1. Better Investment

It might sound like you are paying for a service that is not worth your time. You will be amazed at the benefits and how much you save. Want to find out why?

First, a cleaner will extend the life span of many items in your home. Regular cleaning will prolong the life of valuable items such as carpets, window blinds and rugs or furniture.

Professional cleaners are also skilled in cleaning stains from delicate items such as window blinds, countertops, and carpets without causing any damage.

  1. Keep Mould in Control

Moulds can quickly grow in your home if you don’t clean up after yourself. Bathrooms are the most susceptible to moisture and can quickly become a breeding ground for fungus.

Professional cleaners will make sure your bathroom is spotless and free of mould. They will clean every corner of your home, ensuring no room for mould growth.

  1. Healthier Living Environment

It is essential to keep your home clean, especially if you live with someone who is susceptible to respiratory disease. Children and the elderly who are exposed to stale air are more likely to become sick.

You can keep your loved ones safe with clean, fresh air that doesn’t inflict any damage to their already fragile immunity.

You might not be able to do all the chores when you are busy with your kids or working a full-time job. You are unlikely to be able to clean as deep as you would like. Hire a professional to clean your home, and you will feel safe.


If you’re looking for a maid agency in Gurgaon, then Housmaid is the best choice for you. We help customers and businesses to hire professional house cleaners and full time maids that you can rely on for all your cleaning needs.

7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Maid in Gurgaon

Hire a Maid in Gurgaon

Are you struggling to decide to hire cleaning services for your home? There are numerous advantages to hiring a full time maid. We all know how hectic everyday life can be.

Finding time to tidy your home, have time with your family, work, keep a busy social schedule, and find time to take care of yourself isn’t always feasible. There’s no reason to sacrifice self-care time or time with family members to devote your time to cleaning. If you choose to hire maid service for home, you can take a break and concentrate with your family and friends and be assured you’ll have your house maintained to the highest standards.

When you consider hiring house maid services, there are some aspects to consider. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of these aspects to aid you in making the best choice possible. Then, read on to find out how to locate maid service for home.

Maid in Gurgaon

Here are some key aspects that you need to consider before hiring a maid in Gurgaon – 

  1. Reputation and Reviews

Start your search by searching for the services of a maid near me. You will likely find many results. It is now the time to look at the reputation of each company and its reviews.

You can read online reviews from customers on review sites. You might also be able to study reviews on the specific service’s website. Make sure to go through these reviews and understand what to get from the company.

If you’d like to, call every company and inquire for them to provide you with some references. If they have references, contact each of them and inquire about any concerns you may have. You may also ask your relatives, friends, as well as coworkers for references to the maid services they have used and might suggest.

  1. Services Offered

It’s important to know that not all housekeeping firms will provide the same services for cleaning. It’s always good to know what each business provides cleaning services before choosing the one that is suitable for you. Are there specific types of cleaning services that you’re looking for?

Does the company offer you the house cleaning service you require? Perhaps, for instance, are you interested in moving-out or move-in services? Are you required to schedule periodic services?

You should have a rough concept of what you want and make sure that the cleaning service you are considering can provide those services.

  1. Licence and Insurance

While no one would like to imagine the worst-case scenario, it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure that you are prepared for any eventual difficulties. If anyone were to be injured while cleaning in your house or if something was to get damaged, then you’ll be grateful to have employed the services of a professional cleaning company that is licensed and insured, as well as bonded.

This can provide legal protection for your cleaning service. Do not hesitate to request evidence. The requirement for a business license in order to maintain homes within your own state is important for businesses to show that they are legitimate and professional.

  1. Communication and Consistency

When you employ a cleaning company, your home is expected to appear as it does after every visit. Therefore, the most important thing is choosing a business with consistent cleaning standards. Your home must meet your expectations every single time.

Communication with your company is equally important. What are they communicating with you? Do they appear professional?

If you make contact with them via email or phone, how fast will they respond to you? The cleaning service you choose must be polite and respectful of your home as well as your cleaning standards.

  1. Experience

How many years does the cleaning service have? The experience can be beneficial in the event of specific issues that arise in cleaning. In addition, an experienced company will be aware of handling a wide range of scenarios in a professional way.

Professional house cleaners with experience will possess the expertise about the cleaning products and tools needed to deliver an outstanding clean every time.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantees

If you consider hiring maid service for home, ensure that they provide a satisfaction guarantee. What do you do if you’re not happy with the cleaning services offered? What can the company do in this situation? A service that is proud of their work and believes in their work can offer a guarantee of satisfaction. 

  1. Cost of Services

The last factor to be aware of is the price of services. Keep this in mind until you’ve narrowed the results of your search down to your top three. Choose your top three based on the other factors mentioned above. It is important to make sure that your cleaning service is able to provide all the other elements prior to comparing the prices of the services.

When you’ve got the top three options, you can then evaluate the costs of services offered by these options to find the best cleaning service that has the most affordable price.

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Have You Found the Right Maid Services For You?

If you’re looking for the best maid services in Gurgaon, then Housmaid is your best option. We at Housmaid know how important it is to locate an expert cleaning service that you can trust to enter your home. It is perfectly acceptable to be patient when selecting a cleaning service for your home.

Our goal is to give you regular, professional, and reliable cleaning services for your home. So, if your household and you would like to save time on cleaning and spend more time on what matters to you most, then don’t hesitate to reach us to get a quote now.

How Housmaid is different from other agencies? And why it is best?


We understand how difficult it is to search reliable and accountable domestic helpers in today’s world. The amount of struggle and time it demands from an individual is exhausting at all levels and at times trusting wrong worker can possibly make you a victim of their big frauds. But don’t worry we are here to remove this burden from your head, once and for all.

How Housmaid is different?

Housmaid is India’s largest service provider for domestic helpers. We provide the solution for all kinds of domestic helpers including – Maid, Cook, Babysitter, Driver, Servant, Elder care and Gardener.   Our staff includes young and passionate people who are willing to make a difference in the lives of people by catering their housekeeping service needs. We aim to provide the solution to our customer’s problems by maintaining trust, safety and quality factors.

We aspire to eliminate any kind of inconvenience and provide effortless service with these 5 easy steps. Housmaid is so far the easiest way you can find a Maid near you.

Here are 5 captivating reasons why you should choose Housmaid:

  1. Trained and Verified Worker – Housmaid is a team of professionals who are fully skilled in their fields. We not only pay attention to their expertise but also their background and work history.  All of our staff is verified thoroughly by face to face interview, mobile and Aadhar verification and proper address verification which is pretty much absent in all other unregulated agencies.
  2. Work Management – As we only acquire skilled staff, we promised to provide you with exceptional work in all forms. Also, in cases where the helper is absent and other companies don’t provide any replacement, we take full responsibility for that situation and make sure to send substitution so that your work is never suffered.
  3. Salary Record – This platform works differently from others in such a way that it lets the customer away from hassle. Unlike others where the payment process takes place between the helpers and the owner, here, the transaction of salary and any other amount is done between the company and their customers, with zero involvement of the domestic helpers.
  4. Hassle free booking -Housmaid eliminates the scope of any broker, agent or mediator which is a great relief for consumers. Thus, the booking is easy and hassle free.
  5. Pay Cashless Salary – Here, we accept all kinds the online payment through your Credit or Debit Card, Net Banking or your Paytm account reducing the bothering by cash.
  6. Trail Period and Fast Replacement- We also promote a ‘2-day trial period’ so that you get sure with your choices. And in cases where you are unsatisfied with the work, we provide fast replacements too.
  7. 365 Days Customer Service – Housmaid is always there for you. We have our professional available 365 days a year to listen to your miseries and solve it to their best.

Housmaid makes it easy to choose a reliable and professional maid

Book a maid online through Housmaid

When it comes to hiring a maid, two qualities are a must to have – reliability and professionalism. As they become a part in people’s daily life routine, they automatically get exposed to personal space of their owners, which sometimes may cause some amount of tension between them. So, for a better functioning environment, there is a vital need for trust between both of them.

Housmaid is one of the most prominent housekeeping staff providers in Delhi NCR. We provide skilled and verified maids for both homes & offices. The maids send by us are most reliable and well instructed to give the finest performance in every task including – cleaning, dusting, washing, home care, cooking etc. They are entirely dedicated for their work and are bounded, to be honest towards their duties and give utmost care to home or property even in the absence of the owner.

We conduct proper background checking including Mobile verification, Face to face interview, Aadhar Verification and Permanent address verification.

At housmaid, every housekeeping staff goes under proper training which includes workshops on qualities of honesty, dedication and perfection in their work. Our maids are very reliable and are properly licensed and verified people.

We firmly guarantee that all our workers are licensed and verified against any criminal background or flaw. Hence we deliver our 100% to provide you with the best. It’s what makes us happy!

Hire Trustworthy and Reliable Maid or a Servant in Gurgaon

servants in Gurgaon

When it comes to hiring responsible servants in Gurgaon, the work is just not so easy. Especially, if you are new to that place, it often looks like a burden. Housmaid is one stop solution for finding and hiring workers with few clicks. Our workers will take care of your house exactly how you keep it. There is no need to run around neighbors, online brokers and friends to hire maid or a servant.

Housmaid is a one time solution for all your miseries. We provide you top skilled maids/ servants in Gurgaon without any hassle. So, from now onwards, there’s no need to rush around asking contacts or referrals for maids or servants in Gurgaon, because we are here to provide solution without any hassle.

All you have to do is simply follow these few easy steps, and you should be able to book a Maid near you, within few minutes:

Step 1 – Visit housmaid.com

Step 2 – Enter your requirement and book your Maid

Step 3 – Our representative will call you to confirm the price and booking.